Genesis Designer 0.9 Alpha Available

We are happy to announce the release of Genesis Designer 0.9, which is now available for download to StudioPress Pro Plus members only at this time. The Genesis Designer is a child theme which includes a Design Settings page to easily control elements of the Genesis theme.

Alongside our wide variety of child themes, the primary intent of the Genesis Designer will be to provide users a way to quickly setup a blog or website without having to go into the code. Many bloggers simply want a basic theme which allows them to use organic WordPress functions such as custom header and custom background. This will provide them a simple way to customize the basic elements of their site – fonts, colors, etc.

A Few Things…

The Alpha version of Genesis Designer is in its infancy stage. We do intend on providing more options, but wanted to test the basic elements of the Genesis theme framework first. Once we have spent a period of time testing that, we will take it to the next level.

Also of note, the Alpha version currently outputs the CSS into the head of the source code. We realize that this isn’t the proper way to handle things, and this will certainly change. For testing purposes, it was easier to start this way, but I can assure you that the final product will be optimized and done right.

We’d Love Your Feedback…

If you would like to provide feedback on the Genesis Designer theme or report a bug, feel free to leave a comment here on the post. We’d like to thank you in advance for your time while testing the Alpha version.

Lastly, for those of you curious folks – the Genesis Designer child theme will be freely available to anyone who has purchased Genesis or a combination of Genesis and a child theme.

Below is a screenshot of the Design Settings page:

Genesis Design Settings Page


  1. This looks very interesting… It would be great if the final version of this had an export function so once you finalise the design you could export a CSS file that you could use as a basis for your child themes. It would be a great time saver when kickstarting the basic elements of a new child theme.

    • Thanks Daniel – and great suggestion. I’ll mark that one down for the “next version” list.

    • Randy Reddick :

      In the short term … until Brian et. al. create an export feature … the current version places the CSS in the document header. You can simply copy that from the source code of a page, and having set up your own style.css document, paste it in. OR, if you use Dreamweaver, DW has a CSS export function.

  2. This is great! you guys never cease to amaze me!

    • Thanks Jared – we appreciate getting feedback like that. We also have a little surprise that should hopefully be announced tomorrow about a plugin Nathan is building.

  3. This looks awesome!!
    As a …… convert this would be all I need for all my blogs and current clients since I am not that well versed in code. Matt helped me see the “Genesis Light”. I only wish I could test the Alpha. :-(

  4. You guys are amazing. This is another wonderful feature to add to the numerous tools you provide your customers. Great Job and great concept!

  5. Dude… I am so glad to have invested in StudioPress.

    I mean the time, not just the money, you know?

    With you guys creatively stretching the Genesis framework,
    keeping the SEO top notch, and having cool fresh child themes all the time
    (yes Delicious, I’m talkin’ bout you) …

    I will never use the theme designer,
    and I’m delighted to know it’s there…
    because it shows your team’s committment
    to development, growth, and excellence.

    Thanks gals, guys, & BG.


  6. Katy Barrilleaux :


    This is wonderful. So far so good. I did notice that there is not an option built in for a background hover color for the navigation. This would be nice to have.



    • Hey Katy – actually there is… it’s the Current/Link Background Color option…

      • Katy Barrilleaux :

        Well, please correct me if I’m looking at it wrong, but it appears as though the hover background color is the same as the current background color? In my current/soon-to-be previous theme which shall remain nameless, I can have the link and background color change for a hover. So there are three different states: link, current link, hover link.

        Just an added option.



  7. I can see this’ll be very useful to anybody doing a WP design. What would help me even more in using this would be to have a small sample of the result on the right of the setting. Font sizes could be problematical but seeing the colours would be grand.

  8. Great to see this happening Brian! Whilst I am happy to sit and play with a CSS file it will make it even easier when working on sites at multiple locations.

    Just a thought but….any chance this is the first stage of going modular at some point?

    Being able to drag and drop widgeted areas etc into a design within the Dashboard whilst having the Genesis Framework and the Designer…mmm Christmas would have come early 😉

  9. It would be cool if you had little question mark button next to every item, that when you hover over it, gives a tooltip explaining more about that specific CSS setting. Keep up the great jobs guys!

  10. awesome! this is just what i have been trying to wish for a couple of days back! whew! great job, brian! (kickin’ to get the full version!) Hopin’ the Designer will also be “newbie” friendly! thanks, guys!

  11. I’ve been poking around on the Studiopress site tonight and got introduced to the concept of child themes. Cool stuff! And I saw this post and am wondering if I was to purchase the Pro Plus All-Theme Package and then use this Genesis Designer 0.9 Alpha, would it upgrade automatically to the finalized version when it is released or would I have to start all over again? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I’m just now learning about the whole framework/child theme dynamic etc.

    Thanks for your time and I’m impressed by the awesome job you guys are doing!

    • Melanie – quite honestly, I wouldn’t use the Genesis Designer child theme for any production work. It’s only in Alpha stage and there will be a significant amount of changes to it. Feel free to purchase the Pro Plus package, and test out the Genesis Designer theme if you’d like!

  12. It would be nice to be able to design the layout of the front page, e.g. choose the number of widgets across and down.

    Would this be used instead of another child theme or can it be used in conjunction somehow?

