Genesis Framework v1.5 Now Available

We’ve been quietly working on Genesis 1.5 for a while now, and we had it in beta for a week now. This is not a very big release – but it does, however, tie up some loose ends, adds some useful new features, and fix some bugs. Below you’ll see what’s been included…

Rewritten Style Sheet

We have taken a lot of time and worked with our development community to rewritte the default Style Sheet. After all, you’re not really supposed to be using Genesis itself, right? True, but keep in mind that many people use the main Genesis Style Sheet as a starting point for their own child themes, just as we do here internally. So we felt like an update might be in order. It now includes a table of contents, sections which are clearly commented, and consolidated styles and definitions. We think you’ll like it.

Genesis Grid Loop

Sites like required custom code to accomplish that left-right grid loop on the homepage, so we thought it’d be a good idea to build the function that does the heavy lifting into core, add some useful parameters, and make it official. This feature is really simple to use and only requires a few lines of code. In fact, we’ve already got a child theme with the grid loop almost ready to release. In the meantime, you can learn How to Use the Genesis Grid Loop.

New Breadcrumb Class

Thanks to Genesis developer Gary Jones, we now have a well structured and documented breadcrumb class. The markup remains intact, so you probably won’t notice a big difference, but it does make for a better experience with breadcrumbs, especially if you’re using custom post types or taxonomies.

Geeky bit: You’ll notice a new folder for classes. Yes, we are going to start moving things around a bit in the future. Genesis is going to take full advantage of OOPHP for it’s major modules. Hopefully, this will make ongoing maintenance much easier and faster.

Post Format Support

When WordPress 3.1 drops (hopefully soon), it will include a new feature called “Post Formats”. I won’t bore you with the details, just head over here and read all about it. Genesis 1.5 has you covered already. And just like with the Genesis Grid Loop, we’ll have a child theme ready to go, so you can take a look and see how it all works.

Of Course, the Bug Fixes

You already know this, but in case you didn’t, you made the right decision by going with Genesis. We’re constantly discovering new and better ways of doing things, and we get to pass that on to you through updates. You simply could not do that as effectively with a traditional theme setup. Genesis 1.5 is no exception. We’ve squashed some bugs, and you have to do is click a button and within seconds you’re running the latest version. Lucky you!

Head to your dashboard, find the upgrade notification, and click the link. Yes, it’s THAT easy. Have fun!


  1. Brian, I’ve been looking forward to v1.5. I can’t wait to dig through the new style sheet!

    Also, I picked up a tip… “keep in mind that many people use the main Genesis Style Sheet as a starting point for their own child themes, just as we do here internally.” Good to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hey Josh – thanks, and good to hear. Yes, the main intent of the style sheet update was to make it easier for a) me and b) developers to have a much cleaner, easier-to-use style sheet to build themes off of.

  2. Nice! Will current custom child themes have any issues upgrading if they were using the old stylesheet?

  3. I don’t see the option to upgrade mine. Still says “Version: 1.4.1 ยท Released: December 10, 2010.” Won’t it show as an update available at the top of the screen when there is a new version of WP?

  4. well using thesis theme till yet but looking forward to switch to genesis framework pretty soon and this update will making me crazy to buy it now (only waiting when studiopress announce any discount coupon).

    • You’re probably going to be waiting a while, Vivek. I think StudioPress announced that they were no longer going to be using coupon codes. With the amount of themes you get, though, I think it’s a great purchase. Hope to see you cross over to the light side with a purchase of Genesis!

      • Yeah, I have to agree: the incredible value you get with WordPress is that, unlike the two other leading commercial theme companies, StudioPress doesn’t railroad you into a subscription arrangement.

        When you buy Genesis, you get a framework that you OWN, you don’t have to worry about anyone arbitrarily increasing the subscription rate, there is no subscription – that financial stability is every bit as important as the technical stability, because that certainty gives everyone something they can build upon and that potentially opens up a whole eco-system.

        StudioPress have run promotions in the past – I think I joined on a promo – but the difference now is that you’re starting off with a much broader range of themes and you’re buying into a framework that has clearly established itself. If you do the math, their standard price already works out far cheaper that their subscription-obsessed competitors and, yet, their framework is far better.

        Jump in and, if you can afford it, get the Pro package – you’ll be benefitting from great support, updates and new child themes for years to come.

