Be Inspired – the (in)SPYR Theme from Spyr Media is Now Available

We’re excited to announce the release of (in)SPYR – a theme from Spyr Media. In typical fashion the guys wanted to do things differently so they created this theme with diversity in mind, building 3 distinct styles into one neat package.

(in)SPYR Theme

This is a community theme and not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package. No worries, though – we assure you that (in)SPYR theme is top-notch.

Take the (in)SPYR theme for a test drive.

Unique Theme Features

There are some unique features built exclusively into the (in)SPYR theme. This is the third responsive theme from the community (Driskill and Production), but currently the only one to include a responsive slider. As previously mentioned, it also includes 3 distinct theme styles, with a combined total of 6 color options.

Additionally, a custom subscribe widget provides a simple (novice friendly) interface that automatically adjusts to display a single subscribe form on both the homepage and the interior sidebar. To round it all out there is a social icon shortcode, a custom theme options panel and built-in How To Tutorials.

Click here to see how the (in)SPYR theme looks across mobile devices.


  1. WOW!
    Love this…. I love the SPYR media site so was thrilled to see they built a theme for Genesis!
    The three styles that come with this theme are a great feature!
    Can’t keep up with you guys. πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, Jeff and Dave make an incredible team and their work is some of the best I’ve seen.

    • Kim, thank you so much for the kind words and we’re psyched you like the theme! We put a lot of time in on this one and plan to continue development on this badboy to make it as cool as we can. :)

      Brian, you rule. Thank you so much. :)

  2. WOW fantastic theme !

  3. WOW! I know that’s the common reaction so far, but there’s no other word or sound, it’s simply beautiful.

    Even more so in the demo with the colors. I think this will be perfect for a new project I’m starting in April!

  4. That’s some amazing stuff. Soooo well done. I was kinda blown away.

    Great job!

  5. Oh man, now I’m jealous. I really like this one…almost as much as my News Theme.

    For my next blog I might go with this theme.

  6. Bam! We’re signing up today (literally), and is looking forward to getting started with a beautiful NEW site, thanks to the wonderful work of the inspyr group!

  7. Nice, especially Tribe. Can the homepage subscribe box make way for a full-width slider?

    • Great choice! Tribe: Saffron Yellow is our fave :)

      At the moment there’s only an option for the 2 half width widgets, but we’ll definitely keep a full width option in mind when we release future updates!

  8. Awesome theme! Definitely one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.

  9. Brilliantly simple!

  10. Yowza, super sleek and some crazy styles built in, nice job!

  11. Thanks Gregory! Yeah, one style just didn’t seem like enough. :)

  12. Fabulous theme.
    Any chance you could just nudge it across onto the Pro Plus page?
    Eh – worth a try.

    Love the Crimson Micra.

    This one is going to be a big seller – better get cracking with my Marketplace themes page.

  13. Another request for the full page slider please!! This could become the ultimate child theme. Great work guys :)

  14. Cool theme, a bit pricey though…

    • Eh, I never looked at the price – $99.95.

      Driskill – $79.95.

      Well spotted.

      • Hey guys, thanks for checking it out. Since we really wanted to raise the bar on the theme and devoted the last couple months to building it, we twisted Brian’s arm to raise the price just a bit. Sorry if it came as a surprise!

        That said though, don’t forget that if you own Genesis already you’ll want to click that little link below the big purchase box, the one that says: Buy just the (in)SPYR child theme. Go that route and you can snag it for just $44.95 :)

  15. Wow! Stunning looking theme. Really great job.

  16. Awesome. Love the Tribe Vapor Blue..


  17. When I said the theme is pricey I compared it with the themes released by StudioPress which are (almost) all at $25. Quality-wise this is one of the best themes on top of Genesis framework I’ve seen to date.
    I was going to buy a theme of a similar price for a project of mine but now seeing your theme I’m having second thoughts…

  18. I was stunned. Beautiful. One question … I think it screams out for a portfolio page – is that in the offing?

    • Hey Werner, glad you’re liking the theme! We don’t yet have a portfolio page but will be adding more page templates and functionality as we continue to develop. I am adding this to the list right now. :)

      Thanks for the input!

  19. Bruce Munson :

    Absolutely phenomenal (look I didn’t say WOW) :)
    Seriously great design and functionality

  20. I love the theme! Over the last several months I’ve become a self taught WP (visual :) site builder. That said… I’m having a couple of issues. Very minor… and nothing to deter me from using the theme…

    – I’m assuming photos in the slyder must be landscape, eh? The box in the image gallery is greyed out… but I assume it’s because I have portrats instead of landscape photos.
    – I can’t figure out for the life of me how to get my header image back on the site. I am code illiterate (ducking…) and this has been frustrating. Clearly nothing you have done… I blame user error.
    – Finally, can you recommend any cool social share plug ins that work with the theme? I was using the Slick Social Share plugin… but it doesn’t seem to work

    Ya know what? Now that I’ve completely exposed myself… why don’t you just e-mail me :)

  21. Nice job, guys! I was in the process of modifying the new Genesis-Balance theme to include a slider and perhaps you’ve saved me time. Do you think a portfolio page (like the one from Balance) will play well with your theme?

    Also, will I be able to edit the colors/backgrounds/etc? (I’m totally fine with HTML/CSS.)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! If you’re fine with CSS then you’ll do great with our theme. The difference between Base, Merit and Tribe is solely CSS changes coupled with imagery. So the possibilities are endless :)

      In regards to a portfolio page, I imagine you should be able to get that up and running without much issue. But if you have trouble just say the word and we’ll do our best to provide an assist :)

  22. started to build my first Inspyr site today….totally love this theme. great work.
    but……PLEASE…..I must remove the inspyr LOGO in the footer.
    it really should NOT be there in the first place.
    I keep breaking the site, trying to edit the functions PHP
    please help

  23. @Brian

    There is no words to appreciate STUDIOPRESS works and design!

    Well, I’ll say Great Job! :-)

  24. Mercy! Re-designing my site this weekend. Money well spent! Thank you.

  25. Just checking out this theme release led me to an hour spent surfing and admiring the sites these guys build and run – excellent, excellent stuff! From the photography, the design and the general creativeness, everything is exactly how it should be on every page.

    I’d not heard of Spyr Media previously but I’ll be referring to their work for inspiration in the future, I guarantee it.

  26. Wow! The bar has officially been raised.

  27. Really beautiful! Is the “Genesis Connect” Buddy Press Plugin going to support any of the new responsive themes? I would absolutely love to use “Inspyr” on a new community project – could probably make it work with the generic BP compatability plugin, but if there was native Genesis BP support – would be amazing :-)

    (or even on any of the “in-house” Genesis responsive themes – although Inspyr is my favorite thus far……..any of the other recently released “responsives” would make a killer BP community structure)

  28. Buying – NOW!

  29. I can’t say how proud I am to have my new business represented by my (in)SPYR Saffron Yellow website. (in)SPYR is unique, impressive, and, yes, inspirational!

  30. I bought the theme and I cannot say how happy I am with it. I’m in the process of building my new site with the help of Genesis and inSPYR child theme (just hope Brian won’t release another ProPack Genesis theme to jeopardise my plans :lol ).
    Well done guys and I hope inSPYR is not your only one Genesis child theme.