Genesis Framework 1.9 Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that Genesis 1.9 is now available.

Genesis 1.9 Displays

New Look for Genesis

As you can see, the default look for Genesis has been updated. The style sheet has been condensed and completely rewritten, with an emphasis on flexibility for mobile responsive design.

Note that in Genesis 1.9, we are also utilizing the rem unit of measurement and will use a pixel fallback for browsers that don’t support rems.

Want to see it? Go ahead and view the Genesis 1.9 demo site.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Genesis now offers support for authorship. This allows Google to associate your content with your Google+ profile.

Just edit your profile, find the field where you can enter your Google+ account URL, and save. Genesis does the rest. And if you want to associate an author with the homepage, you can do that in SEO Settings.

Read why Google plays a critical role in building a successful online business and should be inevitable part of your content marketing strategy.

Updated Security Audit

It’s very important to us that we provide you the absolute best framework possible, so once again we hired WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith to perform a full review of code for security as he’s done in the past.

Here’s what Mark has to say:

It’s clear StudioPress made security a priority when developing Genesis and from a security standpoint, Genesis 1.9 is at the top of its class.

Deprecating Widgets

Genesis has always included some useful widgets to help you build your sites faster and easier. We realized that some of these widgets should really be plugins, so authors can push out updates more frequently.

With that said, the “eNews & Updates” and “Latest Tweets” widgets are being ported to plugins, and will eventually be removed from Genesis.

Download Genesis eNews Extended plugin
Download Genesis Latest Tweets Plugin

Genesis Category/Page Menu Widgets Removed

We deprecated the Category and Page menu widgets a few releases ago, and as of this release, we’ve completely removed them from the framework. If you were still using either of these widgets, you will notice that your menu is no longer showing.

You will need to build a custom menu and add the custom menu widget to the Header Right widget area.

Special Thanks to Our Community

We’d like to thank the following developers for their contributions with the update to Genesis 1.9 — Jared Atchison, Chris Cochran, David Decker, Bill Erickson, Thomas Griffin, Gary Jones, Andrew Norcross and Travis Smith.

Genesis 2.0 Roadmap

We have big plans for a new markup structure in Genesis 2.0, all built with HTML5. You will have the ability to turn on HTML5 support with a simple function through your child theme.

In case you can’t tell, we’re big fans of designing for mobile devices around here. So, we’re going to be doing some things that will make it a whole lot easier to get your site mobile ready with Genesis in 2.0.

I’m sure you want to know when Genesis 2.0 is slated for release, and the best I can say is that we’re hoping for a Spring/Summer 2013 date.

Comments on this post have been closed. If you have a technical question, please file a ticket with our support team at My StudioPress.


  1. Love what you guys did with 1.9. It’s the first time I can update a theme and wordpress installation without any problems. Already looking forward to 2.0 ;-).

  2. Loving the tweaks in 1.9 and am even more excited for HTML5 in 2.0. Thanks for the update, Brian!

  3. So if I use a Child Theme on top of the Genesis Framework, should I update Genesis? Also I’m pretty sure I read somewhere it’s safe, but just not to be sorry: If I update Genesis, my Theme shouldn’t change as long as I always worked on the Stylesheet and functions.php in the child theme and didn’t touch genesis, right?

    Anyways, always stoked to see you guys workin out new stuff. I love it, you are brilliant. I always recommend Studiopress to people when they ask me about webdesign.

    • Yes, you can update Genesis. The only time there’s an issue is if you modify the core Genesis files (including style.css) for customizations. Those will get overwritten in an update, which is why we warn against that in a number of places.

      • I’m trying to figure out what happened. I’m using Genesis with Themedy’s FoxyNews child theme. FoxyNews has several color options; I was using orange. I haven’t touched the Genesis files, ever. Now that I updated to Genesis 1.9, all my links and headlines have turned bright pink (the default in FoxyNews), and I’m trying to figure out how to get them orange again. Selecting the orange option in the theme options no longer works.

  4. Is there a new sample child theme for 1.9?

  5. Can we get an example of the URL that should be put in the Google+ field?
    Like, this is what I had in my bio:

    I’m not sure if that or this:
    or this should go there:
    or even

  6. The 1.9 looks great, adding the Google+ Authorship functionality is great! Looking forward to 2.0 already :)

  7. I think I’ve been around since the pre-“Revolution” days. Thanks, Brian…and your team, for consistently being at the top of your game and providing us with products that are second to none. Well done, sir!

  8. Cool! I was looking forward to using the new Google+-feature. But now I discovered that in my WordPress installation you’ve replaced the twitter field with Google+ – instead of adding a new one.
    That’s a problem for me, because I have multiple authors and my twitter plugin relies on the information in that field for the auto tweet (so it’s connected to the right twitter account of the individual author that wrote the article).

    Having said this: I need both. [But I don’t need AIM, Yahoo IM or Jabber / Google Talk.]

    What now?

  9. I’ve been trying out the beta and have been very impressed with the changes. Thanks for continuing to improve on the best framework out there!

