Balance 1.0 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Balance 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Mobile Responsive Design

The Balance theme is the third theme released here at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Click here to see how the Balance theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Balance theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, 5 theme colors (blue, green, pink, red and turquoise), custom background, featured images, footer widgets, landing page template, mobile responsive design, portfolio page template and threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the Balance Theme

Balance Child Theme


  1. Awesome theme again! Thanx to Brian and Rafal and the whole team for this one! Will become the foundation for my new personal site at in the next weeks :-)

  2. Cannot access the Balance theme page

  3. Awesome looking theme once again.

  4. Looks very nice!! Thanks!!

  5. Can an image slider be easily added to this skin?

  6. Oooo I love the simplicity of it. i use eleven40 but i’m tempted to switch. But then i’m tempted every time you release a new theme. Good work as usual.

  7. AMAZING! So excited for this one!

  8. Does the landing page have the menu bar/background graphic across the top if breadcrumbs are disabled?

    • Thanks for pointing that out – forgot to update the landing page template on our demo which is now fixed. Yes, the landing page disables the breadcrumbs by default.

  9. Oh, that is truly nice.

  10. Outstanding looking theme! I love this one! One of the sexiest blog theme at the moment!
    The problem with you guys is that you confuse people: make them to change the blog layout as you release new themes. Keep confusing us.

  11. Looks nice and a pretty good theme to promote any brand easily and helps you to increase sales in no time..

  12. Great looking. Cannot see if the Home Page is widgetised.

    Cannot wait for Lifestyle mobile responsive to come out…..

  13. Awesome theme, minimalistic and crisp!

  14. At the risk of sounding repetitive, this theme looks awesome! Can’t wait to dig into it. Thanks Brian!

  15. Looks oh so simple when it’s in front of you!
    Proportion, fonts, colours all come together to make a theme that looks this good.

    That’s why I leave it to you boys.

    Another understated stunner.

  16. Very nice as always.

    Any chance we’ll see a small business type responsive theme soon? You have released a long string of blog-type themes in a row.


  17. Two words: Suh-weet!

  18. I’m happy that you seem to go for “Mobile Responsive”. It really looks like this is the direction things are heading in webdesign now. I also love that you use W3C compliant code, even though there’ll inevitably show up problems in additions like forms and plugins.

    Just a very very tiny complaint. The new “See pricing and buy theme” at the bottom seems okay, if I could just only opt it out someway to get a full preview by clicking a button. At present, I actually have to install it to see it?! (which I of course will be doing soon on one of my sites).

    But anyway, I’m just like a kid on Christmas Eve who can’t wait for another second to unwrap the gift – and this gift was unexpectedly soon:-)

  19. Clean and with a portfolio page this what I was looking for, thank you very much!

  20. Truly an awesome theme. Love the portfolio page.



  21. I really love this theme and with the portfolio page, this going to be popular.

  22. @Brian Gardner

    Well designed mobile responsive theme! The layout gives amazing look for professionals. :-)

  23. Thank Brian and Rafal for this lovely mobile responsive them.

    I have one question if I am going to switch to the responsive them, do all the images will be re-sized by the CSS?

    Could you explain how the different size of image could be switch from one to another? I notice that we use the same image.

    Thank for your confirmation.

  24. Loved this theme, thanx to Brian and Rafal for creating such a nice theme.

  25. Just switched over to Balance child theme. I am so impressed with this one. It is such a treat to visit on a regular basis to be surprised by a new child theme and a StudioPress site revamp! It kicks!

  26. I like the colors & the fact that it’s responsive. I also love that you’ve added 5 types of page templates (landing page & portfolio being my favorite two).

    There are a couple of things I wonder, though, which keep me from using the theme (I would have to take extra time to change the css). I’m not trying to complain about it. Just giving a little constructive opinion.

    1) Wondering why the headline & paragraph text are both serif. I’m not an expert in typography by any means, but I thought the rule of thumb was to mix serif & san serif between the two. A personal preference is to have a san serif headline.

    2) Wondering why there is so much white space at the top of the fold. The breadcrumbs, especially, push down the content dramatically. I notice at &, there’s a lot of care taken to prevent this, which are great examples to learn from.

    I always look forward to your new themes, especially that we are in the times of Responsive Design. I also notice a shift towards a direct response type of layouts, which earns a whole lot of points with me. Thank you!

    • Hey Eve,
      thank you for your comments!

