Enterprise 1.1 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Enterprise 1.1 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Google Fonts

One of the changes to the style of the Enterprise theme was the addition of Google Fonts. We added the use of Droid Sans to the navigation, headlines and various input boxes and submit buttons.

Footer Widgets

The previous version of the Enterprise child theme did not include support for footer widgets, so we’ve added them to the updated version. Thanks to Genesis, which does the heavy lifting, you can register footer widgets with a single line of code.

To learn how to add footer widgets without updating the entire theme and losing customizations, registered users should view this tutorial. Also note that the footer widgets have replaced the home bottom widgets from the previous version.

Screenshot of the Enterprise Theme

Enterprise Child Theme

Updating Isn’t Necessary

If you are currently using an earlier version of Enterprise, you don’t have to update to the v1.1. While much of the theme code was rewritten, additional functionality being added was at a minimum.


  1. Thanks for the extras for possibly my favourite theme as it’s great for customising.

  2. Thanks Brian
    This is a great business theme – I have a couple of clients who want to use it.

    I have a local install of Enterprise that I have been configuring – just the various areas on the home page.
    If I update to version 1.1 is all the configuration lost?

  3. I use the Enterprize theme on a regular basis so I’ll use this new version the next time – I just can’t see any link in the support forum to download it though? Is it me? :)

  4. All Studiopress themes are pretty much the same!

  5. Integration of Google Fonts and Footer Widgets is pretty good. Now anyone can easily make most from the footer widgets

  6. How do I found the support forum to download the new themes?



  7. Sorry to be a pain Brian but I was going to start working on a site over the weekend using Enterprise.

    When do you think the update will be released?

    Cheers Brian

  8. Just got your email – wow!
    Now that is what I call service.


  9. How do you upgrade to the latest version of this child theme if you already have the previous version installed.

    Do you just upload into the same directory or folder? Do you need to reconfigure everything if you do this?

    Thanks for any help with this question or for a link to a place where this is already explained.

  10. Very good development. This might be a right new theme for our site. Cheers from Rome!

  11. I would love to know the steps to update the Theme, as I already have it installed and in production.


  12. Well, I still don’t know how to get to the support forum to download new themes. Yes, I can click around until I find a place to download it but why not simplify the process. Am I the only one with this problem?



  13. This theme update has knocked out an awful lot of the formatting on my business website (particularly the tables I created in HTML), so it now looks like a complete mess! I’m sure the update is fantastic but my priority is getting my site looking good again ASAP, so is there any way to fix these settings or to revert to the first version of the theme?

    Please feel free to contact me directly about this.

    • I took at look at your site, and it seems to be in good shape. Did you revert?

      As for the blog post, updating wasn’t necessary for folks who had the previous version. Some CSS was renamed, etc, which is why it wasn’t crucial to update to the new version.

      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks for your response. I spent some time recalibrating everything in the end. The issue was with the tables I’d created in HTML – they were invisible on the previous theme but not on this one, so they pushed all the text out of line. Anyway, it’s all sorted now. But it would be very useful to know how to revert to previous themes in the future – it could save me a lot of time if there’s another update.


  14. I purchased the Enterprise Child theme and customized it for my my existing website http://www.worksmart-small-business-support.com. Is there some where I can get the new codes that were added the new version of the Enterprise child theme to add to my existing child Enterprise child theme without breaking my website or loosing any of the existing customization?

    Also I added the code for adding the footer widgets but where in the widgets area do I activate the widget?


  15. I purchased the Enterprise Child theme and customized it for my my existing website http://www.worksmart-small-business-support.com.

    1. How do I get the footer widgets and the slider to show up on the live website?
    2. Can I use the Genesis Slider plugin instead of WP-Cycle plugin to activate the slider on the home page?