    • Tony your web site has following WP warning at the bottom of the page: Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/tonye/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gravityforms-product-addons/gravityforms-product-addons.php on line 87 and defined in /home/tonye/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

      You need to read and fix it.

      Sorry for being intrusive.

      • Hi Sid,

        I’m actually in the middle of a major redesign on my site, so it’s been a little (a lot) neglected.

        I appreciate the link and will get it taken care of…thanks for taking the time to share that!

  10. I just love this release because of wider layout and security audit. Eagerly waiting for Genesis 2.0, I’m damn sure Genesis 2.0 will rock over Thesis :)

  11. Where is the new plugin that will / is replacing the Twitter widget?

  12. I am using Agentpress on the Genesis framework but the Google + profile box is not available to fill in in this theme. Are there some themes where you can’t add author highlighting? Or am I doing something wrong?

    • Have you updated to Genesis 1.9? That’s the first version which has the Google+ Author field on the edit user screen.

      • Yes, I updated via the Update link on the admin end of WP. It said the theme was installed successfully. Do I have to deactivate Agentpress/activate Genesis and then activate Agentpress again? What could I do?

        • Nope, all you need is 1.9 and you should see the Google+ field on the edit user screen. Do you have any plugins activated that might insert more social profile fields on that page?

          • How weird… No, I have no plugin installed for that. Should I reinstall Genesis or Agentpress? Not sure if that would be a good idea because I don’t want to mess up widgets and settings… Thanks so much for your help!!

          • I have same problem

          • We should be pushing out an update shortly that should address the issue with the style sheet. Look for a tweet or Update Notice in your dashboard.

          • I use eleven40

          • Thanks so much!! I’ll be looking for that!

          • I got the update for Genesis 1.9.1. and updated but it still didn’t fix the issue… Was that the update you had mentioned? Any ideas what might be happening?

          • @Claudia,
            Same for you. You have plugins which are causing jquery conflicts.
            Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

            Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

            Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

            Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

            I would consider disableing lightbox-plus and other third party plugins which use jquery.

        • Also you facebook connect code in xd_arbiter.php is throwing JASON errors.
          Jquery from plugins could be responsible for your display/alignment problems.

  13. WOW ! it’s like better than xmas.

    I can see you put a lot of heart and soul into what you do, and that’s always a good thing.

    Great work Brian,

  14. Wow, I love that 1.9 default theme. You could really take that theme by itself and create your own iteration and be responsive right from the get-go. Thanks Brian and developers! I’m thrilled to be a Pro Plus subscriber.

  15. This update has been a NIGHTMARE.

    I’ve already submitted a help ticket (two, actually), but the update WRECKED my network.

    1) Genesis 1.9 stripped all the CSS off of and would not recognize any of the theme (it is a customized version of Pixel Happy)

    2) I reverted back to 1.7 (original download) and now my newer sites are destroyed.

    3) is missing its sidebar and won’t display more than the latest post. It has this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function genesis_widget_area() in /home/eefdevco/public_html/wp-content/themes/indiegiftbox/functions.php on line 139

    4) won’t let me access the dashboard and gives me this error: Fatal error: Class ‘Genesis_Admin_Boxes’ not found in /home/eefdevco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/genesis-simple-hooks/admin.php on line 13

    Everything seemed fine with Genesis 1.9 EXCEPT for so I’m sure that if I can get that theme updated it won’t be a problem, but in the meantime…

    I would greatly appreciate it if ANYONE can please email me the PREVIOUS version of Genesis.


    • Just checked all of the sites and they seemed to be loading. Is this a result of the reverting? Curious which versions of WordPress you had running. Either way, if you submitted a support ticket, our team should be able to help out. I will look into any issues with the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin, just to be safe.

      • And sorry, don’t think my original post made much sense as I was frantically trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. lol

      • Appears to possibly be a multisite, running WP 3.5. appears to be running Prose. After updating to Genesis 1.9, try changing a Prose setting, saving, then changing it back and saving again. This will help regenerate the minified and unminified style sheets from your chosen options. You may also like to try with the minified setting unchecked, to see if that works.

        • I was running Pixel Happy on before and the CSS was stripped. I switched to Prose because I knew I could change all the colors and everything really fast and get the site functional again last night. I don’t mind it being on Prose, just thought it was really weird that Pixel Happy reacted like that to the update!

          Everything seems to be fine now–I’m back on Genesis 1.9 and now that is on Prose everything is working great. It was just a serious moment of panic last night! Thanks!

  16. I have WP 3.5–I ended up redesigning really fast because I couldn’t deal with the errors on all the other websites that happened when I reverted back to Genesis 1.7.1. Figured it was easier to fix the one site that spazzed out with the new Genesis release than it was to fix all the other sites to work with an older version of Genesis.

    So… now everything should be working, just wish I’d known that Pixel Happy wasn’t going to work with Genesis 1.9. =\ I wouldn’t have clicked “update” at the end of my workday if I’d had any idea what a hassle it was going to be.

  17. Hello Brian I’m having trouble updating the new 1.9 not sure what’s going on any help would be great. Thanks o much

    • RobG,

      Difficult to help you with limited information about what exactly you’re experiencing. Head to My StudioPress -> Get Help (top right of this page) and raise a ticket with as much detail as you can provide.

