eleven40 1.0 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the eleven40 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Mobile Responsive Design

The eleven40 theme is the second child theme released here at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. It’s also the first theme we’ve developed that extends 1140px wide vs. our current themes which are 960px. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Click here to see how the eleven40 theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The eleven40 theme includes the following features: 6 layout options, 4 theme colors (blue, green, orange, red), custom background, featured images, footer widgets, mobile responsive design and threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the eleven40 Theme

eleven40 Child Theme


  1. That’s awesome..nice and clean theme..

  2. Nice looking theme. If this is the *second* mobile responsive theme StudioPress has done, can someone tell me which one was the first?

  3. A quick take shows this to look like a simple and lean theme that renders better on mobile than any other Genesis Theme (original or third party) in the stable.

    It appears the little sewn leather looking image at the top is the target size to fit your banner image to fit exactly into the smaller mobiles.

    Great work!

    Cannot wait to see what other themes Brian is working on…

  4. Nice crisp and clean theme.

  5. Michael Hutchison :

    Nice Release!! perfect for a blogs but what happened with new Agency theme? also is a studiopress responsive slider available yet?

    • Ooooh, we would love that too! SO happy that you’re rolling out a different main nav solution for responsive in this theme. I’m really getting into using Genesis now and I’m so happy and my clients will be so happy with these options!

  6. Really like the look of this one! And you seem to be on a roll with the roll-outs!

  7. Had been looking at the peek preview link posted on Twitter. Thanks for the exercise that can help us out in developing the responsive themes on Genesis…

    If you want it to work as easy as in this theme you need to have some things present from the start.. like: nice small logo, no search field in the header etc. Then it will work immediately on a phone (or any other small screen)

    In “real life” situations you will often find a larger logo, header-images and or other specific needs/wishes for the client, so then there will be more specific adaptations needed to get it to work as nice as on this theme….

    Thanks again for the lesson provided… :-)
    I love the abundant whitespace and 1em font-size… (too many designers still want to reduce the font-size to 11/12px. )

    • I just built out a responsive layout w/Genesis and noticed that in resizing the Search was the first to drop, but wanted to try and see if I could keep it. Need to work on that…

  8. This is awesome! I’ve been oh so patiently waiting for this one and once again I’m blown away at it’s awesomeness! Nice work!

  9. I like the nice clean look. Simple, thumbs up

  10. Nice design work, guys. I like this one a lot. :)

  11. When is Agency 2 coming?

  12. Looks a great theme I wish it would have a portfolio like Cristal theme, this would be just perfect!

  13. Great looking theme.
    I love the large headlines and the larger font for the general text.
    I’m beginning to dislike websites with small fonts.

    Prefer the orange, but good to have a choice.

    Great work Genesis team.

    Well you be keeping this as your theme Brian… or is it on to the next one?

  14. Awesome theme, nice and clean! Thanks for the hard work!!!

  15. Hello. I’ve been paying attention to Studio Press for a couple of months – keeping my eyes out for a clean responsive theme with larger font. This is my favorite so far – Kudos to you and your team!

    Before I place my order, how difficult is it to change the theme color to Purple? This color option is key for my business branding. I’m hoping that it’s a simple tweak that I can handle on my own without having to hire a developer yet.

    Thanks and great job! I know several people who strongly recommend Studio Press. I look forward to joining.

  16. This theme rocks, going to build a new site asap just so I can look at it everyday heh.

  17. Wow! Gotta say, I love it! I just switched my design over!!

  18. I love the simple design and the look. Very neat! Good job! 😀

  19. Please can we get the next new themes with a Home area so we can drop widgets in them?

    The Eleven Forty Theme is great but has no Home Widget area so I think it is aimed more for blogs.

    • It’s nice to have a choice of widgetised home page or blog style.

      Most of the businesses I deal with prefer a home page that looks like a standard website, not a blog.

  20. I’m *very* excited about this theme and how easy StudioPress is making it to tinker with responsive design. Planning to try this out on my next couple of sites. I haven’t wrapped my head around how this would work with a widgeted homepage but I am looking forward to working with the theme.

  21. simply great look!

    Responsive is not supported for IE 6.5 (I tested this version only). should i use respond.js(https://github.com/scottjehl/Respond)?

  22. Nice theme, Brian. The orange text highlights are nice and in-tune with publishing trends.

  23. This is YOUR blog theme! Great design and very focused on content. Perfect typography and orange colour looks just perfect for this design.

