Generate 1.0 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Generate 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Mobile Responsive Design

The Generate theme is the first child theme released here at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Theme Features

The Generate theme includes the following features: 6 layout options, 4 theme colors (blue, green, orange, red), custom background, featured images, footer widgets, mobile responsive and threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the Generate Theme

Generate Child Theme


  1. Nice theme, looks similar to Chrisbrogan using on his site..?

    • Yeah, the egg came before the chicken on this one. Chris wanted to use a theme that wasn’t heavily customized, so that he could show folks how easy it is to take a StudioPress theme and make their own.

      • Gorgeous theme! I love the way it looks on your personal blog as well!

        Thanks again for all the amazing themes from you and your team! 😀

  2. Nice, you guys really killed it with this one, beautiful feature box design and overall just super clean.

  3. Generate is a thing of beauty in both aesthetics and functionality. Well done!

  4. Now we are talking! A theme with purpose and a prominent call to action. +1 Generate

  5. Looks great and the opt-in section front and center is EXACTLY what we were just discussing adding to our site.

    Question: Is the text and image editable in that section?

  6. I like it when you guys launch a theme that uses aria and georgia fonts. Cool theme. :)

  7. This looks great!

  8. Oh man. Chris Brogan, get over here! Look what they’ve done. You were complaining that Copyblogger made your old theme universal. Well, they’ve done it again. Whoosh! Lol.

    That said, I’m logging in right now and stealing this. It’s a rocksolid theme.

  9. LOVE the mobile responsiveness, that is AWESOME! Now I’d love to see the mobile responsive design made available in a business-oriented theme (where the blog is not on the home page). :)

  10. Looking forward to this one! I’ve tried putting an opt-in form on my home page before using Simple Hooks, but I could never quite get it right.

  11. Great job! This theme is outstanding! How easy is it to integrate the email capture form with Aweber or other autoresponder?

  12. Is it possible to make the fonts used in this .psd available for download as well?

    If not, would it be possible to include a list of these fonts in the theme tutorial area so we can go purchase them ourselves?

  13. Michael Hutchison :

    That looks awesome! a client was just asking about something like this. Quick question does the sign up box work with Gravity Forms?

    • It should – as that section is only a text widget. You might have to style a few things, since we couldn’t account for every possible use – but implementation should be quite simple.

  14. Very nice, Brian. I really need to figure something out for my site – I’ve been doing “good enough” for far too long. Perhaps this one will be the one I will finally customize and be happy with. :)

  15. Very Nice!

    One thing to consider: the theme demo with the iframe isn’t responsive on an iphone. It looks AWESOME at though

    Any plans for a phone specific menu option? That would be a really cool way to help people streamline things on the small screen.

  16. Ok, really. You guys need to stop. I can’t keep changing my theme every time you release a new one. I LOVE THIS THEME. It has everything I look for in one place. Great job!

  17. Love this new theme. Been looking for more “call to action” type themes. I think this is perfect for building email lists, which is something I’m getting into on future projects.

    One question Brian, have you considered making something similar to the above the fold email capturing box, but for a product or service instead? This is something I’m looking for.

    A box similar to this one with an image to the right, and a headline and some text space to the left where you can explain the benefits of the product/service with two buttons below, one “learn more” or “continue reading” button and one “buy now” button.

    Keep up the great work!

  18. Love the detail on this one. LOVE the font sizes, and the lines on the borders, love, love, love.

    Do you think we could get screenshots of the Theme options pages on themes? I have to download and install to be able to tell how easy it is for a client to use – or how many mods it will need to make it so.

  19. This theme looks fantastic – each new release makes Pro Plus such a no-brainer. Thanks for taking care of us guys =)

  20. WOO HOO!!!
    I have been anxiously waiting for this since I saw the sneak peek via twitter!
    Fantastic- thank you!
    Happy Holidays to everyone at StudioPress!

  21. Thanks for this Brian, it looks terrific!

    I’m still fairly new to WordPress and a real newbie when it comes email capture so please forgive the question…but, how does the email capture process actually work? When a visitor enters their email address where does it go and how do I see it and access it? Is this part of the service provided by an email service provider? Do I need to put code into my capture widget that links it to my email provider so they can capture and store the emails? Sorry to slow down the flow with such a rudimentary question.