  18. The upgrade also broke our site css; I had to restore to last night’s restore point to fix the site, losing a bunch of work in the process. Based on your comment in this post, I wonder whether the problem may be a conflict with our style.css file (in the child theme); this is where we make our css changes. If indeed this is the cause, how do I fix to be able to upgrade? Tx.

  19. Is the download link at>downloads updated with the new sample theme? If so, the list still looks like it has the old one. The one at works and I really like this update! But the first place I think to look is the downloads page . . . and it still shows 1.8.2 but I don’t know what you’ll get if you click it.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  20. DO NOT UPGRADE IF YOU HAVE AGENTPRESS!!! The upgrade stripped the Agentpress theme off and required a back up and reversion of both Genesis and Agentpress. Oh, and this new “support ticket” thing rather than a community forum is a joke.

    • I don’t know why the upgrade would have resulted in any problems with the style sheet. We updated our AgentPress demo site and had no issues at all. As for the “support ticket” thing, I don’t know why you’d call it a joke. We’re giving one on one support through it. And in addition, we still have a community forum where you can always ask for help.

      • My site was fine. Then upgraded Genesis and the entire Agentpress theme was stripped off. My host said that there is something broken in the code and I had to restore from back up BOTH Genesis and Agentpress (which didn’t have an update).

        And the support system where responses are 24-48 hours isn’t helpful for people working in the here and now! The forums were great and extremely helpful. My issue is fixed LONG before the developers will go to my site and see where the problem occurred.

        • Curious, looks like your style.css theme directory has a space in the name. Not sure if it’s just a coincidence but that caused my custom style to disappear as 1.9 was looking for a directory with no space.

          I could be completely wrong though.

        • @Robin: I have a site with Agentpress. Update had no issue. I actually updated 6 sites to Genesis 1.9. Not a single problem on anyone of them.
          You seem to have two Agentpress directories, one Agentpress2.0 and other Agentpress 2.0.

          You need to correct your directory structure. It is a bad practice to have a space in the directory or files name on a web server. Stick to UNIX style naming convention for directories and files. Do not follow Microsoft junk rules, otherwise sooner or later you will have problems.

          • I just upgraded another site that I have that is labelled as Agentpress2.0 and the same issue happened!!! My entire site is stripped of the AgentPress theme!!!

            And by the way, I still haven’t received a response from my “support ticket” which is absolutely useless!

          • Do you have a space in your folder name?

          • Please read the comment above. There is NO SPACE IN THE FOLDER NAME AND THERE IS STILL NO FUNCTIONING AGENTPRESS THEME!!! I have reinstalled and at every re-install, it automatically adds the space in the directory name and removes ALL formatting. I was able to get some formatting back, but there is something broken somewhere that relates to the Genesis update and Agentpress!!!

          • I’m sorry Robin, I was replying to your comment from the backend of WordPress. We just pushed out a Genesis 1.9.1 update, can you update that and see if your issue is resolved.

          • @Sid – You are incorrect. I have an old Agentpress directory and an Agentpress 2.0. Removing the space does nothing to correct the problem.

          • Thanks Brian. The update did not correct the problem.

          • Robin,

            I’m going out on a limb here and thinking that period in your theme name is causing the issue. Try renaming your theme directory to something else like sellnhouses all lower case, no periods, no spaces, and you should never have an issue like this again.

          • @Robin – Strange. I am not sure why server will add empty pace to name after you removed it. I still see two paths to Agentpress directory, ie. Agentpress2.0 and Agentpress 2.0 (with space.) Who is your hosting service provider? Are you by chance on IIS (Windows based server)? Someone experienced needs to login to your server and see what is going on.
            Honestly, I upgraded several sites to Genesis 1.9.0 without any problem. Even two production sites were running on Genesis 1.9.0-beta without a glitch. I see your local (Booston area?) I am in Burlington.

          • Sid – I am not doing anything with my main site. It is running fine with no problems as I have it reverted back to a previous version of Genesis. I am working with another site that isn’t as important and the spacing issue *caused* the problem before I upgraded and despite reinstalling new copies of both AP AND Genesis, the theme is still broken on the site at This site is running Genesis 1.9.1, AP and has no space in the directory name and while Brian Gardner seems to insist that the site is fine, all theme elements (slider, footer, etc) are missing as is ALL my content. The issue only occurred around this Genesis update, so I wish they would get to working on a solution rather than arguing what the site looks like. It’s simple, I’ve now wasted my ENTIRE afternoon on this and still have a broken site.

          • @ Robin – What I would do… export the sql database, install WAMP on the laptop, install Genesis and child theme…. then edit the database sql file to correct the path. Import the database in WordPress on WAMP…. then do Genesis upgrade and test out everything. If you do not want the hassle of WAMP, then open a free hosting account a Install WordPress, Genesis 1.8..2 and child theme, then upgrade to Genesis 1.9.x. If it works then you need to troubleshoot why is it not working on your other servers.
            I have several free accounts at 1freehosting. They do not put ads. You get 15 GB of space and 100 GB/month bandwidth. It is excellent free hosting service, with nothing crippled.
            If you like, you can contact me directly at sidv220 (at ) gmail (dot) com. I will gladly try to help you on voluntary basis.

