Executive 2.0 Theme Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Executive 2.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. Others can purchase the package here.

Executive Child Theme

The Executive theme is the 19th theme released which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Updating to Executive v2.0

This version has a few minor changes, which include the addition of a Landing and Portfolio Page templates, and was updated for mobile responsive design.

This version underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.

Click here to see how the Executive theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Executive child theme includes the following features: 7 color styles, 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Executive theme for a test drive…


  1. Ooo I like! I’ve probably said this before but each time you release a new theme it becomes my *new* favourite theme. :)

  2. Great… I have been waiting for you to finish this one since you started sneak-previewing it… thanks.
    There is a small mistake on the demo.. iPad landscape >> call to action banner text is overlapping the button.
    Very nice clean layout and highly readable

  3. This is really an amazing theme, Brian.

    It catches and holds your attention. And it is great to see that you have included a landing page template as well as a portfolio template.

    Great job!

  4. I’m pretty picky when it comes to new themes, but everything you’re releasing and updating lately looks fantastic. What I like most about your recent themes is the large amount of white space and padding around the content. Simple changes, but they make a huge difference.

  5. Been waiting for this.
    Love the layout and the great choice of colours – this will be a real winner for business websites.
    That makes 19 responsive designs.

    Appreciate the work you guys do.

  6. oh!, this is a great upgrade. I was just looking at Executive theme the other day to use it on my clients site.

  7. Fantastic , Brian.

    Looks like a great all round design that is clean, and affords a nice platform to showcase content…

    I must agree with other comments, in that, this update(theme) is outstanding, and that many new and recent releases have also been of the same caliber…..

    The only downside is that I am now having to expand my list of possible new theme choices….

  8. Love it! Thank you so much – really nice to have more choices to show small business clients. The wider width and lots of different options on the home page are going to appeal to lots of small businesses.

  9. It has been in my favorite list even when the demo has just been available. Thank you so much with this nice, clean and really outstanding WordPress theme

  10. Oohh, I really love this. So elegant!
    The previous design is quite elegant, but this…. is much better!
    I think I’m gonna buy the Pro Plus Members package.

  11. I really like the typographic treatment and the overall design of your latest themes. The simplicity in design is perfect to emphasize the content. I think I will have to switch to Genesis and StudioPress soon.

  12. I don’t often comment here, and mostly i don’t buy themes as i like to build my own. However this one is SO nice out-of-the-box i think i will go and get it. It’s clean, minimal and ready to be carved into literally anything i could think of – it will make a great building block for any project. kudos!

  13. Awesome works Brian. Very clean, elegant, powerfull. Love it!
    Genesis favicon change too.

  14. Executive is my new favorite Genesis Child Theme. Its simple, elegant and perfectly suits any business niche websites. Thanks StudioPress for creating such an awesome piece of design.

  15. I’m must notice that every new theme looks great Brian. There is definitely a step forward in any sense. I like your new approach with bigger font spacing and padding.

    Keep up the great work.

  16. I absolutely love this new theme, the white space and all the different widget areas are fantastic. I can’t wait to use this one on my next site!

  17. Ah… box-sizing: border-box. One of those golden CSS properties that just “clicked” with my way of thinking. Is also my new best friend with all this “mobile first” madness going around. (:

    % width + Box sizing: border-box + em padding = win.

    Dig the Executive makeover – nice job (:

  18. My thoughts on this fabulous theme…
    A theme that lifts your spirits just looking at it.

  19. This new redesign really catchs my eyes đŸ˜€ I’ll use Executive 2.0 for some of my clients soon!

    Thanks Brian, keep up the good work đŸ˜‰

  20. Love this theme: simple, clean, elegant; and I can’t wait to use it.

    The one thing I’ve been struggling with is the behavior of the responsive slider on smaller resolutions. The accompanying text disappears! My clients wish that their text show up, even on handhelds. That’s why they’re emphasizing it, in a slider!

    Thank you.

  21. The redesign looks great! I dig it.

  22. The mobile responsive version for iphone does not look correct. There is a grey space at the right side in the mobile version.

  23. I have the executive 1.8.2 theme.
    How do I move up to 2.0?

    • To access a new copy of the theme, please just use the link provided in your original download email.
      If you no longer have that, please contact us with the email address and full name used to make the purchase.

      Please Note: If you’ve downloaded a copy before, please do save this new version to a different location on your computer. The file link will have the same name as the former theme – all server links point to the new file(s), but your computer may not replace them properly if you choose the same download location.

  24. I am in love with this theme. Now i want to change my News Theme to it.
    Thanks Brian.

  25. Great… I have been waiting for you to finish this one since you started sneak-previewing it… thanks.
    There is a small mistake on the demo.. iPad landscape >> call to action banner text is overlapping the button.
    Very nice clean layout and highly readable

  26. Where’s the theme that says to the world — come here to participate, collaborate, interact, share and LEARN?

  27. I was playing with executive 2.0 and my blog name is now too long for the header strip. Is there place to update that or change the size of that font?

    In the demo, where it says executive in the header, my blog name is 19 letters and it cuts off at 15.