Crave 1.0 Theme Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Crave 1.0 theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be purchased here.

Crave was developed by Jessica Barnard of The Pixelista, and is categorized as a Community theme. These are not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package, but we assure you that the design and coding of them are top-notch.

Theme Features

The Crave theme includes the following features: 3 color styles, 3 layout options, custom header, featured images, fixed width, theme options, threaded comments.

Take the Crave theme for a test drive…

Crave Theme


  1. Theme kinda makes u hungry…
    Looking forward for genesis 2.0.

    • Yeah Jay …Just awesome look this crave theme has got.. Going to buy for sure :)

    • Hi Jay. It’s a small world, isn’t it? :) I came here looking for more info about G2 as well. Fingers crossed that it will arrive before Summer is here! (Who wants to be inside, coding all summer long? Not me!)

      • Hey Stijn. Small world indeed. :) Nice to see you jumping ship from Thesis. I just felt really disappointed with their 2.0 release after it was hyped for almost 2 years! About Summer, what a crap Spring we had in Belgium. Snow in March?! (I on the other hand love coding in the Summer with the airco on)
        Ps. Tried to contact you since your blog was displaying errors when you click on your Oblivion post, seems like it’s been fixed.

  2. How comes this beautiful theme is not responsive?

  3. Love the colors and layout!

  4. Looks great. I really like the colors of the theme. Can’t wait to use it for my next project.

  5. Nice, this is a simple themes.

  6. This theme is not responsive – unacceptable to me.

  7. Responsive would be great but “unacceptable” seems a bit harsh. I’m excited to find a project to use this on. Beautifully done. Thank you!

  8. Color Combination are to Good. lite Green Looking Lovely & healthy.

  9. It’s a beautiful theme – classy, warm, great color, typography – awesome. I guess being responsive would help, though I think some people are obsessed with everything having to be responsive

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Nal! I created this theme with bloggers in mind. The bloggers I know have spoken, saying they don’t like responsive designs because it pushes the sidebar below the content which is bad for their ad revenue (although it’s relatively simple for many of us to just *remove* the responsive coding, it’s not something I’d expect a DIY blogger to be able to do).

      As much as I hate ads as a designer, having the ads bloggers depend on in a non-visible location isn’t what they want. Like I said though, I’m open to the idea of making the Crave theme responsive in the future!

  10. Great theme !!! Love it ! Ive been looking for a theme to launch my recipe website and this is perfect ! I love the Citrus color option too. Great work !

  11. Nice work, Jessica!

  12. Super cute! Love the color scheme!

  13. Whaaaa…. awesome.
    But not responsive again.

  14. LOVE this. But I’m now promising my clients the best in Mobile Responsive Design. Hope you decide to ‘make it so!’ Terrific work.

  15. Really nice theme Jessica! And if it comes with the chocolate covered strawberries then it’s going to be very hard to resist 😉

  16. Attractive theme with beautiful color combination. Nice work!

  17. Thanks for this, seems cool and responsive!

  18. i think the whole argument of sidebars below the content when a site is responsive is silly, you can place ads anywhere, not just sidebars. with phones, tablets so commonly used, if a site isn’t responsive, isn’t a real massive deal, but to me, all sites should be responsive, i know when i am browsing a site on my phone, it is super annoying scrolling around. i guess when we as members have to pay extra when it isn’t included in the pro membership, it really should be responsive.

  19. Hey, Jessica, I re-read my post and realized that I sounded quite negative – and I really didn’t mean to add to a bunch of posts nagging you about a responsive design. Please forgive me! I LOVE this theme. Though I’m new to building websites, I have spent many years in marketing, and you have reminded all of us of a VERY important fact: it’s all about the audience/customer. So thanks for explaining why bloggers prefer non-responsive design. I work with lots of small businesses in a resort area where tourists and travelers are using mobile devices to find my clients, so they really need responsive designs. Yet many of the colorful, contemporary themes for Genesis that I like are designed for bloggers. There are fabulous exceptions, of course, including Shannon’s Fabric8ated which I just used for a B&B in the area ( All of this is to say, please keep up the good work, and when you have a chance, consider a responsive theme with your special flair. And thanks for inspiring me – maybe I’ll even be able to try my hand at a theme some day, too. In the meantime, thank you for being part of this great Genesis community. I’m loving this work, and I’ve been fortunate to meet so many helpful folks along the way.

    All the best,

    • Thank you for your kind words, Susan! I have now received about 30 notes asking me to make Crave responsive, so I’m planning to go ahead and do it. Not sure of an exact launch date at this point, but know it’s my top priority and I’ll get it available ASAP!

      I think what I’ll do is have the fixed-width version available to bloggers upon request via my Support Forum.