            BTW: I am not defending Brian. But, there are two frameworks which I like most Genesis and also Builder. Both are rock solid. I never had any troubles.

    • Michael Podboreski :

      Did you update your functions.php file? There is probably a space in there as well.

      • Yes, the functions file is showing just agentpress as I just downloaded a fresh copy from SP and uploaded it. Still having an issue.

        I didn’t change any file names from anytime I’ve ever downloaded/uploaded a theme from SP. They have made the changes over time and that’s what appears to be causing such a problem. Agentpress was “agentpress 2.0″ a year ago. Now, it’s different?!

        • Robin, I sent you an email via your contact form on I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot your site.

          • Michael, I offered her same yesterday. I will require access to server and WP Admin Panel. She does not feel comfortable with it; which I understand. I believe at least one of her site is not recoverable. The Bluehost guys reinstalled WordPress with a fresh database (see my comments at the bottom of this page.)

  21. This is on a test site so it’s not a huge deal but had Genesis 1.8.2 and a child based on the Sample Child Theme. Upgraded to 1.9 via the WordPress dashboard and now the Child theme appears to not see the custom style sheet anymore. Nothing has changed but all styling is gone. In Themes, Edit CSS, there is nothing there.


  22. Ahh, finally the much awaited update is rolled out. I fell in love with the wider layout and its time to hit on update link.

  23. I like the new theme, but will I still be able to use the old theme if I want to? I am thinking yes, but like to be sure :) Thanks, looking forward to the nice upgrade1

  24. Finally, the real actor comes to the play :) I have been waiting for this so long, and it would be great it we could get Genesis 2.0 in HTML5 in the very next few months

  25. I just logged into my blog and upgraded. Can you release 2.0 next week? lol

    Good job on 1.9.

  26. Hi,

    I have a website – – running the 1.9 beta, and it doesn’t recognize that there’s an update available (1.9 stable). It thinks its up to date, can you tell me how to make it upgrade to 1.9 stable?


  27. Hartelijk dank voor deze update, ga hem snel uitproberen.
    Goed werk.

  28. Thank you for this update, go try it soon.
    Good work.

  29. Great work!

    My own site updated well, but just noticed that the text in the search box is now in English instead of Dutch (my default language). See

    Updated the .po file with the new .pot file using Poedit and saved, and double-checked the translation for “Search this website” was in there. Uploaded it to my child theme’s translation folder as before, but the site is still not using the translation for the search box.

    For as far as I can see, all other translations are being picked up, so it looks like something is wrong in the search.php file (looks for genesis_do_search_title).

    Any idea if my assumption is correct, and what I can do about this?

    • We are looking into it, and I’ve asked our developer who generated the .po file to take a look.

    • The string “Search this website” is not in genesis.pot – the function that marks it as being translatable is esc_attr__() which is one of the rarer functions used for such a purpose. I suspect this function got missed from the list that identifies which functions should be used as markers when generating the .pot, and so this string got missed.

      You should be able to edit your nl_NL.po file to add in the following at the bottom:

      msgid “Search this website”
      msgstr “ABCD”

      where ABCD is whatever the Dutch translation would be.
      Save, upload to your site, and refresh the website page.

      • Hi Gary,

        Added the lines using Notepad ++, opened it in Poedit and wanted to save so it would make a .mo file as well. Had a message that there were two the same definitions.

        The other one is:

        #: lib/structure/search.php:23
        #, fuzzy
        msgid “Search this website”
        msgstr “Zoeken op deze website %s”

        So… I am at a loss. Should I delete these lines (that came with an earlier Genesis version) and just use the two lines as you suggested?

        Thanks in advance!


  30. Well that didn’t go so well for me either. I’m using the Buster Child Theme. After I upgraded, the site would appear broken like it was looking for the .CSS then it would snap back into place… not a great user experience. I had a backup of 1.82 so I restored those files to the site. I’ve got about 10 sites running on Genesis though and am leary about updating to 1.9.

    • We should be pushing out an update shortly that should address the issue with the style sheet. Look for a tweet or Update Notice in your dashboard.

      • Awesome support Brian. I told all of my clients to hold off on updating yesterday. I haven’t had any issues on my sites (updated three on various themes) but I also know how to do backups and such on a weekly basis. Those not paying me to maintain their sites were alerted.

      • Thank you!

      • Still not working. I’m re-uploading 1.82.

        • @ Les Procotor,
          You re using wp-cycle which is loading its own jquery ontop of WP Jquery. You need check for Jquery conflicts for weird behavior. Use, Firebug for FireFox, and get rid of those plugins which could be throwing Jquery errors/conflicts.

          Also, in Jetpack disable Sharing and Publicize modules in Jetpack. This could be another cause of trouble. Several plugins conflict with Jetpack versions 2.0.3 and above. The fault is other plugins, not Jetpack. After I upgraded to Jetpack 2.0.3, on one site, only half of pages were displaying.

