Genesis Framework v1.7 Now Available

With the release of WordPress 3.2, we’re happy to announce the follow-up release of Genesis v1.7. This update isn’t packed with features, but does have a few cool things to mention. (read the full list)

Genesis v1.7 requires WordPress 3.2, so anyone running an older version of WordPress will not receive the automatic update notice in their dashboard.

Updated Theme/SEO Settings

It’s no secret that one of the biggest changes in WordPress 3.2 is the design of the UI. It’s also no coincidence that the biggest change in Genesis v1.7 is the same thing – the design of the UI. In our case, we’ve updated the Theme/SEO Settings pages to match the new styling of WordPress.

Here’s an example of the new design style for the Genesis Theme Settings page, which integrates seamlessly with the default admin UI styles of WordPress:

(click image for full view)
Genesis v1.7 Theme Settings

Updated Security Audit

Aside from a few other bug fixes here and there is the other “big” thing to mention regarding Genesis v.1.7 – WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith has performed a full review of code for security as he’s done in the past.

From Mark Jaquith, WordPress Lead Developer:

StudioPress reached out to me to do a security review before Genesis was even released, and I did another review for Genesis 1.7. They were very responsive to my suggestions, and the result is a framework that follows all the WordPress security best practices. It’s clear StudioPress made security a priority when developing Genesis and from a security standpoint, Genesis 1.7 is at the top of its class.

What’s to Come in Genesis v1.8

With all that we’ve done with the Genesis Framework to date, there’s not a ton left that we plan to do. Our focus will be on extending Genesis by way of child themes and plugins.

One thing that will probably take place in Genesis v1.8 is a slight redesign of the parent style sheet. This will include the use of Google Fonts to update the look, but primarily serve as a way to show developers how to implement them.

We have a few other “treats” that we plan to add as well… so for now, enjoy the lovely new UI of the Genesis Theme/SEO Settings pages, and let us know what you think!

Special Thanks to Our Community

We’d like to thank the following developers for their contributions with the update to Genesis v1.7: Gary Jones, Ron Rennick, Bill Erickson, Mark Jaquith and Charles Clarkson.


  1. With every new version, Genesis becoming more powerful. Thanks to all developers for making such a great framework.

  2. Awesome. Updated a number of sites already with no issues!

  3. Thanks for announcing this so promptly after 3.2 went live. It’s good to be totally updated!

  4. Love this… again! You guys are always ahead of the curve.

  5. I’m so happy that I use the best framework there is :-) Keep up the good work!

  6. Outstanding work!

    I’ve updated six sites to WordPress 3.2 and Genesis Framework 1.7 without a hitch; not a single problem.

    Thank you to the StudioPress team.

  7. Can solve the problem of Chinese character limit in Genesis Framework, which has existed for a long time.

  8. Great stuff Brian
    Looking forward to setting up my first Genesis site with WordPress 3.2 and Genesis 1.7.

    Agree with Patricia… “…the best framework there is.”

  9. Thanks for the update!

    Just wondering why there’s no option for multiple columns in the Genesis settingspage under “Screen Options”?

    A lot of white space when it comes to wide monitors 😉

    • As a result of a few changes that were made in 1.7, which removed the need for a few theme settings, we decided to go one-column because there just weren’t enough options to warrant two columns.

      • Are you saying that 1.7 will not work with more than one column? See my other post.

        • Hey Bob,

          No. We were talking about the admin panel where the theme settings are. It only has one column. Genesis is just as great and flexible as ever. 😉

      • Darn. I miss that second column. :( It helped to keep all the important stuff above the fold.

        • Write a plugin that filters the number of columns back to two or three and amends the admin.css, then you can move the meta boxes where you want :-)

          • LOL I’ll just let you do that. 😀

          • Gary – I’m honestly wondering why you guys didn’t include this in the theme? Writing a plugin to hack the Genesis admin settings seems… well… hackish… and Genesis has always been pretty polished.

        • Me too… This goes exactly the opposite direction I would have liked to see with the admin panel. I was expecting this to be made responsive (fluid width) like the dashboard and with a user selectable number of columns.

        • I agree, this deserves one of those cat photos with a sad face that the two columns are now gone :(

      • Thanks for the explanation Brian 😉

  10. This is an other example of why I use the Genesis Framework when every possible (currently 75 sites to date). I’ve updated 3 genesis child-themed sites to 3.2 / 1.7, each worked flawlessly. Nice work SP.

  11. Thank you. :)

  12. Awesome Work With every new version, Genesis becoming more powerful. Thanks for update

  13. Just installed 1.7 and trashed my website (missing widgets and widgets in wrong columns). Where can I re-download 1.6?

