Genesis Framework 1.0.1 Now Available

Genesis Theme Framework – version 1.0.1 is now available and we are very happy with the first week of our launch.  Our beta period proved to iron out most (if not all) of the obvious bugs. Most of the things that have been put into version 1.0.1 are just additional features, and updating to this version is a breeze.

Before You Update to Genesis v1.0.1

It’s always advisable to make a backup of your current /genesis/ directory just to be safe. You can simply rename it /genesis_10/ and then upload the new /genesis/ directory – that way in the event something goes wrong, you still have your working directory.

How to Update to Genesis v1.0.1

Assuming you haven’t made any changes to the core Genesis files, updating to the latest version of the Genesis Theme Framework is very easy. On your server, simply replace the /genesis/ directory in your /wp-content/themes/ directory on your server, with the new one. In other words, you will be replacing the entire Genesis parent theme folder with the new v1.0.1 version. This is the main reason we’ve encouraged everyone to make changes through the child theme, as updating the Genesis Theme Framework is THAT easy.

Where Can I get Genesis v1.0.1?

You can obtain it in two ways, first, we’ll be sending out an updated theme download link to everyone who has purchased Genesis. Second, you can always find the most current version of the theme in the support forum under the Genesis Theme Support > Genesis Theme Download thread.

Here’s What’s Been Added to Genesis v1.0.1

  • Fixed bug in /lib/widgets/featured-page-widget.php and /lib/widgets/featured-post-widget.php
  • Removed the “Note” in the SEO Settings, Link nofollow Settings box, that indicated the nofollow settings weren’t functional (it has always been functional)
  • Updated /lib/widgets/user-profile-widget.php, lib/widgets/enews-widgets.php and lib/functions/comment_functions.php file with missing textdomains
  • Updated /lib/tools/breadcrumb.php file to replace ‘studiopress’ textdomain with ‘genesis’
  • Updated /lib/admin/theme_settings.php file to replace ‘studiopress’ textdomain with ‘genesis’
  • Changed orderby in /lib/widgets/featured-posts-widget.php to DESC in lieu of ASC
  • Added filter to genesis_get_image() return output
  • Added textdomains in various spots
  • Rewrote sidebar widget definitions to consolidate
  • Fixed issue in Featured Posts widget in Safari as reported
  • Added option to include Home in pages/categories menu on Theme Settings page / give home link a class so we can style it
  • Added filter for the home link text
  • Made it so that only admins have access to the Genesis menu in the dashboard
  • Split navigation into two separate functions, changed references from Sub Navigation to Secondary Navigation in theme options
  • Added text box for Follow Me on Twitter link in nav from custom text
  • Pulled all the footer contents into a function, hook to genesis_footer
  • Created compatibility_functions.php to handle settings upgrades