Genesis Framework v1.8 Now Available

Genesis has a long tradition of being extremely flexible for the average user while at the same time remaining developer friendly. This latest release continues that tradition in a big way. Our sincere thanks to a group of Genesis power users for helping turn Genesis 1.8 into a developer’s dream, without sacrificing any of the usability that we’ve all come to know and love.

Front End Redesign

Genesis 1.8 ships with a hot new default style on the front end. And while we know that you would never activate Genesis directly, this new style can, and no doubt will serve as the basis of many of the beautiful creations our users continue to push out.

Genesis 1.8 New Design

This modern new look takes a step into the realm of responsive design, adjusting to fit whatever device on which you happen to be viewing the site, including smart phones and tablet computers.

New SEO Controls

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Genesis SEO controls was the fact that you couldn’t actually control the text displayed on category, tag, and term archive pages. All you could do was decide whether or not you wanted the term title and description to display.

With Genesis 1.8, this all changes. You now have the ability to control EXACTLY what gets displayed on your term archive pages.

Genesis New SEO Settings

New Extendable Classes for Creating Admin Menus

Considering how many Genesis-specific plugins there are out there, we imagine that more than a few developers are frustrated at how difficult it was to add new Genesis admin menus. In Genesis 1.8, it gets about 100x easier. How much easier? See for yourself.

Completely Disable a Navigation Menu, from functions.php

If you’ve ever build a Genesis Child Theme for a client, and knew you’d have no use for the Primary or Secondary Navigation menu, you know how hard it can be to keep your client from messing with the Theme Settings and potentially ruining your beautiful design.

So, with one line of code, you can now disable either menu. It works using the “theme support” method. By default, both menus are enabled. But, you can use this line of code to change which menus are supported via your child theme.

remove_theme_support( 'genesis-menus' );

This line will remove both menus. But let’s say you just want to remove the secondary nav menu, and leave the primary menu intact. Easy.

add_theme_support( 'genesis-menus', array( 'primary' => 'Primary Navigation Menu' ) );

This line indicates that you ONLY want the primary nav menu to be enabled.

Color Style Options

If you’re building a child theme and want to give users the ability to choose a color scheme from the Theme Settings page, this option is for you.

add_theme_support( 'genesis-style-selector', array( 'theme-blue' => 'Blue', 'theme-green' => 'Green', 'theme-orange' => 'Orange', 'theme-red' => 'Red' ) );

Just add this to your child theme’s functions.php file, and Genesis will handle the rest. A new box will appear in Theme Settings, and users can choose the color scheme for their site.

Genesis Color Style Options

Genesis handles the body class, and all you have to do is build the CSS. Less coding. More designing. You know you love it! More here.

Code Standards and Inline Documentation

One of the core values of the Genesis coding style is that we want you to be able to find what you need without using a Genesis dictionary. Clarity is king. But how awesome would it be if each of the functions in Genesis had an explanation of what it did right above it? Done!

Thanks to Gary Jones, Genesis 1.8 is chock-full of inline documentation.

Genesis Inline Documentation

In addition, Genesis has been trying to move towards the WordPress coding standards for a few versions now. As of 1.8, I think we’re pretty much all the way there. Code now has room to breath, with plenty of whitespace for readability.

The Rest

Since WordPress 3.3.1 was recently released, Genesis 1.8 does require this latest version of WordPress. It’s always good to stay up to date anyway, so go ahead and upgrade with confidence knowing that Genesis is fully compatible.

To see a more comprehensive list of changes in Genesis 1.8, check out this page.

Note: Users of WordPress 3.2.1 or older will not be prompted to upgrade to Genesis 1.8 via their dashboard. Please upgrade to WordPress 3.3.1 first, then our update servers will prompt you to update within 24 hours.

So what are you waiting for?! Go upgrade, already!


A very special thanks goes out to the developers that helped make Genesis 1.8 happen. Jared Atchison, Charles Clarkson, Chris Cochran, Nick Croft, David Decker, Remkus de Vries, Bill Erickson, Gary Jones, Travis Smith and Ade Walker.


  1. Woot…………finally genesis 1.8 is available…Now it comes with more options…will be going to update my site to latest version now..:)

  2. Lots of great new stuff… having a new toy to play with. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on the release of version 1.8!

    I am so looking forward to be able to use Genesis on a daily basis, but most of my clients do require responsive designs.

    Version 1.8 is a great step in the right direction. I am hoping that the child themes will be converted to be fully responsive soon :)

    • I’ll second that! Great work on the update, I appreciate your work Nathan in pushing Genesis forward over the past few years and answering our issues in the forums promptly. Looking forward very much to the “responsive” design theme updates.
      Your work with wordpress and studiopress helps so many of us online entrepreneurs to continue to feed our families in these tough times…

    • The first step in what we have planned for 2012 was to release Genesis 1.8 – now that we have it taken care of, we can work towards responsive design moving forward!

  4. 😀 I’m excited to check out the new functions inside Genesis. Will update a few sites to see how all the new stuff looks and feels like. Now i only wait for the latest version to be downloadable inside the forum and i’m a happy man.