        • Firebug is giving following errors.
          Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

          Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

          So, apparently, problems already exist with your site even with Genesis 1.8.2. The Genesis 1.9.x upgrade breaks it.

  31. I’ve always been a fan of the wide themes, and Genesis 1.9 looks fabulous. This version is a good stepping stone for version 2.0. Looking forward to HTML5 support.

  32. Looking forward to trying out your Google authorship implementation. That’s been a real challenge for alot of people to implement correctly.

  33. I’ve updated and hate the result. I hate the white home page and hate the red lettering and my pages are missing from the header display and I cannot figure out how to make them show. Is there any way to chage the colours to anything but the glaring red and white. Especially hating the red. Where are my pages? Why don’t they display…help?

    • Go to your custom menus page, and make sure the primary navigation theme location has a custom menu selected. As for “hating” the red, yes – you can do that by downloading the Genesis Sample theme, and customizing the CSS of that.

    • Wow, I’ve never seen someone running Genesis straight without a child theme. Veronica, download the Genesis Sample theme Brian linked and install that. Once installed, activate the theme and customize the style.css to change the anchor text colors. Specifically, search for #FF2A00 in the style sheet and change that to a color that is preferred by you. Hope this helps!

  34. Michael Podboreski :

    Ouch, broke my site when I updated. I am using the original sample theme. I defaulted back to the previous version of the genesis framework. Any ideas what could have caused this?

    • We just pushed out a Genesis 1.9.1 update, can you update that and see if your issue is resolved.

      • Michael Podboreski :

        No, still breaks the css for some reason.

        • I have the same issue. The update actually makes it worse …

        • Can you link me to your site where this is an issue?

          • is the site that I have removed the space. I have already reverted back to a previous version so as to not have a broken, ugly site. I have re-installed the AP 2.0 theme multiple times and always uploads with the space. Regardless of the space issue, the sites still break.

            I have a third site that I have also removed the space and seem to have css breaks in with Genesis 1.9.

          • Can you update the Live Love Newton site to Genesis 1.9.1 so I can see what is going on? There’s no reason that I can think of which would cause this.

          • Also, the Forget the Prince site (as it stands now), is outputting this style sheet URL:

            Note the same space characters in the URL.

          • Michael Podboreski :

            Yep, I figured it out. Thanks for the prompt responses. All is good now!

          • Both and are listed in the themes directory as agentpress2.0 I went in and “updated” the forgettheprince site and it is broken again so you can see it. I can’t keep calling my host to revert these sites …

          • I’m on your Forget the Prince site, and it seems to be loading fine AND on Genesis 1.9.1. Your SellnHouses site, however is still showing the space in the folder name, according to the style sheet URL.

          • In the forgettheprince site, all of the theme and content is missing! It was fine before I updated Genesis 5 minutes ago!

            I am not doing anything with my site until this issue is found and fully resolved, including removing the space as that caused the issue on my site.

          • I don’t know what the Forget the Prince site had on it before, but the bottom line is that your Sellnhouses site needs to have the space in the theme folder removed. That is the issue there. I’m going to reach out to our support team to hunt your ticket down, because I can’t tie up the comments at the moment on this.

          • I am not going to do anything with my site! I just told you that when I removed the space from agentpress 2.0 to agentpress2.0, it caused my site to lose all theme data and all content. The site was fine before you asked me to make the change as I have ha it reverted 4 times today by my host. In order to get this site back, I need to call again to have it reverted back. Clearly the issue is with this new update as my site NOT running the update is fine. I really don’t have time to sit and try 100 different things when nothing is working and it has nothing to do with anything that I’ve done with the site.

          • @Robins – you do not need to call your hosting service provider. Install BackupWordpress plugin make a good backup of database and files/directories. It will let you revert to previous version if needed. I suspect some plugin conflict. Have you tried disabling all the plugins, remove space in name and then upgrade? If that works, then you need to hunt down the culprit plugin by enabling plugin one by one. Sometime poorly written plugins do strange funky things.
            I always install WP Plugin Organizer on every wordpress site. It let me selective disable for each page/post.

          • @Robin – for some reason, my further comments are being moderated. So I am outa this nonsense. I wrote nothing wrong or offensive. If you wish you could contact directly at

          • They weren’t being moderated – for some reason they were in the spam section of our comments, so I approved them.

          • It’s been 24 hours now with no contact from “tech support” regarding this issue. I spent 6 hours of my time today and last evening dealing with this and the last 2.5 hours on the line with my web host who indicate that this is a CODING problem with Genesis.

            Can someone please stop ignoring the fact that this version has problems and acknowledge that your audience of Agentpress users who likely haven’t yet upgraded are NOT tech people and need prompt assistance?!

  35. LOVE the new version – echoing Neil’s sentiments about the wide aspect of the theme. Keep up the great work – also keep cranking out responsive child themes that accentuate this width and look/feel. Bravo.

  36. Brilliant vision guys!! Lot’s of stuff in 1.9 that are important.

    Congratulations on a great release.