  24. Cool theme. What does “GET ALL OF OUR THEMES” means? Can i get also your themes from Gallery?

  25. Another great theme and I love that it’s mobile ready!
    After reading the post, I had the same question in mind that Kent had above about what the other theme was that was mobile ready. You answered, but that gave me an idea that would be helpful. Could you graphically indicate on your theme thumbnails which ones are mobile responsive? Or someway for us to find mobile responsive themes and maybe showcase examples too.

    • The other theme that is responsive is Generate… we’re actually working on some stuff behind the scenes that will help people search through our themes easier. More to come.


  27. Hi Brian,

    The typography is really taking off with new themes.

    I love the new headline font compressed for longer headlines and the bigger and serif copy font and size.

    Would it not be possible to have featured thumbnails in the post in homepage kind of styling?

    I see that many above are asking for the homepage template as a feature in this cool new theme?

    Is it possible to refine it a bit more then?

    Same question for category and archive posts? Thumbnails in excerpts possible?

    Without CSS coding I mean.

  28. That footer opt-in… love to see more of that in future themes.

    Great work guys.

  29. Now I’ll have to redesign my site all over again. 😀

    Thanks for all these GREAT themes! 😀

  30. Thanks for the excellent new theme.

    It would be great to include a portfolio page option like the Crystal theme in your new themes…or better still create a Genesis Plugin to do the job. Any chance?

    Top marks!

  31. I’m having trouble with the site title showing up as a white bar above the templates logo and custom menu. Can anyone help remove the issue? I’ve googled with no solution. Thank you!

  32. This is really awesome… Guess my site is going to soon move on from Prose to eleven40 soon! 😉

  33. Hi Brian, you might want to check the behavior of the top menu on your own site,, when viewed on iPad in portrait. The way the menu divides in 2 line is less attractive… Imho.
    Keep these less is more themes coming… That message will never grow old :-)

  34. Now… this is nice design with lot of space for content visibility and ease of reading !

  35. Awesome Brian. Great to see a theme with more than 960 pixels. I have been manually increasing the pixels in a lot of the other themes from the CSS while using them in my websites. Good to see that you are now extending the themes to more than 960 pixels which does not work out especially in three column settings. :)

  36. I love it!

  37. This is awesome design to focus visitor only on content and still looks professional.

  38. Hey Brian, any chance you can release the PSDs for this awesome theme? Just put mine into production today but I really want to “officially” edit the size of that title background. Or perhaps you could release a theme update and make it fluid?

  39. Excellent theme already switched my blog over to it. I’ve used the page title widget as a place to add my slider. Any chance you’ll be making the genesis slider responsive anytime soon?

    • Site looks good Faye… as for the slider, yes – we have an upcoming Genesis Responsive Slider plugin in the works.

      • That would be great. I wound up adding in the nivo slider since I thought it was responsive, AND I really wanted the navigation dots at the bottom. But your Genesis slider is just a version of it, isn’t it?

  40. Looks great! One question, I’d love to have some understanding of the decision to move to 1140px wide instead of 960px.

    Do you have any stats or research on percentage of users with various monitor settings? What are the considerations when increasing standard page view size?

    As designers we LOVE the bigger view. I just want to understand more what the overall users are experiencing before I take the leap.

  41. Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I’ve written a tutorial that will show you How to Add a Home Widget Area to the eleven40 Theme.

  42. One of the best features of this theme I think it’s the widget after the post. Great idea!

  43. Michael Cowen :

    Hi Brian,

    This theme really looks beautiful. One question on the mobile aspect to it. How does it manage youtube videos. Does it automatically change the size of the video clips down to the right size so it looks “normal”?



  44. simple and clean theme, i like simple theme. simple is the best

  45. Very cool theme! This theme for professional blogs. Good job Brian.

  46. Hi can you please tell me if this works with genesis connect yet? Thanks

  47. Just had the opportunity to purchase this theme, looks out standing great work guys.

    • Good stuff Robert, thanks for the purchase and hope you enjoy the theme!