    Thanks for your patience.

  22. nice theme Brian, however I don’t fully understand why is this responsive design so praised? I think it change the design of a site so it will look different seen on a smartphone, iPad and computer without the option to see the PC version on a iPhone let’s say.
    I’m on an iPhone and I’d like to check out the desktop version…how do I do that?

  23. The demo page renders as a (large) webpage on my Android device…

    Do I need to go to the template on a live site to get it to auto-detect my device?

    Hope to deploy it soon if it will do that.


    Steve (ProPlus Member)

    • PS – Went to Chris’ site and it renders really nicely on my Android (and iPhone) but how much of that is from the WP Touch plugin, and how much of it is the Generate theme? Soes the plugin have to be installed?

      Thanks. Love your show.


      • Chris actually has the WP Touch plugin enabled on his site – so you’re seeing that, and not the actual theme. If you click the view normal site link at the bottom, you should be able to see the theme.

    • Would love to see a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your phone if that’s possible.

      • Just uploaded via Google+, I believe you’ll have to accept me to your circle to see it.

        • The first thing you see is the WP Touch screen that Chris has active. The second is the way the theme is supposed to look on mobile devices. This allows the visitor a “zoomed in” view but maintaining the integrity of the design.

  24. I’ve asked a question about responsive design and it seems has not been approved. Is there any reason? I’ve asked why is this responsive design so praised when you can achieve this with a plugin? Also, if you want to see the desktop version of the site you cannot see it on a mobile device (cannot see the option “see the web version” or something…).
    Hope this time my comment gets displayed and answered.

  25. wow – that is so weird – i have an almost identical navigation bar in a custom theme I am building and I hadn’t seen “Generate” yet!! lol so of course it looks amazing!!

  26. Now THISSSSSSSSSSSS is the kind of theme I’ve been waiting for!

    Fantastic job.


  27. Love this theme!

  28. Awesome theme, I think this is the most awesome child theme design at this moment.
    I love that it’s responsive too.

    Are you guys having plan to convert all you current child themes to be responsive in the future?

  29. OK. I just want to know what happened to Mr. Small Fonts? 16px Georgia is totally my kind of look. Generate looks fantastic! Something tells me it is about to become one of the most popular themes for my client base.

    I hope this means we’ve seen the last of the tiny fonts around here. 😉

  30. Fabulous theme and as an affiliate can I say that you guys do a great job.
    Link code for this theme was on “Shareasale” before I knew that the theme had been released!

  31. I love the opt-in area the most. It must boost subscribers too. Thinking about this soon.

  32. It’s a very nice looking theme and being mobile responsive is a great feature.

    I like “Generate box” in particular.

    4 color variation helps the developer to use this theme at a number of sites without much effort to make sure they look differently.

  33. Very cool theme! Cheers StudioPress!

  34. I’ve been waiting for such nice theme, mobile responsiveness is amazing feature.

  35. Nice Theme, Thank you for release this awesome theme.

  36. I like it and using it on my blog! Look awesome! Thank you for this creative work!

  37. This is a very complicated theme. The featured image is something that needs to be constantly played with and you MUST higher a designer or know something about coding to have this even look somewhat presentable with the opt-in form and with the images. I have been playing with this theme for about a week now and it’s just a true headache. If you want your theme and style to even look somewhat as what the demo is either hire a designer out the gate or learn and understand code.

    • Sorry to hear you feel this way Justice. (and sorry this comment just got approved now, it was buried in spam for some reason.) What issues specifically were you running into in regards to this?

      • The images for the featured images is something that I have continued to play with along with the featured box have been two areas that are the most important of the theme and not the easiest to configure.

  38. Best theme yet, IMHO – very clean lines, lots of opportunities for customization.

  39. This looks really good but I’m wondering if I would be stuck with that bright red banner on the home page. Can I change that color? I am not tech savvy so how easy is it for someone like me to work with this theme (and the others you offer, too).

  40. Great theme, very nice addition to the lot. Really liking how you started using explenatory content in the theme demo!