    • I am using the Sleek theme with sidebar-content-sidebar. No problems with prior Genesis updates.

    • Just found missing widgets and got all widgets back in the correct columns (2 hour job). Forget about 1.6.

      • Not sure what happened on your setup, but there shouldn’t have been any issues with updating to 1.7 – as the Sleek demo on our site looks fine after we did the update.

        • Hi Brian – Like wiht Bob Jarvis, some of my websites did not make the upgrade well. On all of my websites using the Metric theme, the widgets were missing or out of place. For me, once I figured out what was going on, though, it was just like a 5 minute fix on each website, so not too much of a biggie. Just wanted to let you know, though.

          • Hi, we are using the Metric theme as well and if you would, would you mind sharing where to look for the issue with the widgets so that we can take a stab at fixing this problem should it arise when we upgrade? Many thanks!

          • Bruce, at the bottom of the middle section in your widgets screen is where the inactive widgets go if they get moved around. Chances are the ones you can’t find are down there and all you need to do is place them back.

  14. Thanks. I can’t wait to update all my sites with Genesis!!! Time to get busy

  15. What happened to the header widget? It shows in the backend widget section but no where to be found on the front page.

    Tried downgrading and now am getting php errors.

    • What is the link to your site? The header widget should still exist, there’s just no option for it now on the theme settings page as the conditional logic exists behind the scenes.

      • I restored to a backup that had 1.6.1 running. Can’t publicize the link because we’re working on our site redesign on a local server. The conditional logic is a good idea. We’re using a widget logic plugin that may be interfering with the new changes in 1.7. I will troubleshoot as we finish the redesign and check for plugin conflicts. Genesis has been pretty solid so far and I’m glad we’re incorporating it into our redesign – so i’m sure this is a code issue on our end. I’ll report back when more is known.

  16. everyone having issues, this is why we all should test these releases on a local environment to save the pain of trying to fix a live site

    • Pete, what issues are you having with Genesis 1.7?

      • Hi Brian, nothing, I have upgraded to wp 3.2 and gen 1.7 with no issues, just pointing out to the few people with issues, upgrade on your local test env first to make sure everything works as it should. All is working well for me.

  17. thanks a lot , i was worrying about upgrade

  18. Just updated to WP 3.2 and Genesis 1.7 on a local install – how easy was that.

  19. I’ve completed the Genesis 1.7 upgrade to WP 3.1.4 with no problems on test. 3.2 on the way soon! Great job guys!

  20. Just updated… so easy and no problems!

    I would really like to try these working with these new SEO settings. Is there a place that explains how to set these up in the most efficient way? In a way that is easy to understand? :)


  21. I had the widgets issue (home page content and footer disappear) but resolved it. (Didn’t look to see if they were in the inactive section.)

    Did this 7.1 address the problem of the layout randomly changing from the default when you post or repost? A band-aid fix to this was posted by the mods.

    Thanks for all the communication, Brian, keep up the good work.

  22. I updated and now my header is missing and my sidebars are all messed up. I looked under widgets and there is nothing. It says that it’s using my dynamic logo for the header, but then there is no option for me to upload the correct logo.

  23. My header is missing after upgrading to Genesis 1.7… any idea why?

    How can i downgrade to Genesis 1.6.. ?

    Need to resolve this urgently.. *panic*

    • Dan – please see this thread in the support forums, as it explains…

      • Brian could you please actually post the solution here? I also cannot get proper access to the forum support page. I sent a ticket to support, but no reply as of yet… Thank you.

        Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
        If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

        • Rebecca Diamond :

          Hi Joe,
          I’ve emailed you to help you with the forum access issues – please do let me know if you need further assistance!

        • Ok… After several hours, I finally got to the support forum…. found the code, replaced it, and seems to work now.

          • Hi, I am having the same issue Joe was having, and not being able to access the forums. This is very frustrating for me as I am trying to switch to Genesis for my theme development, and I keep hitting a brick wall with these logo issues.

          • Did you upgrade your forum account per the instructions sent out in the download email? What is your forum username?

          • Hi Brian, I had not upgraded support as instructed in the download email; my apologies for overlooking that, and thanks for leading me in the right direction. I think it would be helpful if you guys could make a blog post with the solution in that forum post, it would help people who, like me, spent a lot of time searching frantically for the proper way to fix that.

            Thanks again!

  24. Finally starting to use Genesis after a long time. Very well documented, thanks! Also the files itself, like CSS are very well organized and therefore a fast start with child theme design. I also use Platform Pro, Suffusion and BizzFolio. Like to see what Genesis is bringing to me, compared with the others…..