  13. Awesome! But I think it need group in tabs

  14. When I first Studiopress theme, I have not expected this kind of superb service. You recently released genesis framework with more security and better SEO. Now, this thing. It helps people like me who do not have much knowledge on code.

    Hats off. Keep it up.

  15. Hi there

    Will Genesis Designer allow you to change fonts/backgrounds etc for the child theme you have purchased?

    Or is the intention for it to be used on its own without a child theme?

    • No it will not – there are too many child themes, with different variables and styles associated with them. This is primarily for customizing the default Genesis theme.

  16. Guys:

    In Costa Rica, using an expression that says, “Maes are fly” to express special thanks to a contribution made by someone, something incredible, really wonder. StudioPress really” Maes are flying “

  17. Agreed with the above commenters, yet another example of the StudioPress team going above and beyond for it’s users and potential users.

    I’m also excited for the Nathan Rice plugin teaser:)

    …and regarding Andrew’s suggestion above about designing the front page…and thinking about the Carrington Build product…and thinking about the already implemented Featured Posts and Pages widgets….my mind is swirling on what you all might have in store for us in the future!


    A Proud StudioPress Customer :)

  18. Wow – I’m very thankful and excited for all the great things you are building here. Thanks StudioPress team.

  19. Wow! I really like the idea. There is one website I need to do for a client this week-end and I am going to immediately try this! :)

  20. Hi,

    is there a support forum for this to ask questions etc

    Site I’m testing it on is

  21. Little confused … does Genesis Designer run along side the Genesis Theme Framework AND a Child Theme? Do you install all three? Or do you just install Designer and that’s it.

    • Genesis Designer will be it’s own child theme – in other words, it won’t require “an additional” child theme as well. This also means that the Genesis Designer child theme will only provide a way to customize the default Genesis style. It won’t be able to customize any of the other child themes – sorry if that was unclear or confused you.

      • Thanks Brian – that helps. I guess I will have to get in there and take it for a test drive.
        I love what you guys do and I use the Child Themes for all of my client sites.
        In fact, I love your themes so much and am a huge WordPress fan that I am redesigning my site on the Genesis Framework. I will send you my URL when it is officially live!

        Look forward to seeing more Child Theme Designs added to the mix.

  22. I have been creating websites the old way with the Lifestyle theme and now I’m excited to try the Genesis framework. Not sure I understand it at all, but keen to give it a go. Will now search the site to see what tutorials are around. Thanks for all the assistance you guys give. Well done.

    • Glad to hear you’re making your way over to Genesis – while there is a bit of a learning curve, the advantages of being on Genesis far outweigh any steps it takes to get there.

  23. So it is just working as a child theme right now? We can use it with Genesis Theme Framework or not?

    What other options will be included in feature releases? Here some suggestions:

    Images uploader for header / footer / widgets background
    Different options to create page / post templates? I might want to style a page with different design. How about having the ability to create a different CSS from that “design” window, and then load it into the page?

    • The Genesis Designer child theme will (like all other child themes) require Genesis. As for other options, the first round of things we want to do is provide the ability to customize the default Genesis style. Before entering into other ideas for customization, to me it makes sense to cover the initial ones first.

  24. Brian,

    Thank you so much for this. This is AMAZING and exactly what I was looking for.

    One problem. When I visit the design options, everything comes up but when I click on the customize your HEADER link, I receive an error message that states, “You do not have the appropriate permissions to access this page”. Not sure what to do.. And am now thinking I should have posted this in the support forums.

    • You need to go to the Theme Settings page and enable the custom header. This is actually a step we’re taking out of the next version, as I really don’t see any need to have that there. Meaning in the next beta version, you won’t be required to enable it, rather it’ll just be there.

  25. Is there going to be a Designer theme support forum?

    My question is whether there will be a way to import and export CSS settings.

    • John – I suppose their could be, I figured it would just fall in the Genesis one. Since we are calling it a “child theme” it makes sense to have it’s own forum as it’ll certainly have it’s own set of questions. Good suggestion.

      As for the import/export functions, yes – it’s my intent that the actual released version will have this. I’m sure we’ll have it as well in beta versions, to test it, etc.

  26. Brian we are really happy with the result we got from this theme, it just works. Great Job. When the final release is made will the Alpha release have an option to update automatically for Pro users etc? We want to keep using this theme for our Women’s Ministry site

  27. I am loving this. Been testing it and stuff and I really like how much control I have. I was considering buying the Thesis theme because of how easy it was to make changes, but with this, I don’t need to waste the money. I like Genesis better and StudioPress better, so it’s nice to stick with you guys. Can’t wait for the final release.

  28. Yeah, can’t wait to get my hands on it. This will make working with ‘picky’ clients a lot easier.

  29. I’d like to cast a vote for including an ability to change the ‘bullet’ symbol. Moreover, if you could allow multiple bullet types and allow user images as a bullet symbol (e.g., check marks, arrows) it would make it easier to create sales pages, squeeze pages, and lead generation pages using Genesis.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  30. Hey gang!

    This Design theme is so cool. Although I thoroughly enjoy learning code and getting right into the CSS and php files, this theme could really streamline the design process with certain clients.

    This theme is allowing me to run through different “design” possibilities for client sites quickly. We love this!

    I am having so much fun. Thanks!