Glitter and Lace 1.0 Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Glitter and Lace 1.0 child theme. This theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be purchased here.

Glitter and Lace Child Theme

The Glitter and Lace theme was developed by Heather Jones of Viva la Violette, and is categorized as a Community theme. These are not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package, but we assure you that the design and coding of them are top-notch.

Click here to see how the Glitter and Lace theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Glitter and Lace child theme includes the following features: 6 color styles, 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Glitter and Lace theme for a test drive…


  1. Oh my! I love this!

  2. Love it.
    Colour combinations, textured background and great fonts and… “Glitter and Lace” is a nice catchy theme name.

  3. Thank you so much Keith, I really appreciate your feedback! 😉

  4. Looks really nice Heather! Great job.

  5. Looks really elegant. Can’t wait to use it on my next project.

  6. Oh dear, you make a girl all flush. This is so nice!

  7. Heather, this is a wonderful looking theme! Great design and love the instagram integration.

  8. I love this theme so much!! I’m really tempted right now to switch to this one.. is there any way we can test it with our content before I commit to buying? :/

  9. Definitely an unique theme for special taste. Love the custom social buttons – it adds a nice touch.

  10. Another great design. Fantastic theme, Heather.

    Love the color combinations. Great work.

  11. Glitter and Lace seems to be a real winner with the ladies. 😉 I really like the script font you chose.

    Nice looking theme, Heather!

  12. The Glitter and Lace is definitely a nice and classy looking theme. I didn’t find this theme a few weeks ago, when I started changing a few themes on a few of my blogs. The Glitter and Lace is a must for my next blog!

    Elegant looking theme, Heather :)

  13. I was considering changing themes, and this sealed the deal. I was specifically looking for a theme that could do 2 right side sidebars, but after I saw this I don’t need that option. Gorgeous!

  14. I really thought this was going to be easier. I have got the Instagram code however it is not displaying. Instagram is showing that I need to add coding to the css. Didn’t think I would have to do coding when I purchased. Thought it would be just downloading and adding widgets. It is very pretty, but not worth the frustration if I am going to have to pay someone to finish coding a design for me. Very Frustrated!