Epik 1.0 Theme Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Epik 1.0 theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be purchased here.

Epik was developed by Wes Straham of Appfinite, and is categorized as a Community theme. These are not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package, but we assure you that the design and coding of them are top-notch.

Theme Features

The Epik theme includes the following features: 10 color styles, 6 layout options, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options, threaded comments.

Take the Epik theme for a test drive…

Epik Child Theme


  1. Very nice and professional theme, gonna try it out:)

  2. One of the best minimalistic theme I have seen. Can’t wait to use it for my next project!

  3. Hey Wes, top-notch design! Very easy on the eyes, yet seems like it would be versatile.

  4. Fabulous looking theme but in the Marketplace – C’est la vie.
    This one is going to be so popular.

  5. Love this! Will be one I work with in the very near future! Great job Wes!

  6. Great job Wes! Just so tastefully done. Love the typography and element styles – very comfortable to view.

  7. Nice theme. I’m making the switch for several sites to Genesis framework and I think this theme will fit well for at least one of them!

  8. Very neat and professional with so many possibilities for custom usage!

  9. I am using Appfinite’s Legacy for one of my projects, so I just had to add this one to my collection. Epik is an amazing theme with great flexibility and functionality.

  10. Nicely done!!

  11. Love this one!! Great job :)

  12. Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate the kind words, and I am very happy that you like the theme!

  13. This is a great theme – it really highlights the importance of great graphics and images in terms of visual content marketing

  14. Is the slider shown on the demo home page included with the theme, or a separate plug-in (as with Gravity Forms example on the contact page)? Not a show-stopper if it’s not included – this is a beautiful theme – but useful to know in advance.

  15. The theme is beautiful.. i want this nowwwwwwww.. 😛

  16. Wow! Did I say WOW! I love this theme. I must find a place to use it right away. Great work, Wes!

  17. Wes, you nailed it. Great job with Epik!

  18. Beauuuuutifffuull! I want it now & just may have to purchase it. Excellent work!

  19. This theme looks amazing. So well done!!

  20. A very impressive Theme indeed . Will add on MY basket of themes I already have. The theme fits perfectly on Android and Iphone . No overlaps at all. Good work. I liked it on RED!

  21. I really enjoy the simplicity and cleanliness of this terrific theme put out by StudioPress. It’s beautiful and minimal, without a ton of distracting design. Good choice.

  22. Oh heck… Just built a similar site based on Responsive. This would have been soooo much easier!! Will definitely keep this one bookmarked for the future!! Congrats on a great-looking theme!

  23. Hi Wes… big round of applause for including this small but very significant bit
    “Works perfectly on Android”, first time I see that on a Genesis theme. Well done.

  24. How to Get Support for Themes.

    I have some Before Sales Questions Related to new EPIK Theme, Can someone please look into it.

    1. Can I integrate Font-Squirrel Fonts in this Theme.

    2. Can I integrate Font-Awesomeness for Icons.

    3. Can I use Bootstrap CSS for buttons and other elements.

    4. Does the Full Streched Section Style available for inner pages too.

    Thanks & Regards

  25. very nice looking theme. definitely using this for my next website

  26. Wes,
    Really great work on the stylesheet! I’ve never seen one so well organized and easy to use.


  27. WOW! excellent love the neat & clean design with wide screen option. work perfectly on smart phone and tab.

  28. looks nice, great work

  29. Great theme, very intuitive, easy to navigate and addresses core business functions. Well done.

  30. Nice theme. clean, elegant, and also many option for various web type.

  31. Beautiful theme. Just installed it and love it.

  32. Any news about http://appfinite.com/ I can not reach it…


    • Hi Mattia,
      I’m able to reach the site – if you are receiving an error, please post that here, and I’ll ask the gang at appfinite to take a look.

    • Hello Mattia,

      The site couldn’t handle the amount of traffic we were getting (mainly on the forums) so I upgraded and switched servers around the 19th. It still should show up fine, as there was no downtime during the switch. So I’m not sure why it’s not showing up for you. If you try and clear your browser cache, or reset your browser itself, does that do anything?

      Also, where are you located?

  33. Have not been able to get onto appfinite.com since last Friday – IE8 or FF. Thanks.

    • Hello Kent,

      See my comment above and let me know if that helps.

      • Hello Wes, I’m from Turin, Italy. I’m on OSX with Firefox, Chrome and Safari and I cant reach the website also using “no cache” or “incognito (in my Chrome language)” browsing…


        • I really think it may have to do with me switching to a new server. I’ve read that it could take a while for everything to switch for some people to see, depending on where you live.

          I’ll contact my host to see if thats the case, and if we can speed up the process.

          Thanks for letting me know!

  34. Same issue here. 30 miles west of Toronto, trying all browsers, not loading, just continues to try and load. Been like that for a few days now.

    • To anyone who can’t access the site I apologize. The reason is because I upgraded my server to handle the amount of traffic we were getting. I just spoke with my host, and they pretty much said – “It could just be their ISP hasn’t propagated yet”.

      They said it could take 24-72 hours or more in some cases depending on your ISP (Internet Provider). Some parts of the world propagate slower than others. I assume this has to be what the issue is since I have a lot of people from all over the world who are able to access it. My host confirmed that the server is up and running properly, so hopefully everything will show up for you soon. This all just depends on your ISP.

      If you still can’t access the site, please send me a tweet – http://twitter.com/WesStraham …..or if it suddenly starts working for you, please let me know.