Lifestyle 1.1 Child Theme Released

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Lifestyle 1.1 child theme. This updated child theme works on the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis Theme Framework and any other child theme previously, you can simply purchase the child package by itself, otherwise you need the Lifestyle + Genesis Theme package.

New Features

We are also very pleased to announce that the Lifestyle theme has been updated with new features:

  • 5 Color Styles – Blue, Green, Peach, Pink, Purple
  • Support for Custom Background
  • Support for Custom Header

Take it for a test drive…

Here’s a screenshot of the Lifestyle Child Theme:

Lifestyle Child Theme


  1. Great keep them coming You need at least 4 holidays per year and new releases each time you get back .

  2. ahhh….I love the new easy to change colors. Looks great!
    One issue for me, when I tried to upload in WordPress, it said file already exists and won’t upload the new updated version.

    Should I move the other one, or rename it. I was afraid to do that, thinking WP might not open. I’ve gotten a blank white page before when a plug-in failed.


    • Don’t delete what you have and upload the new one – that will cause all of your customizations to be lost. At this point, the best thing to do if you want is to follow the manual upgrade instructions – but that’s only if you care to use the color switcher, custom header or custom background.

  3. Brian, you rock!

    I help local business with online marketing and websites and time and time again I come back to the Lifestyle theme with clients and for myself. It is just the best theme for conveying A LOT of information to the visitor on the home page without overwhelming them.

    I just relaunched another of my sites with Amped and while I really like that one too…. I”m not sure I can resist coming back around to Lifestyle.

    Thank you! Thank you! for all you do to make us WordPress Webdesigners look good! :-)

  4. Last time I updated I lost the changes I made to my footer and had to do it all again. Will that happen this time? :)

    • Craig Tuller :

      If you lost customizations you made, then you did not make them to the Child theme properly.

      In your case, you should have copied footer.php from the Genesis Theme directory to the Lifestyle Child Theme directory, then made your customizations to the child theme copy of footer.php.

  5. Glad to see this one, thanks guys!

  6. nice framework.. good works brian..

  7. I do not see an option to change the background. I certainly know how to do this in css, but I thought it would be on the options page. Am I missing something?

  8. I have the same question as Sandy. I don’t have any customizations and I want to simply upgrade but I get the error that the theme is already there (which of course it is).

    If I don’t manually want to upgrade, what are the steps if I already have. 1.0?


    • Just delete the entire Lifestyle theme folder from your wp-content/themes directory on your server and then upload the new one. (assuming you haven’t made any customizations or have things you don’t want to lose that are specific to Lifestyle)

  9. Just purchased the whole set. Would love to see some “darker” colored css options in the mix. Love the layout but would like some more “serious” colors.

    Or… perhaps have a menu-background color option where the white text appears on it. There’s already a background color. All that would remain would be to create a new header.png.

    • Hey Aaron – thanks so much for the purchase. When you say “darker” color css – are you referring to something like our Amped theme? Which is black background and white font?

      • I would be more inclined to believe he means regular colors but darker shades. For example, the dark blue and red of the AgentPress Child Theme as opposed to just the light pastel oriented colors here.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the pastels are bad. Actually I think they are great but I definitely agree with Aaron that some darker color options would be a great addition as the Lifestyle theme is just an all around great theme.

        For some themes, the opposite would be great. Take again, the agentpress theme; what about offering that color options such as those from lifestyle?

      • I agree with Tom on the interpretation, I think that the blue color to the lifestyle Theme is kinda mmm how can I put this in English “Whinny” so some dark color options for the theme would be great in particular for those of us who haven’t mastered changing the look and feel of a theme.

        As a photographer I have monitors calibrated to warm and cool when looking at the lifestyles theme on my cool calibrated monitor the color disappears, hardly visible while on the warm calibrated it just doesn’t scream at me to keep navigating and I am a Blue kind of guy although my favorite works are Blacks and Grays and all the shades of gray between.

        Keep up the good work

  10. Very clean and well designed theme i can use it for my magazine web site thank you for your release