Going Green 2.0 Theme Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Going Green 2.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. Others can purchase the package here.

Going Green Child Theme

The Going Green theme is the 15th theme released which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Updating to Going Green v2.0

This version has a few minor changes, which include the addition of a Landing Page template, and was updated for mobile responsive design.

This version underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.

Click here to see how the Going Green theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Going Green child theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Going Green theme for a test drive…


  1. Wow! Great revamp, Brian. Hats off!
    This tastes like… more 😉

  2. LOVE the theme but it looks like the Read me files are for Eleven40

  3. Brian Johnson :

    Just downloaded – looks nice so far. I see that loading Google Web Fonts now takes place in functions.php instead of the style sheet – I think this is new; what’s the rationale behind this move I wonder?

  4. Looks beautiful! Can definitely use this on an upcoming project.

    Thanks Brian!

  5. Some subtle detailing here Brian.
    One to add to my mobile responsive list.
    Appreciate the work you you guys are doing over at Studiopress.

  6. Love this revamp – my favorite of the mobile responsive update series so far! My wife’s main website has long been using Going Green and she’ll be pleased with the updated look.

    Cheers to everyone involved with this one!

  7. When “Magazine” went live in July you said…

    Brian Gardner says:
    July 16, 2012 at 6:27 am
    Lifestyle and News (not sure what order) will probably be the next two themes to receive updates.

    News got an update shortly after that but Lifestyle not. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to complain. There are a lot of great themes and updates going live all the time. But I want to start a project with Lifestyle and if Lifestyle will be updated soon I prefer to start with an updated theme instead of starting with an “old” one and update everything 3-4 weeks later because there will probably be major code changes.

    So, do you know already when Lifestyle gets an update?
    Will there be an easy update path? If yes, I would start right away.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Brian is leaving the best for the last?

      Lifestyle is overall the best theme Genesis has on the market and I believe it is also the best-selling theme. Really great for those using WP as a CMS or for a full-fledged website or for travel-related content as opposed to a blog-only site.

      The theme that has left it in the dust is the brilliant Driskill Theme by Bill Erickson. We use both.

      I think because Lifestyle is the better theme at Genesis it takes more work to upgrade and add features compared to the plain vanilla themes.

  8. Umm… actually Going Green is the 15th responsive theme, not 14th :)

  9. Going Green looks awesome. I might be using that one for my business blog.

    Thanks a lot Brian.

  10. The best email to receive in a day, is the one from Studiopress that says “….Theme Now Available”

    The next best is when it says “responsive” somewhere in the email!

    Love it! :)

  11. Awesome news. Awesome theme!!!

  12. Great update. A big improvement over the the first version. I may use this on my green news sites.

  13. More detail on this theme than I thought.
    Just run my colour picker over some of the coloured areas and they are all textured.

    Textured areas can really lift a theme when done as tastefully as this.

  14. Great redesign here. So fresh and so clean. I notice a different favicon too.

  15. Oh wow! Now this is one beautifully designed theme, great job. I love what you did with the footer widgets, very spacious from the main content.

  16. love this themes. it’s nice, simple and elegant. Brian, do you any suggestion for related post for your themes?

  17. wow looks beautiful :) gotta try itzzzz one of the reasons i use genesis framework for its responsive design.

  18. Wow, that is for sure a wonderful theme. Actually it gave me inspiration for a new affiliate-website – even more wonderful!

  19. Love it!
    I already liked the old GoingGreen theme and have used it for my site (see link) but i think i will switch to the new one since it somehow feels right.
    I was expecting that GG was redesigned and almost feared it wouldn’t be ‘right’ after that – but it really is excellent. Thanks for that.

  20. Just purchased the new theme for it’s earthy color scheme and the mobility functions. So far am loving it. One question, the tutorial on this theme suggests using widgets to build a homepage, which builds a nice one in the tutorial…. but the container doesn’t seem to exist in the widget panel in 2.0. How do I get it to appear or is it no longer offered. Are there short-codes to accomplish the same effect?

  21. Nice restyling guys. I particularly appreciate the responsive capabilities of the theme.

  22. I have the old version/ Is 2.0 something I can update to or do I have to re-purchase? It’s funny that you did a landing page option for the pages because that’s what I need right now. I thought we got lifetime updates. So confused…

    Do I get lifetime updates or how exactly does this work?

    • To access a new copy of the theme, please just use the link provided in your original download email.
      If you no longer have that, please use the contact form to send me your email address and full name used to make the purchase.

      Please Note: If you’ve downloaded a copy before, please do save this new version to a different location on your computer. The file link will have the same name as the former theme – all server links point to the new file(s), but your computer may not replace them properly if you choose the same download location.

  23. I really love this new design (although I didn’t work with the previous ‘Going Green’ design). I’m using this for a client site now and really loving it.