        • @Jacob, @donnacha :Yaa i know what i’m getting from Genesis Framework. Already i have premium themes like Thesis + Headway + Crystal Theme. All these WordPress theme are good you guys know more than me. Just waiting to get my hands on Genesis Framework, Looking forward to buy a Pro-Package so that i can start my own services like Gensis Customization

  5. Please start adding advanced shortcodes in your themes. I’ve stopped using the themes as they do not come with them, as most do now.

    Great work on keeping things updated.

    • We’re considering adding shortcode functionality to Genesis in a future version, but there are some performance things to consider when adding them.

      • Maybe setup the shortcodes to where it only loads the other scripts needed/css on the page that the shortcode is used on, that could help reduce some performance issues with going that route, as I had a similar dilemma and that is what I came up with.

        And good stuff as usual with the newest update to GENESIS!!

    • I’ll second the vote for shortcodes. They can really help my clients add some awesome formatting without getting into DIVs–that they’re going to break anyway!

      I’m a bit new to Genesis, but so far, so great.

  6. Great stuff as always, thanks to everyone!

  7. Genesis has been a God send. I have learned more about WordPress, webdesign and coding since I purchased Genesis 6 months ago, than I had in the previous two years when I discovered WordPress. Your forum is fantastic, with responses to my questions within the day, and they are right on the mark; not to mention all the tutorials in the support area which is my ‘go to place’ when I want to find out how to do something. A heartfelt thanks to Brian and the team at StudioPress; I am a raving fan!

  8. I have had the Delicious Child theme for several months and I love- so much that I used it to launch the website for my new company in November. However, I uploaded the update and now all the posts on my website say the following

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for delicious_more_link() in /home2/communz2/public_html/wp-content/themes/delicious/functions.php on line 56

    As I am a relative novice at coding, I can find the place they mention but do not know what to do about it. Any suggestions would be most helpful

  9. Brian,
    Fantastic news on this release and loving the new stylesheet modifications, very nice! =) It’s so awesome to see development discussed in the forums and end up in our sites. =) Very cool.

    Thanks you guys rock!

  10. where can I download the new version?

  11. Brian, the grid loop and the post formats support are sure to make Genesis 1.5 ‘rockin’, as the kids are apt to say nowadays. Can’t wait to see how they can be applied to the news theme.

  12. You can do so in the support forums if you need a single clean copy. But if you have Genesis already installed on your blog just use the auto update feature. You can turn it on in the Genesis Theme Settings if you have switched it off.

  13. I love both of these child themes! Wow! I’m using Tumblr now after giving up on WordPress for the time being, but this makes me want to try WordPress again : )

  14. i just updated mine and noticed my date disappeared at the top of my posts. i see you are also missing a current date (shows only time) at the top of your post.

  15. Hi There

    I have the same problem as above to be honest, however it looks great but could do with fixing the errors.


  16. Yikes! Genesis may truly be a new beginning on quality frameworking. Can it multi-site to many URLs? Nice…enough said.

  17. Hi, congrats for the new version.

    However we still have the same problem with translation than with 1.4 (couple of strings non translatable – specifically ‘options’), which is really a pain for international websites (we have to change the core files and loose everything systematically with each update).

    See for the complete detail.
    Is it possible to do something for it?

  18. I’ve tried to update the to 1.5, but for some reason it continues to show version 1.4? Am I doing something wrong?

  19. Hi Brian
    All sounds very technical…

    “Genesis grid loop”

    Is this the framework for a non coder like me?

    I love the look of the themes but would I end up floundering?

  20. Hi, I guess I haven’t received ANY updates at all. Currently, it says the following:

    Genesis 1.0.2 by StudioPress

    How do I upgrade to the most recent version? Why didn’t it notify me of the previous release? Sorry, this stuff goes way beyond my tech-level, but I am learning. Thanks!

    • You are using an older version of Genesis, one that didn’t have the auto-updates available. This time around, you’ll need to manually replace the Genesis theme on your server, and moving forward you’ll be able to use the auto-update feature.

  21. Hi Brian – I have been trying to add a shortcode to the Genesis theme, and it hasn’t been working. I tried to use the Simple Hooks plugin to do it, and no luck. It doesn’t translate the shortcode, it merely outputs it.

    I would love to add this shortcode myself to the theme somewhere, but I’m not sure how.

  22. May I post thing about this on my page basically post a mention of the this site?