Genesis Framework 1.0.2 Now Available

Genesis Theme Framework – version 1.0.2 is now available. This update addresses a few minor bugs that were in the previous version, and also includes a few elements of additional functionality. It’s always suggested you update to the latest version, and with Genesis, updating is a simple thing to do.

Before You Update to Genesis v1.0.2

It’s always advisable to make a backup of your current /genesis/ directory just to be safe. You can simply rename it /genesis_backup/ and then upload the new /genesis/ directory – that way in the event something goes wrong, you still have your working directory.

How to Update to Genesis v1.0.2

Assuming you haven’t made any changes to the core Genesis files, updating to the latest version of the Genesis Theme Framework is very easy. On your server, simply replace the /genesis/ directory in your /wp-content/themes/ directory on your server, with the new one. In other words, you will be replacing the entire Genesis parent theme folder with the new v1.0.2 version. This is the main reason we’ve encouraged everyone to make changes through the child theme, as updating the Genesis Theme Framework is THAT easy.

Where Can I get Genesis v1.0.2?

You can obtain it in two ways, first, we’ll be sending out an updated theme download link to everyone who has purchased Genesis. Second, you can always find the most current version of the theme in the support forum under the Genesis Theme Support > Genesis Theme Download thread.

Here’s What’s Been Added to Genesis v1.0.2

  • Fixed PARENT_THEME_VERSION definition
  • Added missing textdomains to text strings
  • Fixed uses of the_content filter on things that are not post content
  • Moved enqueue output to footer
  • Created genesis_do_header() function that it can be unhooked from genesis_header()


  1. Thanks for this update

  2. I’m still finding it difficult to create genesis child theme, a detailed tutorial about “Hooks use” and child theme creation would be great for us.


  3. Brian, great work on Genesis. Are you going to post a more in depth look at the parent theme/framework and the custom-ability with it. Just purchased the Builder theme from iThemes and as good as it is, it is still in it’s early infancy. I love how clean and legit your work is. Let me know… I’m really want to know more about it.

    • Carmello – thanks so much for the comment! Yes, we plan on elaborating more on how to utilize the child theme and how it works with the Genesis parent theme!

      • Awesome, I’m continually reading and researching on better ways to use CMS’s as web development tools and again I can’t wait to find out more. I love developing on wp and I’m glad Genesis & parent themes are coming around. I appreciate you being one of the first to do this. I’m always around if you ever need thoughts or ideas.

  4. Hello thank your for article the update worked well for me.