Blissful 1.0 Child Theme Released

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Blissful 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis Framework and any other child theme previously, you can simply purchase the child package by itself, otherwise you will need to purchase the Blissful + Genesis Theme package.

Designed With Care by EightCrazy Designs

We’re also pleased to announce that the Blissful child theme was carefully crafted by Shannon Dow of EightCrazy Designs. She’s an incredibly talented designer and will be designing a number of themes which will be released here at StudioPress.

Take it for a test drive…

Here’s a screenshot of the Blissful Child Theme:

Blissful Child Theme


  1. That’s would fit very well for women 😉

    I hope to see the one that design for blogger men LOL

  2. I don’t want to be negative but this theme looks very cheap.

    • Not exactly sure what looks “cheap” about it. Care to elaborate?

      • Brian, I really didn’t mean to be negative but I honestly think Blissful looks cheap. “Midnight” for instance looks simple and awesome. I just think that this theme lacks finishing touches. Compared to the other girly themes like Family Tree and Bee Crafty, this theme looks rushed in my opinion.

        • The only thing I think that is lacking from this design is rollover states for the Subscribe/Follow/Facebook/Contact buttons.

          I particularly like the use of different background on the entry titles based on the post categories, but this ought to carry through to the single post templates as well.

          Now if I was reskinning it I’d also add a lot more white space, as it feels too “blog-ish” with metadata, categories and tags crowding everything… but then I also get that it’s in a default state that it needs to show everything so that those looking at the theme know what’s there… Much like “advertising” space seems odd on a wedding website…

          Anyway, I like the theme minor critiques aside.

  3. Very beautiful theme by Shannon. I can see this one being used a lot! :)

  4. The look and feel of StudioPress’s themes are not so good when comparing to woothemes and eleganthemes, I have to admit that the Genesis Framework is powerful and good, but Brian you really need to change your design concept or hire some talent designers to design beautiful themes :(

    • For what it’s worth, Genesis was developed as a foundation for folks to extend design. We believe in some cases there is over-designing, which makes it really difficult for people to customize. With the 6 layout options available in most child themes, keeping things somewhat simple is the path we’ve chosen to take.

      • “We believe in some cases there is over-designing, which makes it really difficult for people to customize.” I believe this to be a true statement.

        • I think Studiopress is for real designers and woo themes and elegant themes are for people who don’t know design. I don’t understand why people have to always point out the flaws. I personally like this theme. I also love the artists work overall. If you visit her site, you can see what is possible with studiopress themes. The room for artistic customization is endless with studiopress. Please leave the negative comments out of this site. Post some of your life work and send the link so I can point out all the flaws in it. We all became artists so we can create art, WHICH HAS NO LIMITATIONS. In closing, if you can’t handle the work you have to put into artistically changing a theme than leave studiopress.

  5. In addition to my previous comment, I think StudioPress should not just releasing this kind of *poor* new themes month after month, but *AMAZING* new themes.

    Hope StudioPress could go a higher level :)

  6. @Mike – look past the design and look at the bones of the theme. Looks good to me and can’t wait to use it.

    Love that this theme has an ads widget built into it. Any chance of there being an official Genesis Ads plugin soon?

  7. While I do think that many StudioPress themes do share a similar feel to them in regard to design, Paul is correct. It is the bones of the theme that really matters. For example, the Midnight theme that was released before this theme is going to become the framework for my company website. However, black isn’t my color at all, so I’ll be changing everything around to make it totally custom. That’s the way you have to go with these themes.

    • Nail on the head my friend!

      I love these themes so much because although I am somewhat clueless when it comes to playing in PHP land from scratch I’m pretty good in CSS. These themes allow me to change everything using CSS all the while hiding the heavy PHP lifting from my hands :)

      • This is also how I plan on using the StudioPress themes. I have a strong background in HTML/CSS but little PHP experience. I looked all over for a company that offers great themes that I can customize and modify, and I’ve found this in StudioPress. I’m thrilled about adding a new theme to work with to my toolbox, and look forward to seeing more!

  8. A very nice wedding theme and perfect timing. I’ve just started a business as a wedding officiant in San Diego and will recommend this theme for couples who are looking for a wedding website.

    I can see what @Mike C. is saying about it “looking cheap”. IMO it’s very hard to make “wedding pink” to look elegant or pop on a website design. I struggled with this when selecting my wedding website theme. It’s very difficult to make traditional wedding pinks, whites & greys “pop” off the page or to get a sense of depth in the design. But traditional western wedding colors are pastels and pastels don’t pop. This design works very nicely for the targeted audience.

