Beautiful is a New Theme for Genesis Designed to Inspire

There is no universal definition for the word beauty. Sure, there is a dictionary definition — “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically” — but only because there has to be.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. To my eye, and to my senses and mind, something must be a lot more than just “please” to be beautiful.

It must move me to feel something. It must inspire. It must contribute to some feeling of happiness somewhere within me. That is beauty.

With that in mind, the Beautiful Pro Theme for Genesis was created.

Beautiful is open and free flowing so you can create whatever feeling in your visitors that you desire. It yearns for the images and words that will give your site the power to inspire.

The Beautiful Pro Theme is your canvas on which to paint whatever online masterpiece you choose … one that will undoubtedly contribute some feelings of happiness somewhere within you and those you hope to reach.

Beautiful is a new theme — inspired by the new features of Genesis 2.0 like HTML5. It is mobile responsive, supports microdata, and it comes with all of the header, background, widget, and other options you’ve come to expect from us.

We hope it does more than just please you aesthetically. We hope it inspires you to create the website of your dreams. Just one look at the demo is all it will take.