      1) We wanted to make more classic look like the real newspaper is (both headings and paragraph are serif fonts). The font in the sidebar is smaller and sans-serif what should make your post content more prominent. If you change the content font to sans-serif, the theme will lose this “balance”.

      2) I agree with this. There is a bit too much space above the breadcrumbs. We can fix this in CSS.


  27. …OK, so you have a new responsive theme…Great…!

    But what happened to the new Agency Theme promised back in early December?

    …and its attendant integration with the Woocommerce plugin…


    Pardon me, but I just had to ask.

  28. Another gorgeous child theme. Genesis is really racking up some nice designs lately, keep up the good work.

  29. Hello Rafal,

    Thank you for your reply. I don’t quite understand the disruption of balance if the headline were to change to san serif. I guess I will have to make the change in my css to get the visual.

    On point #2, are you saying that your development team will change the CSS so that everyone can have this? Or, are you hinting that I should change the CSS on my own?

    I look forward to your clarification.


    • Eve,
      you can change the headlines to sans-serif and I’m sure it’ll still look good. My idea for this theme is to keep serif fonts in the main content and sans-serif in the sidebar.

      We’ve already updated the CSS in the theme code.


  30. gosh darn it — i’ve had my sites redesign in the works for over 6 months (so hard to find time to design for your own business when you are in the business of designing for others… :)

    And now I’m torn… Do I start over with this? Because this is all sorts of awesome, functionality wise…

    What to do… What to do…

  31. I’ve been wanting to revamp my design business site/portfolio onto WordPress, but never found quite the right theme. Balance is PERFECT. Just purchased, I can’t wait to customize it and see my new portfolio!

    Yours are the only premium themes I buy, for myself or for clients. I love StudioPress!

  32. Hello Rafal,

    Sorry it took me a while to check this. I do not see a change in the theme code. Can you let me know what was changed, and I’d be happy to change it on my version.

    Thank you,

  33. What gives? I’m really surprised that when I visit the studiopress site on my iPhone, I can’t see a demo of any themes. I can understand not bothering to demo any of the older themes that aren’t mobile optimized. But at least I expect to be able to check out the newer ones that you say are mobile responsive. It would make a huge difference in my purchasing decision. See I’ve been burned before, buying a theme that was suppose to be mobile friendly… don’t want it to happen again.

  34. Great theme!

    I begun the new design of my website (until now only on my testserver) with the “News Child Theme” but didn’t find a good way to implement my ideas (my draft was too cluttered).
    So this weekend I decided to switch to the Balance Child Theme. Just some hours later I have a (responsive!) nice, simple and elegant website!

    IMHO the best theme of Studiopress so far!

  35. Hi, this theme looks very clean, I was wondering, if I purchase this child theme can I only use it on 1 domain? or may I use it on multiple domains? What about the other child themes can you buy 1 child theme and use it on multiple sites/domains? The reason I ask is because I wasn’t sure if it’s the Genesis framework that you can use on unlimited sites/domains or also the themes. If someone from the staff or Brian Gardner itself could reply it would be great as I would be assured of the answer.

    Keep up the great work!

  36. Justin Tallant :

    Very nice work.

    One thing I noticed is that if you have no widget in the “header-right” area, the page title will no longer be responsive because these styles are applied:

    .header-full-width #title-area,
    .header-full-width #title,
    .header-full-width #title a {
    width: 960px;

    An easy fix for anyone who knows CSS but I just wanted to give a heads up for those people that do not. It is possible this is already in the comments but there are so many I did not have time to read through them all.

  37. I use the theme on my personal blog

    but on my Samsung Galaxy S2, I didn’t see the logo text, can you help how to fix this?


  38. Brian – i wanted to buy this theme and already have the Genisis framework. I cant find the spot where i can buy the theme only?? It seems to have gone awol?


  39. That was quick :). Thanks Brian.

    Got to compliment you guys. You really are producing beautiful themes.



  40. What caching plugin do you all use? Are there any known compatibility issues with W3 Total Cache? Thanks.

  41. Hello there, I really love this theme! Is it possible change look of the homepage from magazine styling posts to the classic blog style?

  42. Looks very good! Question (I browsed through the Q&A above but I think I got lost in the middle…:) I assume you can “link” this with your Aweber account for the opt-in box?

  43. I like this theme and have been used it for my personal blog. I just have a very small issue about the logo view from the mobile.

    I tested eleven40, and I see that we can actually center to logo on any device, it didn’t happen magically in Balance theme.

    Is it possible to fix this small issue? My blog is