    Kind regards,


  37. Wow, I’m rarely this much of a bozo, but I’ll call it like it is. I realized that one site has AgentPress and the other is just Genesis without a child theme, which I guess explains the differences in font selections. I supposed there’s no need to approve my initial post! Feel free to delete 😉

  38. Please update for Sleek Theme (responsive design)!

  39. I just updated to Genesis 1.9 and now my site is completely messed up when viewing it in Google Chrome. The home page looks okay but when I click an individual post all the lines are running together and the formatting is gone. I viewed it in Internet Explorer and on my iPhone and it works fine. Is there something I need to do to fix this?

  40. where is 1.9.1? It still says 1.9.0 in the Download area.

    • Just installed a new copy of Genesis. That’s why. Now it is updated … and STILL broken!

      • If your AgentPress theme folder continues to have spaces in it, the style sheet won’t load. That’s the issue.

      • No. That question was Studiopress guys. Brian said 1.9.1. had been pushed. I still see only 1.9.0 in the download area. The style.css in the zip archive also is of 1.9.0.

        As to answer your comments. I wrote two long answers. They are being held for moderation. I am not going to type everything. I see no reason to hold the comment for moderation which had nothing offensive, only technical thing. Therefore I wrote, if you wish, email me directly at I will try to help gladly on a voluntary basis.

        • Brian, I don’t know how many times I have to say that there IS NO SPACE IN THE DIRECTORY NAME AND THE SITE IS STILL BROKEN!!!

          • Let’s deal with one site at a time. Sellnhouses.

            I’m looking at your AgentPress theme’s style.css file as we speak, and I can assure you that it has a space in the folder name.


            This will not throw an error on the Genesis 1.8 branch, but will for 1.9.1, which is why you continue to see a non-styled version of your site after you update.

            If you rename that theme folder simply to agentpress, and then update, I’d be willing to be that you would not see any issues.


            IS THIS CLEAR ENOUGH THIS TIME??????????????????

          • Robin, with all due respect. The issue will not go away with any fix that we can incorporate. Having a space in your theme folder name is bad practice, and is what needs to be fixed. Not Genesis.

            Genesis 1.9.1 has been updated to call the theme’s style sheet the proper way, and it’s the space in your theme folder name that is causing the issue. If you notice, the folder name on the Forget the Prince site is called agentpress, and is on Genesis 1.9.1 and NOT causing the error you see on your RE site.

            With that said, I can’t help you any more if you’re unwilling to make the change that a) I’m suggesting and b) is clearly working on your Prince site.

          • Brian,

            With all due respect, are you reading a word of what I have written? a) I am UNWILLING to upgrade my site to 1.9.1 hence why is remains with a space. Removing the space in 1.8 causes the site to BREAK!!! There is currently NO problem with the sellnhouses site.

            B) The forgettheprince site IS COMPLETELY BROKEN!!! ALL CONTENT IS MISSING. ALL AP FORMATTING IS MISSING. I don’t know how many ways or times I have to say this. I am viewing this site on 6 different browsers, 2 computers, iPad, and iPhone and THE SITE IS BROKEN. Please stop telling me that my own site is “fine” It is NOT.

          • Maybe tomorrow we can get on Skype and work this out. I’m happy to help, assuming I have access to your server and your WP admin so that I can get this resolved for you.

          • Robin, to be fair here, this particular thread group of comments makes no mention that you were referring to until your last comment. Since no domain was mentioned in this thread, it is very easy to assume you were talking about the site you entered as URL for your comment (

            Anyway, I’m hoping this is just a plugin conflict of some sort causing the blank display. You can try disabling the plugins and see or wait til tomorrow for Brian to help via Skype (kudos Brian, seriously).

          • I also suggested to her about plugins over here and also in private emails. I also suspect either plugin, or perhaps as simple as setting>Reading in the WP Dashboard has changed. I would bet on a plugin which could be causing Java conflicts with WP 3.5. Since several things has changed in Genesis 1.9.x, her sites are messed up… perhaps all sites have same plugin installed? She suspect her data is lost, which never happen, data is stored in the SQL database. issue is resolving the conflict and fix it.

          • I am not saying it plugin, I SUSPECT. I had experience a few times a screwy plugin even after disabling was still messing up things. I had to ftp to server and rename plugins directory to plugins-old, create a new empty plugins directory then start troubleshooting by moving plugins one by one then activating.

            Bluehost and hostmonster are literally same. I have one account with hostmonster, and Genesis 1.8.2 –>1.9.0 –>1.9.1 upgrade went just fine.

            A lot of things have changed in WP 3.5. You are using a WP 3.5, then Genesis 1.9 has a lot of new things, somewhere something is conflicting.
            Do you have a Cache plugin installed? If so, it could be minifying your css and java scripts which can be messing up things. Perhaps, gzip compression is on which I know screw up WordPress at Bluehost/hostmonster. Just a few guess.
            Try adding define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);
            to your wp-config.php just incase some jquery plugin is concatenating scripts and messing up css. I would suggest try on on forgettheprincesite and leave your real estate site untouched, till Brian gets on Skype and help you.

        • It is not a plug in issue. I have disabled all plug ins before installing fresh copies of Genesis and Agentpress. The theme is still broken. When I revert to version 1.8, things are fine. I know that the data is not lost. However, the data is not displaying on the site, meaning that there is a conflict between Agentpress and Genesis.