    Peter Luit

  25. Regarding of v1.8, please make it simple as it was. This is how I love the Genesis Framework than the others.

  26. Any timeframe available for the next version of News? After seeing Lifestyle 2.0, I’m eager to see what’s next w/ News. Thanks!

    • Hm, not yet – but I suspect that News will be one of the first existing themes to see another major update.

      • What about posting a release date calendar listing select themes? Even if only updated every few weeks and even if it only listed accuracy like “expected early 2012″ or “beta as soon as Sep 2011″ users would dig it. I think!?

        I realize this info is likely glean-able from forum threads and known by core beta testers but the idea of a leaderboard style calendar gizmo for came to mind whilst watching the British Open and reading this thread simultaneously. Ha.

  27. After upgrade to Genesis 1.7, all of my advertising setting like on Genesis 1.6.1 is gone. Where I can get it back ?

  28. I’m so glad I invested in such a quality framework backed by an outstanding support team!

  29. Your Comments title says: Speak Your Mind. Well, you asked for it:
    WHAT have you done to the Genesis theme settings options??? I just updated one of my sites to 1.7 (I WILL be reverting back to the previous version), and I seriously thought my theme admin had been hacked and degraded because my logo/header DISAPPEARED. But it got REALLY interesting when I couldn’t find the logo option in the theme settings to replace the logo (you REMOVED the option to add the logo!???); even the General Settings was removed! Even the layout-option panel is now a hover-type WEIRDNESS and it just is NOT Genesis quality.

    You guys really blew this one. Genesis theme-settings USED TO BE a lot more self-explanatory and user-friendly. Seriously, I don’t have time to HOVER over page layout options every time I need to change a page or post layout (and how much time is wasted just waiting for the right layout to…pop up, after you have to hover over it and then you have to wait for the layout description to pop up AFTER that, before you discover it’s not the layout you want!); and I shouldn’t have had to log-in to support just to find out how to fix the logo/header problem because the logo option SHOULD BE (already) in the theme settings!

    Now I have to look for another theme for my sites because I have too much work on my hands just maintaining my sites and building others to have to feel my way around this catastrophe of a TOTAL theme-settings overhaul. I have over 7 sites using Genesis (for now that is) and I will NOT be updating the other 6 to 1.7. The theme settings for this update is COMPLETELY different from the settings that were available in the Genesis framework I purchased a few months ago; in fact, you’ve PRUNED so much OFF that you now have only one column in the theme settings, and if THIS had been what you were selling a few months ago, I would have purchased a different theme from somewhere else, which is what I have to do now anyways. Just….unbelievable!

    • Mona, please understand one thing. More options doesn’t necessarily mean better theme/framework. Some of the options that were removed/moved came as a result of WordPress having a solution. For instance, the themes that were using Custom Header now have the option to show image or a logo. We removed that option from the theme settings page because it was redundant and better suited for WordPress native function to handle.

      As for the layout options, the images clearly show what each one is – and once again, we utilized WordPress UI for that one.

      As for the columns inside the Theme Settings page, we moved to a one column layout because it made no sense (and was horrible UI) to have two very short columns.

      The bottom line is that it “appears” that there are fewer options, because we are stepping back in places where WordPress can run things. This ultimately makes it a better theme/framework, because you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities when WordPress itself updates.

      Other themes that are “loaded” with options might be using their own solutions, which don’t always play nice with a WP update.

      • Look my header is gone too!!! This totally sucks! Why not make it easier to upload a custom header. I upgraded and wasting my time for a couple of hours trying to watch videos, go to cpanel, etc trying to figure out how to upload it. This TOTALLY blows! It was so easy before, PLEASE make it easy to upload a custom header

      • Hi, I want to use IMAGES for header background and upload my own LOGO to display on the header. But with this new version, I can’t use css to do it. When I upload the logo, the css doesn’t work anymore. When I removed the uploaded logo, css works but I don’t have logo :(

  30. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for finally including in 1.7 the latest strings that were still not translatable since 1.4.
    This removes a lot of pain when upgrading Genesis with non English sites!

    You are saying you will focus now on Plugins.
    Which kind of plugins can we expect in the future (it may save a lot of time and money to try to source some extra with other providers)?

  31. Cor van Noorloos :

    Regarding v1.8 -and, I know I’ve asked before :)-, since you’re worrying about nothing much left to do on the Genesis framework, would this be a future suggestion perhaps?

  32. We just updated to 1.7.1 and now our sidebars are all moved around into 1 column. Everything looks fine in the admin area, so I’m confused. I haven’t found any solutions in the forum – what should I do?

  33. I upgraded my install and lost my banner. I got installed by BrainHost at sign up and have no files. Can you help me please