Genesis 1.9 Beta Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that Genesis 1.9 Beta is now available. Please remember that with all beta versions, we highly suggest that you do not use it on production sites and only for testing purposes.

Genesis 1.9 Displays

New Look for Genesis

As you can see, the default look for Genesis has been updated. The style sheet has been condensed and completely rewritten, with an emphasis on flexibility for mobile responsive design.

Note that in Genesis 1.9, we are also utilizing the rem unit of measurement and will use a pixel fallback for browsers that don’t support rems.

Want to see it? Go ahead and view the Genesis 1.9 demo site.

Google Author Highlights

Google Author Highlights

Genesis now offers support for author highlighting. This allows Google to associate your content with your Google+ content.

Just edit your profile, find the field where you can enter your Google+ account URL, and save. Genesis does the rest. And if you want to associate an author with the homepage, you can do that in SEO Settings.

Read why Google plays a critical role in building a successful online business and should be inevitable part of your content marketing strategy.

Updated Security Audit

It’s very important to us that we provide you the absolute best framework possible, so once again we hired WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith to perform a full review of code for security as he’s done in the past.

Here’s what Mark has to say:

It’s clear StudioPress made security a priority when developing Genesis and from a security standpoint, Genesis 1.9 is at the top of its class.

Deprecating Widgets

Genesis has always included some useful widgets to help you build your sites faster and easier. We realized that some of these widgets should really be plugins, so authors can push out updates more frequently.

With that said, the “eNews & Updates” and “Latest Tweets” widgets are being ported to plugins, and will eventually be removed from Genesis.

How to Upgrade to Genesis 1.9 Beta

One of the very cool features that we’ve included in Genesis 1.8 is the ability to automatically update to future Beta versions of Genesis.

This is similar to the WordPress Beta Tester plugin that exists – the only difference is that users won’t have access to the bleeding version of Genesis.

You can automatically update your site to this version by downloading and installing our Genesis Beta Tester plugin.

Reporting Bugs

If you are testing Genesis 1.9 Beta and would like to report a bug, head on over to our contact page and fill out the form.

Special Thanks to Our Community

We’d like to thank the following developers for their contributions with the update to Genesis 1.9 — Jared Atchison, Chris Cochran, David Decker, Bill Erickson, Thomas Griffin, Gary Jones, Andrew Norcross and Travis Smith.

Genesis 2.0 Roadmap

We have big plans for a new markup structure in Genesis 2.0, all built with HTML5. You will have the ability to turn on HTML5 support with a simple function through your child theme.

In case you can’t tell, we’re big fans of designing for mobile devices around here. So, we’re going to be doing some things that will make it a whole lot easier to get your site mobile ready with Genesis in 2.0.

I’m sure you want to know when Genesis 2.0 is slated for release, and the best I can say is that we’re hoping for a Spring/Summer 2013 date.


  1. Brian, congrats, looking great!

    Nice to see Twitter Updates as well as eNews/Updates moving into separate plugins. When/where will those be available? :-)


  2. Absolutely awesome news – gonna play with this baby all night! Congrats to all involved :-)

  3. Is selecting the Genesis 1.9 Bug Report option on the contact page supposed to load a form or something? Nothing happens when selecting that option. Tried 3 different browsers. The other options result in an action.

  4. It looks like the previously depreciated widgets (Genesis Page Menu and Category Menu) are finally removed in this version. Just a head’s up if, for whatever reason, you haven’t switched those out yet. :-)

  5. Very cool…thanks for all of your hard work!

    I would love to see a “collapsable” menu included. One that changes to an icon that opens when clicked (similar to twitter bootstrap).

    Will give it a try soon!

    Thank you,

  6. Wow, lots of great stuff happening here. Good to be with Genesis.

  7. Are there instructions or a tutorial on how to use the 1152 grid system?

  8. The 1152 grid is a nice addition. As a huge fan of html5, I can hardly wait to see Genesis hit the big 2-0.

  9. Great work StudioPress team. As always I’m impressed and looking forward to Genesis 2.0

  10. Great job guys! It looks great! :)

  11. Great! Can’t wait to try Genesis 1.9, and still looking forward for 2.0 version.

  12. Good to hear about REM-sizing of the typography! I really look forward to that. I had plans to adapt a few themes to that, but now I can focus on production instead.
    I also like the 1152 grid-system. It seems very well planned and most useful.
    And if the register-page is a standard option it will be great.
    HTML5 opens up many possibilities which makes Genesis future-proof.

    Very promising! This motivates me to delve deeper into Genesis.

  13. Awesome! I can’t wait until this is released. any plans to add an alignment switch to the featured image under theme settings?

  14. Like the new default look of Genesis, its simple and clean. Eagerly waiting for 1.9 Stable version, thanks for pushing this update.

  15. Very nice update. I hope in the future you guys will consider making genesis and the child themes CMS style where there can be a static homepage and image slider. For the websites I build, widgetized homepages don’t work as well. Thanks for listening.

  16. Sorry to post this hear, but have the forums been removed? I submitted a support ticket last week and haven’t heard back from anyone. I also cannot find the forums to get community help anymore.

    Any advice?

  17. Excellent! Can’t wait to test Genesis 1.9. And 2.0 version will be awesome. Proud as one of Genesis user :)

  18. Great work Studio press.I’m very impress and i hope you will give us tutorial of it

  19. I am SO excited about the HTML5 support for Genesis 2.0. YAY!!

  20. Update doesn’t work for me (local site), after I click the “Click here to complete the upgrade”, it shows the old version of Genesis.

  21. I am using the 1.9-beta on my personal web page with a very low traffic. So far it runs great and very stable. I have not encountered an issue yet.

  22. Awesome. I look forward to looking under the hood. Exciting stuff.

  23. Is there a Genesis 1.9 child theme available?

  24. Thanks for the Beta version just installed it and I will post any feedback as it appears

  25. The default look is stunning…I dont need to install child theme for my blog.

  26. I am fairly new to Genesis, and had someone set-up the theme for me. I am very excited about the mobile responsive design. I will let the people with the experience test this and can’t wait for this to be available. This is huge for a Real Estate business to have a great mobile design.

  27. Great Work., I would like to know that Is there support for twitter bootstrap in this version.

  28. Any estimates on the release date?
    I am putting of updating to 3.5, partly because I still discover minor problems and also because I hope to do the update 1.9 at the same time.

  29. I’m Very excited about the new look and the updates. Hopefully it will be easy to transition my client sites from my 960 width sites to the new 1152 grid system. Looking forward to 2.0 as well with further options for mobile and responsive designs. Downloading the beta version now to do some testing . . .

  30. Im super excited! Will our child themes have to be updated too? Will there be updated style sheets with rem values for each child theme? First update, not sure how it works :)

    • Hi Justin,
      Your child themes shouldn’t need to have changes made to them – the changes occur in the framework itself. Any time child themes do need to be changed, wi well of course provide instructions, but you should be able to just click “upgrade” as soon as it appears in your dashboard.

  31. WOW! This looks great. Very impressed guys. Can’t wait for the stable release of this. I think I’m going to update my personal blog to this once it’s out.

  32. Very interesting. I’m still at the test site stage with Genesis and I’m trying to figure out how to replicate certain functions of my existing site. I heard today about something called the Genesis grid that sounds like what I’m after. Now I see this “1152 grid.” is that the same thing? Can anyone point me to info on how to make teasers from a custom post type show up on a page? Cheers!

    Hoping to make 2013 a Genesis year.

  33. Please, make this theme fast..It needs to loading fast, all child themes and genesis.

  34. Awesome. I can’t wait for 2.0 =)