  5. Great Stuff in less time for the genesis users.

  6. When will it be posted in the forums for download?


  7. Woohoo. I’m loving this newer version already. Thank You studiopress.

  8. Hi Folks:

    I just did the deed and upgraded to Genesis 1.8 on a new site that is 2/3 complete (Associate Child Theme). The upgrade was instant, flawless and it runs LIKE A TOP!!!

    Thanks Team, I soooo like being part of this development community. CONGRATS!!


    • That’s awesome news! We usually only hear the horror stories, so it’s nice to hear a few people let us know things went flawlessly :-)

  9. Really save my time with this new Classes for Creating Admin Menus. You all rocks!

    • I agree. This new class is the easiest way I’ve ever seen for creating admin menus and settings pages.

  10. Hi Brian,

    Congrats for the release!!

    Regarding responsive design, I asked you in another post if it was going to be a way to turn it on/off. Is it ready this way or do we have to wait till next release?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Just updated all my Genesis sites. Worked fast and flawless. Thank you.

  12. Great news about the increased documentation.

  13. Woop! Just updated my blog without a single problem! Thanks Nathan and the rest of the StudioPress team for all the hard work!

  14. This is great! I’ve been looking forward to this update. Just in time for a new site I’m putting together.

  15. I guess I have to ditch Thesis now, been waiting for Thesis 2.0 from ages and seems like DIY theme has been sleeping…!!
    Going to check out some review and will see if I can get the same design on Genesis or not..!!
    Anyways here, who have been used Thesis and moved to Genesis? How was your experience?

  16. I was looking forward to this day! So what could be more interesting to look into on a Friday night anyway?! :-)

    Congratulations on a job well done, I think :-)

  17. Hey Nathan : )

    Just upgraded to Genesis 1.8.0 and my site appears to be more responsive speed wise vs 1.7.1

    Great job! I have been working with your Framework for the Past 6 months now learning WordPress Site Development with Genesis and my experience working with your Framework as well as all of you nice folks here at StudioPress has truly been a delightful and educational experience for me.

    I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for such a fine product and for all of your wonderful support that you have provide me with these past 6 months.


    • On behalf of Nathan and the entire Genesis development team, I thank you for leaving this comment Campbell. 😉

      • Campbell McArthur :

        You are very welcome Brian! You guys and gals here at StudioPress deserve high praises for your devotion to your customer base. I have dealt with other premium theme makers which I will not name and their support was horrendous to say the least. It’s been an absolute pleasure and continues to be one working with you folks here.


  18. Congratulations Genesis team
    Just updated my local install – got a few more to update over the weekend.

    Fantastic to be able to update with confidence.

    Many thanks.

  19. Wow! Thanks for Genesis 1.8! Lots of great new features and improvements.

    I just updated to 1.8 using the Scribble child theme and worked perfect.

  20. Thank You Genesis Team!

    We are using Genesis for our clients and it is the best framwork.

  21. I’m really digging Genesis 1.8. I’m also running the new theme ‘Generate’ on my site as well. It has such a crisp look to it. Love it!

  22. Thank you for the release! I just updated 27 Genesis-powered installs (including some Multisite!) to v1.8 – without any issues! Rocks as usual :-)

    I am also humbled you included/linked me in the developer list – I am glad I could contribute a few things and hope to continue and improve with it!

    Genesis is the most developer-friendly WordPress framework, hands down! Keep up the AWESOME work!

    Best regards from Germany, Dave :)

  23. Hi Brian, Congrats on the new Genesis upgrade. Applying custom design to Metric Child theme. 1.8 installed smooth and fast.

    Only issue seems to be Genesis Footer Plugin. I had it installed the plugin already, but the fields in Genesis Theme Settings where it normally shows up, are not displayed.

    I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it but to no avail. I’ll post in support forum.

    Otherwise, everything is awesome. THANK YOU!

    Genesis continues to be the exclusive framework I use on all custom designed websites. Its the very best.

    – mary

  24. Thanks for the great work! As a new Genesis user (just finished my first child theme), I’m so happy that I made the decision to learn and use it!

    Heading to get the latest version now!

  25. Upgrading went in a breeze! Thanks!

  26. I did not get these new functions. The color does not work. I can no longer edit the header to place ads. I get an error.

  27. Updated two sites using Minimum and Enterprise – no problems.

  28. Nice work fellas. Now all we need is 1.9 with HTML 5. 😉

    Good stuff.

  29. Upgrade went smooth! Thanks! :)
    Now I’m looking forward to the upgrade when everything is “mobile responsive”.

  30. Great Job! Did auto updates on around 15 sites including some Dutch sites with Remkus Translate plugin, all without any problems! You guys are awesome…

  31. Thanks for the update. Great to see Genesis moving forward with responsive design.

  32. Woot! I can’t wait to dive into the code and play around. Thanks StudioPress and all of you, contributors!

    One correction… “Code now has room to breath.”