          I have spent hours escalating a support ticket with Bluehost and they conclude after reinstalling (AGAIN) WordPress, Genesis and Agentpress that there is a conflict between Genesis and AP which is causing the break.

          • By the way, why they have to reinstall WordPress? Only a novice would reinstall the WordPress. All they had to do restore wp-contents/themes directory to revert to previous version of Genesis and its child theme. Genesis Framework is a theme and Agentpress is a Child theme for it. It does not make any changes to WordPress code itself. Now if they re-intstall WordPress without making a good backup of the database first, THEN you could most probably lose data. Perhaps that is why one of your site with blue background has default fresh WordPress install dummy page with no data.

          • Reverting to a previous version doesn’t solve the problem … They have done everything possible on their end to narrow down the issue. WIthout having an experienced person looking at and understanding the code, I don’t think there will be a solution.

          • well comments are going in moderation again…

          • Hmmm… that is why I wrote you in private message that their tech support is young kids paid $8/hr. They have screwed up your WordPress of at least one site which has blue background and shows only WP dummy page. Call them immediately and ask the restore livelovenewton database and directories i.e. everything from a two days ago backup, before their next backup overwrites it…. and you have no means to go back. All it needed for them to restore themes directory, clear cache if any, and you were on old version of Genesis 1.8.2 with a functional site… which could be upgraded later on.
            For these reasons, I do not trust hosting service providers tech support. I use BackupWordpress plugin to make my own back up and use WP Time Machine plugin to move them to dropbox.

    • Just made the change there.

  41. I’m glad to see the addition of a rel=author function that is automated–I gave up trying to add it from scratch on my site a while back, because it seemed to pull in “authors” from my Twitter plugin.

    I’m still confused here though. In a post above there is mention of putting the URL for one’s G+ account in the “Google+ field.” Where can I find that field? All I see is a dropdown in the Homepage Settings for my name. Also, does this mean my authorship will only be related to my site’s homepage? What about other pages and blogposts?

    • Raymond – log in to admin, then head to Users and your profile (or jump to it via the links in the top right). You should see that the AIM / Jabber etc. fields removed, and a Google+ field added instead.

  42. I, for one, will not update any of my sites until I see that all these breakage reports are done. But would like to know what happens going forward if I don’t update any of my 1.8 sites to 1.9? When WordPress updates come through will the sites be okay running 1.8? I’m not a programmer, but I don’t see the benefit of going to 1.9 if my child themes have their own CSS (that doesn’t match 1.9 structure)… doesn’t the child theme rule?

    I wonder if it’s possible to send out an all-clear blast email, Brian, when you have finished with all the fixes? Thanks.

    • John, all instances that I know of with the style sheet not loading has been a result of a space in the theme folder name. That is never good practice, and only now with our new function is there an issue. If you don’t have any spaces in your theme folder name, then you should be ok to upgrade.

      • What about my other questions?
        1. Why would I need to upgrade to 1.9.1 if the style sheets from the child themes are directing the look and layout of the site?
        2. What happens to my sites when WordPress goes to 3.6 and I’m using Genesis 1.8?

        • 1) See for a full list of changes made to Genesis 1.9.0 – if you stuck with 1.8.*, you’d be missing out on all of them.

          2) We don’t know what WP 3.6 will change, whether it will break anything (hopefully not, and Genesis has a fairly good record with WP updates not breaking stuff in Genesis).

          • I’m missing out on all of them anyway, if I’m using a child theme that is “not being touched by 1.9″ as my support ticket was answered. It seems to me that I don’t need to update until I want to make a change in my design or functionality.

            Or, am I missing something here?

  43. One thing to check. It may not be related. Disable Jetpack if you have it installed, or deactivate Sharing and Publicize modules of the Jetpress. Several plugins conflicts with recent versions of Jetpack (versions after 2.0.2) and do really bizarre things. I had my own experience of half of pages displaying after I upgraded to Jetpack 2.0.4 from 2.0.2. It had been discussed at the Jetpack forum on WP. The fault is not of jetpack but poorly written other plugins.

  44. Loving some of the changes that came with 1.9. Congrats on this release!

  45. Upgraded four sites today and everything is going great! thanks for all the hard work you guys put in and for the great update. ♥

  46. usually I have a notification in the theme settings page when a new version of Genesis is available but this time I’ve nothing, is it normal?

  47. Awesome update! Adding the authorship was cool and expanding the width was too.
    Very excited for 2.0!
    thanks for constantly improving

  48. that’s great a new version but sad that I’m the last one to update Genesis Framework to latest version…:(

  49. Hi

    I’m being bombarded with emails from WordPress about Genesis 1.9 and 1.91 updates on one particular site – got 15 emails so far! It’s been going on for 4 hours now!!??

    What’s going on and how can I stop them?

    Further, I updated one site (currently under maintenance) with 1.9 and the theme style sheet changed? It’s Grind Theme from Themedy. Why would this happen from a framework update?