    @Brian Gardner keep up the good work. I’ve recently become a StudioPress user and slowly switching to StudioPress from ThemeHybrid for my custom theming needs in my day job…

  9. I have to agree, I like the midnight theme, but mostly the recent designs have had a kind of cheapness to them. I love the framework, but to be honest, the designs have been lacking for a premium wordpress theme service.

    • While I appreciate your honesty – one thing I continually point out is that too much attention to detail and design doesn’t always translate into a better theme. I’ve heard a number of people talk about certain themes being “too custom” looking, and were really difficult to work with. There’s also a HUGE market for people who want a nice looking them that isn’t over-designed so they can focus on the content.

      • I’m with on this one @Brian. I like how you guys are focused on developing the framework and bringing in themes from other outside developers. At least that’s what it seems like.

  10. Another ok skin for the Genesis framework. But I would like to see some new themes that ad something to the genesis. It’s about time there came some new ideas, and not explanations about simplicity and easy to customize.

    This theme is just another blog theme that rearanges the elements and changes colors from previous themes. Boring.

    • I would love it if you posted a few links to designs or layouts that you’re hoping for us to come up with.

      • I do not so much ask for designs, I usualy like the designs at Studiopress, and there’s no problem mixing and finding inspiration between the themes. What I mean is that most themes has the same basic functions and “feel”, which is why I use the word skins.

        What I hope for is more child themes that adress specific needs. This might be themes like Agent press with integrated map suport and still the flexibility to use for other projects than Real estate. Another example might be a directory like theme for movies, videos or books with custom post types and custom fields. Basicly themes that adresses different needs, and make the way from a child theme to a customized web page a bit shorter.

        In other words, I would like to see themes that realizes that WodPress is more than a blog platform.

        But more to the point, sorry for being a bit disapointed, and I probably should have posted this in the support forum.

        • Thank you so much. That’s the kind of explanation I was looking for. Feedback like this is really helpful, so I certainly appreciate you taking the time to provide it.

          You gave me a good idea for something I was thinking about trying.

  11. I almost forgot about me becoming a Pro Plus member. I look forward to downloading this theme and looking under the hood. 😉

  12. Beautiful new theme! Thanks for the great design Shannon! Wish it was out when I migrated to Word Press! Well done!

  13. I actually really like this theme and have been a fan of Shannon’s work for quite some time! Good job Shannon!

  14. Nice, clean and bright Child Theme. Good job!
    Kinda surprised about the topic of it: wedding.
    Cause I’ve also made a Genesis Child Theme Wedding and released it on 6th may 2011:

  15. Well! The blissful design is just what I need. I’m excited! I build wedding websites and this new theme will be just what I need to get started transitioning my wedding websites into wordpress. It’s great!

    • So glad this will meet your needs Sheryl! Please be sure to submit your site to the showcase so we can see what you do with them!

  16. Very Pinky really beautiful

  17. I think this is a great addition! While I don’t do much re: wedding themes, I love the uniqueness of this (the navigation in the header).
    Interesting reading some of the comments above- cheap is the last thing I would use to describe any of the child themes. And I totally agree that it really comes down to the ‘bones’ too.
    I would however, also love to see a child theme that, similar to what Jan says addresses specific needs (like Agent Press).
    Personally I would love to see a child theme that really caters to video (kind of like the On Demand theme from press75). Something that makes it easy for people to have video thumbnails and the most recent video/episode highlighted. I know there are so many options for playing video- so I’m not necessarily sure how that would best be incorporated.
    Thanks for another great theme! :-)

  18. Frankly I think the issue here is that this design is a “girly” theme. I’m hearing a lot of guys (and that’s me, too) recoiling because they don’t like pink and curlz and faux typewriter and ESPECIALLY the entire culture built around weddings. We just want to show up and say “I do.” And frankly, I personally don’t pay attention to themes that can’t be immediately adapted for corporate or congregational sites, which brings in my paychecks. But my wife the wedding consultant says she loves it. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it : ) And perhaps we should take note of the growing number of designers opening shops selling themes for women . . . is that perhaps because traditionally we’ve not been filling a demand?

    But I disagree with those slamming on StudioPress design. That’s not why I use it. In the real world, I don’t use off-the-shelf designs, because with NO exceptions, my clients want customizations. And I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on awesomely beautiful designs only to find that they can only be used off the shelf. Any serious customizations predictably break things. And the designers tend to be pretty arrogant at the thought of anyone touching their wonderful design in any way other than their proprietary admin panel.