      • Hello Brian you are most welcome my friend money well spent, I currently have the FREE Copyblogger theme installed because I was unable to get the Manhattan theme customized the way I wanted, so I changed it for the Eleven 40, I hope to have it customized soon……

        I should also have a blog post up soon about your products, letting others know how great this service is, not to mention customer support as well. Thanks so much. RG

  48. Really nice one, gonna buy this!

  49. Thanks for the excellent new theme, i love it

  50. Another great theme! The day it was launched, I changed my blog’s theme from Focus to Eleven40 : http://bhramit.com :-)

  51. Will the theme updates you mentioned also include options for 1140px in addition to being responsive?

    If not, any chance of a tutorial (or a cheat sheet of short cuts) that some of us could use to quickly “upconvert” existing themes like Backcountry, News and Magazine from 960px to 1140px? :)

    • There’s really no easy way to spell out how to upconvert those themes, as each one has very specific CSS. When the theme updates come out with responsive CSS, that will be easy to take and place into a customized version. (assuming that a significant amount of rework hasn’t been done.)

  52. Nice theme, cool look. I love Genesis framework.

  53. Brian,
    Does eleven40 them offer a landing page option? Also, what do you recommend for putting an opt-in box in the sidebar this one? Thanks man and great work on these themes. I’m torn between this eleven40, prose, and generate but I like the look of eleven40 the best.

  54. I have a question: On the buy page for the Genesis Framework it says “Includes All Future Themes We Make”. Thats the version for 59.90$

    Is that really the case? So if I would have bought the Genesis Framework last year, the eleven40 theme would be free for me to download and use?


  55. Great job Brian. I really like all four color schemes – it’s good to have a choice. Fantastic thing is that theme responds to all screen widths and resolutions.

  56. really excellent theme, I am going to use this on my site. Is this available for $79 with Genesis framework or i have to pay $59 .

  57. This theme does look pretty smart. Are these themes “future proof”? I mean, is it the sort of theme which a few major WordPress updates could break, or should they last “forever”? I already had a bad experience with once theme, have to quickly build a new one after it broke. I am looking for something stylish, adaptable and stable. Currently using a free theme with edited CSS.

  58. Hey Brian, thank you for releasing an excellent theme, I really want to buy this, however, I’ve already own Genesis framework, so how to buy this theme alone?
    Please let me know.

    Thank you

  59. Wow, Brian! I absolutely LOVE this theme and can see using it with many different clients. I think this is some of your BEST work.

    I installed lastnight and switched over from the Focus theme in just a couple hours inclusive of making a new full size header image. It also seemed to boost performance and page load a bit?

    Question: What’s the best way to handle the full size header? On the iPhone it is wacky. I know the theme is not designed for full header. What is the best way to get the header to display the far left content? Do I have to break up the media into different pieces? Wondering if you’ll eventually have an easy solution for this since there seems to be a lot of folks asking on the forum?

    You can see my draft site here: http://www.pammarketingnut.com

    p.s. My development team is going to shoot me as I did this w/out even telling them 😉


  60. Amazing theme Brian, I’m just digging into it now:
    1.) The PSD wasn’t in my folder, is it not included?
    2.) Any update on the responsive slider?
    Many thanks :)

  61. Very very simple theme. I like it…
    And very very fast loading….

  62. Hello,

    I am seriously thinking of buying this theme. Can anyone tell me that how can I migrate from my old theme to this theme? My blog is not very complex one…. Simple blog with some common widgets.

    If possible, please send me link for any tutorial explaining the process.

    Thank you.

  63. Hi, I bought the theme but would like to remove the mobile responsiveness features and just have fixed to the full width no matter window or browser size. How can i do this?

    • Remove this code from the child theme’s functions.php file:

      /** Add Viewport meta tag for mobile browsers */
      add_action( 'genesis_meta', 'eleven40_viewport_meta_tag' );
      function eleven40_viewport_meta_tag() {
      echo '';

      And then remove all of the CSS that sits below this in the style.css file:

      /* Responsive Design
      ------------------------------------------------------------ */

  64. Alright. I’ve been a Genesis guy for a looooooong time. I bought the developer package back 5-6 years ago (maybe more). Your themes are how I learned WP. I got this theme a few months back for a website. I liked what it had to offer and I gave it a go. But since then? This is an outstanding theme. Easily (with the Genesis backbone) one of the best themes on the market. I’ve been able to twist, tweak and bend this into doing just about anything I want it to do. I’m now building my fourth website with it, and it’s becoming better and better. I can see me and 1140 being very very happy together for years to come. Kudos.

    • Thank you for the feedback – I’m glad you’re finding Genesis flexible enough to meet your needs!
      Be sure to submit your completed sites here so we can consider them for the showcase :)