      Thanks again for your thoughts!

  20. :) I also think that you should add responsive feature to this nice gem too. It will make your theme more shiny and increase several sales for you since more and more visitors are using tablets and smartphones to browse the web.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    maybe you can use an off canvas solution for the sidebar when it comes to responsive design. I’ve seen it on some websites, and found it very atractive and usefull.

    I think off canvas is a good way, if you don’ t like just putting the sidebar below the main content on smaller devices.

  22. I think it’s gorgeous, Jessica!

    I’m glad that there are so many community members contributing feminine themes to the community marketplace, because there is definitely a niche for female bloggers (and site owners), and there’s not a lot coming out directly from SP which is aimed firmly at that segment of the marketplace.

    I know that we can customize any theme how we wish, but it’s nice to see one that’s pretty right out of the box!

    Congratulations on your first theme for the community marketplace!

    • Thank you, Susan! It is kinda funny how most of the feminine designs are ending up in the Community Marketplace. I’m just happy to join the club! 😉

  23. Hi Jessica, I have to say I love this theme. I am big fan of your designs I think You are very very talented.
    I think here in studiopress Is a DIY mobile responsive tutorial, and You could do one with the fixed widths , so people can do it by themselves 😀

    • Thanks, Dulcia! I bit the bullet and went ahead with making the theme responsive. It’s already live on the demo if you’d like to check it out, and the updated version should be available through StudioPress shortly. :)

  24. WOOW, this theme is really beautiful.
    Color and responsive is great !

  25. I need a new theme replacement for my food blog, the crave theme looks refreshing, clean and responsive..

  26. Crave looks great! Is the slider built in or is it a plugin?

  27. I’ve been using Artisteer for a couple of years. I stumbled upon this Framework solution via Yoast. I’d love to find out what advantages Genesis has over Artisteer. I’m always looking for a better solution for custom themes.

    • Freelance Website Designer,

      I used Artisteer for a long time as well and I can personally tell you that Genesis is a lot more flexible when it comes to the design process. You can take ANY child theme and make it your own (or your customers!). Artisteer is pretty basic and limited as far as set up and layout. Genesis takes a little bit to get used to – takes a lot of research and trial & error especially if you are used to just “one way”. I highly recommend you take some time to learn Genesis. Once I made the switch my sales more than doubled!!! It’s well worth the time and effort. Once I got the hang of it I never used Artisteer again.

  28. Nice work, Jessica!
    Color and responsive is great !

  29. Jessica,

    Can we place ads within this theme?

  30. How or where do I learn more than what is on this site? I am really interested in using it.
    I really love the overall look and feel of the theme. Do you think you will offer more layout options in the future?

    • The Crave theme offers 3 of the standard Genesis layout options: Content/Sidebar, Sidebar/Content and Full-Width Content, along with many layout options for your home page content. I don’t have plans to incorporate any additional layout options in the future. Thanks!

  31. oh how i wish i had money. would love to use this. oh well…

  32. I love this theme but I’m having trouble getting support for it and the documentation online is not fully developed. I have tried everything with the slider settings based on the Crave theme support docs at pixelista but it never works right. I did the settings exactly as recommended and none of the images show up and for some reason it sticks titles in some weird slider title type bar at the top above where the images should be. All I wanted was a few images on the slider. It’s such a major part of the theme and to not be able to use it kind of defeats the point. I also tried to do the small thumbnail widgets of recent posts and have them show up on the mainpage and if you put those where recommended by the support docs they show up for some reason in the slider at the top of the page even though I placed them elsewhere in the Home middle or Home bottom as suggested where you drag them to for some reason it just defaults to the slider (which it says to put in the Home top) but as a small paragraph. I am not sure I made the right choice picking a new theme that may need kinks worked out. This theme needs better support docs and instructions. I’m wasting a lot of time on items that are usually easier with other themes I’ve had.

    • This theme is really cool. It took me a bit to learn a few things and get around some quirks (you may hear my frustration above) but I am now really comfortable with it and have decided to keep it. It’s working out quite well for me and I really recommend this style theme for the right blogger. It obviously has a specific tone to it that isn’t right for everyone but I love it and for my juicing blog it’s perfect! Jessica did a great job and she’s been super supportive and helpful.

  33. Hi Rebecca, I haven’t seen any posts from you in the Crave Support Forum (, but if you would like to post your questions there, I will be happy to assist you.

    From what it sounds like, you may need to go in and set featured images for all of your posts if you haven’t already, and then you may also need to install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to ensure there are versions of all your featured images at the correct dimensions for the home page slider and featured posts widgets to pull.

    Thanks for purchasing my theme, and best of luck to you!