  33. Hey Everyone,

    I updated yesterday and I am now unable to log into my WordPress admin section. Plus, I keep getting this error whenever I attempt to log into the admin area: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 48496640) (tried to allocate 41 bytes) in /home/finbin/public_html/wp-includes/cache.php on line 503.

    Any advice would be great.



  34. Thanks for making this so easy!

    I hesitated briefly, but then updated to Genesis v1.8 with complete success, (Manhattan Child Theme.)

    And I’m very much looking forward to the new mobile responsive functions!

  35. Is the “Backcountry” child theme updated for “Responsive Design”?

    Thanks in advance!

  36. Hello, all. I upgraded on one site, and it went fine, but something went awry on my site. Can anyone help me out with what may have gone wrong. There is script on the top of the page, and the right hand column seems to crowd out the left hand column.

  37. Update went fine with News child theme. I’m just one month old to Genesis.

    You guys at Studiopress doing great work and fantastic support.

  38. Awesome! Including esponsive design is a big one for me. Which themesinclude this now so I know how to move forward with designs for new clients?

  39. Awesome! Already updated to 1.8, really smooth update….Love to see HTML5 in the next update….

  40. Have just upgraded the first three client sites to 1.8 with Magazine theme, and all has gone without a hitch.
    Many thanks to all the team for their hard work!

  41. Nathan, would it be possible for you and or your team to explain how to make existing child theme response based on the framework. is there specific codes or css we are required to import to the child theme to reflect the mobile features.

  42. Thanks to all the contributors for making this a wonderful 2012. Updated many themes and not a single problem. Looking forward to more..


  43. Campbell McArthur :

    Hi Brian,

    When will the Lifestyle Child Theme incorporate the new responsive design elements? Is there any plans for that child theme to be updated soon or are users of the theme to incorporate the elements for responsive design on their own? In short can an update be expected soon so we can just merge the new design elements into our modded theme?

    Thank you Brian


  44. Awesome to see the new features, especially the responsive default theme (that looks sleek in its own right!). Updated all my sites without an issue =)

  45. Awesome! updated to 1.8.

    Genesis column classes not supporting responsive, it just narrowed.

  46. Nice, but the images is not responsive!! On the demo, please fill a post with large images. The images should also change size when you have a responsive template.

  47. When looking at this post: the layout is responsive, but the image doesn´t change size? Shouldn´t the image shrink aswell?

    Would be good to have a demopost with large images.

  48. Cor van Noorloos :

    Thumb up for the new update!

    Have to admit I was hoping for some more use of the html5 mark-up though. And having some mixed feelings about the color style options.

    The use of ‘WordPress Code Sniffs’ s a huge bonus though, and I was hoping to see perhaps a more enhanced tutorial about it! (how to set things up locally, etc.)

  49. Can I use any hosting company for my site like host gator?



  50. Is there a way to keep the default theme for version 1.5?


    • If you prefer the older sample child theme, you can just leave that installed. (You are using a child theme, right? You shouldn’t be running Genesis without a child theme…)

  51. Congrats on this one … i’ll have to update the features on our genesis showcase page :)

  52. Thanks for the updating Genesis, if you want to modify Genesis theme, here’s the guide:
    12 Ways to Customize Genesis WordPress Theme

  53. Hey, what happened to my Home Page Slider in AgentPress 1.o after upgrading to Genesis v 1.8?

    I just saw I’m missing it.

    I visited the forum and saw no reply to the vast number of AgentPress 1.0 child theme users questions about what happened in this string;

    Is anyone looking into it? The first post to the forum post string title “SLIDER OPTION GONE IN THEME SETTINGS” was on February 2nd 2012!!!

    • Thanks for bringing our attention to this – because other users posted before a moderator saw it, that thread was overlooked. I do apologize – I’m tagging the support team now :-)

      • Thanks Rebecca.

        Really appreciate the attention you’ve given it. I think it’s freaked out a few of us users who couldn’t figure out what happened outside of the upgrade to v 1.8.

  54. I’ve added Color Style Options but when I choose different color like red then there is no any change on blog.

  55. I am not getting any update option. I am using 1.7 I received update option on my other site but its not same with my main site. Help me pls

  56. Hi I upgraded and now the slider is gone.. what should i do to get it back?
    I saw someone other people had the same problem with Child theme Agent Press…

    any updates? Please let me know ASAP

    Thank you so much

  57. It is a great news for me, I love Genesis Framework so much. Thank you Genesis 😀

  58. I am a pro member and I can’t seem to figure out how to update to the new version of genesis or any of the updated themes. please help! :(

  59. Hi Brian,

    When saying « HTML5 support should be coming in Genesis 1.9, just as an FYI. », should I understand that the doctype will be changed as well as the numerous div for semantic tags (header, nav, section, footer…)?

  60. When can we expect to see Genesis 1.9?

  61. Hello,

    I was using WordPress 3.1.4 and I just upgraded tot WP 3.3.1. I’m using Genesis Framework 1.7. Is there a way to force an upgrade to 1.8 or do I have to wait until the Genesis servers prompt me for the upgrade?