    Otherwise just need these emails stopped or advised how to stop as I’m not updating any more if the style sheets’s changing in error.

  50. PS. I’m on 1.91 and css still default Grind Theme. I have used ‘custom CSS updates’ as I’m aware.

  51. PPS I may be mistaken but I also think the whole Themedy settings at least in Grind Theme have vanished which might affect the CSS defaulting. I have posted on their forum.

  52. Themedy have a fix but it don’t work for me as the WP Editor is bust in the update as are their Theme settings on the Grind theme.

    Added to which, they have not got their themes 1.9 compatible yet – hence the ‘issues’. Would have thought they would have had plenty times with a heads up….but alas ;o(

    Waiting game on messed up sites now – thank heavens for ‘Under Maintenance’ but lost traffic and business in the interim.

    • “…WP Editor is bust in the update …” Have your looked into plugins conflicts? What is the URL of your site? Perhaps looking at your site someone could give an advice.
      Oh, by the way, I am a user like you… so do not assume more than that…

  53. Well all my Google font issues went away with the release of 1.9.1, so I’m good. All sites updated and looking normal.

  54. Hi Sid.

    I’ve already disabled all the plugins and same issue. It’s a Themedy thing as a result of the Genesis update and them lagging behind. Maybe my fault for using a TP Child theme developer.

    My issue with WordPress comes down to ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’ We have WordPress, Genesis, Third Party Child Theme Developers, Plugin Developers and the latter have been know to blame the host – and a lot of blaming each other. Time and money wasted chasing conflicts and seeking fixes and more updates. Some may say it’s worth it…..

    Why Themedy did not post ahead of the 1.9 update that they themselves had not updated their many many child themes is beyond me. They offer a fix but the fix don’t work for me. They only design for Thesis and Genesis and Thesis 2 updates took a while.

    I’ve been designing on WordPress for 5 years.

    Just had another 4 email updates from WP re 1.9 and 1.91 – that’s me around 20 for just one site. Chances are more. An absolute joke! And apparently no way of stopping them???

    This might be the straw that broke the camels back.

    I’ve been on the fence between WP and Squarespace for a while now. Just one cook there.
    Thing is, can I sacrifice some of the awesomeness of WordPress for an easier life?! Invest in one very dynamic platform that is going places? I think I just might!

    Got work to do…..thanks for the interest Sid but I think some content exports will on the cards tonight. I don’t need this. Life’s too short!

    • Shirley,
      Well, as personal preference, I avoid using a third part themes. It for the same reasons which you experience, i.e. slow updates, often troubles when a new version of Framework is released. I stick to Genesis Child themes from Studiopress, or design my own using Dynamik for Genesis. A while ago, I looked at Themedy themes for Genesis. Personally, I think what they offer can be achieved by Studiopress Child themes with tweaking.

  55. My Category Order is not working too :(

  56. I understand Sid. I usually do but liked Grind a lot. Managed to get it looking quite cool and different to base theme as well.

    Studiopress do stand out but I experienced something similar in an update a year or so ago quit them … but came back.

    Just so admin, time and money heavy for me. Agree awesome but updates are a big turn off for me. Must be jinxed.

    I’m going to look at moving to Squarespace as going on a diet. Plugins are great but do I really need them? Less is more and my motto for 2013 is ‘Keep It Simple’ – indeed I see an uncanny likeness in many of the recent StudioPress themes to original Sqaurespace templates.

    In making this commitment I now cast all these ****** Genesis 1.9.0 and 1.91 emails to the spam box – now at 25 and counting. Give me a break guys!

    I’m out of here. Good luck to all who continue to brave Genesis.

    One door closes and another opens. Thanks for helping me decide!! ;o)

    • Well, mix and match is going always cause troubles when you upgrade a Framework. There is no way for Studiopress to make test their releases with every third party child theme and plugins.
      Most of the time, it was something I did wrong or missed something, whenever I ran into trouble. It is easier to blame others then analyze own mistakes and find cause of troubles. I do not do web development for living, but as a hobby. I had been founder of couple of open source projects, particularly Xfree (, therefore, I look at the issues differently. I had been through getting yelled for a user mistake.
      Leaving and not using Genesis is a personal choice. I am no way associated with Genesis, but I do believe it is a rock solid framework. By the way, Genesis is not the only one I use.

  57. Shirly, with your attitude, i’m glad you are leaving Genesis. Do you talk to your clients like this? You really giving yourself a bad reputation.

  58. hello
    infact the problem is, lot of other plugins are not
    – sliders
    – pernament link mirgration and so on

    “The Bluehost guys reinstalled WordPress with a fresh database (see my comments at the bottom of this page.)”

    My site is 4 years old… do u think this is the solution?


    • Reinstalling WordPress database is a no no. You may loose your data. If plugins are not working, you need to troubleshoot which plugins are causing problems. See if you can get update of those plugins or remove the troubled plugins. Several plugins authors love to load their own version of jquery which causes conflicts and a mess. This is against WordPress Codex. I never use any plugin which loads its own version of jquery instead of using the one which ships with WordPress.
      Permalink issue could be a simple fix. Have tried re-saving permalink setting from Admin Panel?