    StudioPress is the best I’ve ever used as a solid framework that’s design friendly. When I see a new design, like Midnight, for example, I don’t so much see the design, but the design possibilities. Yes, I would love it if StudioPress had flashier designs . . . but my clients will still demand the customizations.

    • Excellent points, Jon. I agree completely on everything.

      I like this theme, not because I think it is a great design, but because of the possibilities (as you said), and that it probably will appeal to women in general. I read somewhere a while back about the surprisingly stark differences in how certain website designs appeal to women versus men. I learned a lot (and I’ll go look for that article and post it if I find it).

      Basically I’m saying I have my own design preferences, but I’m humbled by the fact that I believe I cannot, by myself, design a website devoted to a primarily female-oriented demographic (forgive any perceived generalizations; they are unintended). It’s themes like these that actually help me in this regard.

  19. Lovin’ it. The current library is already well worth the price of admission and the fact that nice, clean themes like these are added on a regular basis is what keeps me dedicated to StudioPress. Thanks again!

  20. The theme library here is excellent. If I might add a suggestion while everyone is being constructive, I would like to see themes aimed at certain purposes.

    Since the All Pro Pkg is aimed at developers and allows for the offering of Studio Press themes, how about a theme to showcase designs and web site packages.

    A good example of this type of theme would be here:

    While this theme is pretty good looking, and would serve this type of function, it, like almost EVERY other theme on the market really lacks the power and flexibility of Studio Press themes.

    To comment on this theme, I’m not a fan of blog style themes, but I can do appreciate the work that goes in to it, and realize that there are many who are looking for this sort of thing. This would be an excellent wedding or personal blog site.

  21. I honestly see this color scheme on an Enterprise or Delicious style layout working better for a weddings website. That could just be me, and despite my bias towards marriage and weddings, it’s a business generating industry that ain’t goin’ nowhere, kinda like death, taxes and low-budget horror flicks :)

    I am not a truly a coder, but I know more than enough to take the themes I like and customize them to do what I need. The Genesis framework made that both easier and harder (still figuring out hooks), but I’m also glad that other people saw Genesis as a cool framework to build on. Two Genesis themes I’m making the most of are not Studio Press themes, and one of those was my favorite until Midnight got my imagination roiling.

    And while I would like to see a little more variation in styles, I’m not astute enough to suggest a design. I just hope future Genesis or WordPress updates don’t break my current favorite theme, since it’s creator is not offering it for sale anymore.

  22. Since everyone seems to be chiming in here, I’m offering my 2 cents as well.

    First, I really like this theme, Blissful, and think it has more attention to detail than Midnight for example. Both have nice “bones”, I just don’t like the styling of Midnight… fortunately there is a lot of choice… and I’ve never once used a theme unmodified.

    As for what I’d like to see in the future though… I would REALLY like to see more child themes that push layout in interesting directions and which add functionality not just new graphics… and on the subject of graphics I would like to see some more modern design elements (gradients/transparency/depth/rounded corners).

    Layout: Bee Crafty/Expose, Venture, Family Tree and Manhattan are good examples of an alternative layout… but I’m SOOooo tired of blog layout (content left, sidebar right)… that layout is well covered already…

    Functionality: For example more like Ventures tabbed feature box, Lexicon’s featured posts widget, Delicious’ Slider Widget, etc… Use some JS/JQ and CSS3.

    Modernize / Diversify the Design: The design have been getting more diverse which is good, but they are still somewhat bland… Use some CSS3, use some gradients and transparency… some rounded corners? For example, I don’t care too much for the execution of the layout or design here (as I think the UX is bad) but something along the lines of this woo theme: would be a welcome deviation from the very traditional child themes.

  23. I like the icons next to the posts Shannon! And the image carousel for the recent posts – very nice and girly! :)

  24. Glamorous-looking themes are only a case of designing nice graphics and changing some css – it’s the backend that’s important. If the backend code is a mess, then pretty graphics won’t help.
    Of course if you aren’t able to change css or design graphics then a “more appealing” theme might be the way to go.
    The Studiopress themes come in enough formats, that there should be some theme to suit every need.
    Plus what’s all the talk about “girly themes”? With a few tweaks to colours and images this could easily become a corporate theme or anything else.
    All it takes is a little imagination…