Lifestyle 2.0 Child Theme Released

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Lifestyle 2.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

What’s New In Lifestyle 2.0

It’s pretty clear that the most obvious difference in Lifestyle 2.0 is the styling of the theme. We’ve modified a number of CSS elements, and have introduced the use of Google Fonts in this update.

The Lifestyle 2.0 theme now includes 10 theme colors, which can easily be changed via the Theme Settings page. We have included a PSD file for the header graphic in case you want to customize it.

Head on over to the Lifestyle demo site and check it out!

The Retirement of the Church Theme

With the release of Lifestyle 2.0 and the inclusion of 10 theme colors, we have decided to retire the Church child theme. The layout of the previous Lifestyle theme and the Church theme were identical, so we decided to maintain one set of child theme code which offered all of the theme colors.

For those who purchased the Church theme, we will be sending out a download link to the Lifestyle 2.0 theme for you to use. We will continue (as we always do) to support our retired themes.

New Homepage Features

In previous versions of Lifestyle, we developed the home.php file to include static text boxes that represented each widget area. The Lifestyle 2.0 theme now includes a conditional home.php file, which will load the standard loop upon theme activation.

Don’t be alarmed when you see this, as the homepage widget areas exist, and will overwrite the standard loop once a Featured Post widget is moved into those widget areas.

Post Formats and Page Templates

Another major addition to the Lifestyle theme is the support of post formats, as well as the addition of the Landing Page and Portfolio Page templates.

We’re very pleased with all of the new features that have been added to the Lifestyle theme and look forward to updating other child themes as well. (Corporate will be the next to be updated)

Here’s a Screenshot of the Lifestyle Child Theme

Lifestyle Child Theme


  1. Simply beautiful! Congratulations, this is an awesome theme. (But I’m still waiting – patiently – for news and magazine to be updated 😉 )

    • Thanks Daniel – appreciate it. We’ll get to those themes, no worries.

      • Thanks! Once again: Great team, great support, great themes.

      • By the way: Here are two feature suggestions for news and/or magazine theme that would be of great value (especially since they’re needed):

        – print & pdf-buttons: Add a pdf (export) & print function for the articles (for the users)
        – multi pages-articles: Add a possibility of adding articles that are longer than one page (where you can click on page 2 | 3 ..). (To avoid long scrollbars for long articles and generate more clicks/PIs.)

  2. Glad to see you’re updating themes! One thing I want to point out is the removal of the header right widget area. Is there a way to restore this because I would be losing a major ad spot by upgrading.

  3. Awesome! I have been waiting so long for a fully robust theme like this one! Great work on adding a portfolio and landing page. This will be a great base theme to build on for lots of my side projects.

    • Thanks Paul – the idea on the update was twofold. First, to update the style and make it more “current” and then second, to add a few more page templates for extended functionality.

  4. Good call on retiring Church. I am glad you are focusing in & really look forward to playing with the page templates.

    I had wanted to do basically a portfolio for where you have a page of all the images form the episodes.

    • Good thing I added the portfolio template, then – eh?

      • made me smile when I saw it for the first time.

        I’ve played with it the past half hour or so … sent you an email as feedback.

        • Good call on the portfolio page template idea being similar to the blog page template. Something I didn’t consider, but moving forward might be the way to go.

          • you are welcome.

            I’ll probably hammer on it a little when I have time. I’ll send you what I come up with, or if you want to send some stuff my way I’ll mess with it.

            My idea is with page templates, they are for elements that you might want multiple pages & with enough flexibility for the user (or myself).

            For instance I have two I use often:
            Area Index – for when you have a parent page with child pages, it creates a table of contents.

            Series – when you need specific series table of contents in a sidebar and such. variants of this is “unit hub” (for departments and such) and Series FAQ.

    • I know a number of people have went to from here, I assume looking for the Profile.

      Today, I’ve released a few new pages using the profile page template that I hammered together, here are the links: – each episode artwork starting with the most recent – same as Artwork, but starting with episode 1 & ascending – from a setup perspective, there is one custom field difference, from descending to ascending. – currently pulls 15 random images each pageload, might change that to every few hours as StartingCube becomes more popular.

  5. So nice changing!!!

  6. Wow!…. VERY nice.
    Love the new features. I like the direction that StudioPress is going. Innovation and changing up design features.
    Really like the new Lifestyle!
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Bruce – appreciate it. We feel that to be successful, keeping our current themes “up-to-date” as well as releasing new themes is key.

  7. Beautiful indeed! And with some nice additional features. Thanks :)

    The Dynamic Content Gallery has been removed from the demo homepage. Is it on purpose or will it be included again later?

    I realize that it is a detail that shouldn’t even be mentioned considering the actual design work done. Nevertheless, to some people the demo with the dynamic gallery reassures them that they will get a “modern” website…

    • The homepage is a widget area – so you are free to chose whatever widgets you want to use. Whether that be WP Cycle, the Dynamic Content Gallery or the Genesis Featured Posts widget like we did on the Lifestyle demo.

  8. Alex Taylor :

    Really beautiful theme! I’ll be switching 2 of my sites to this one over the weekend! By the way, is there an option (or a simple code tweak) to remove the categories from above the header (I’d rather put them in the sidebar)?

  9. Beautiful! You keep raising the bar!

    I’d like to suggest an image gallery page that’s laid out almost identical to the portfolio page…but instead, the images open in a lightbox instead of linking to a page for that item.

    Again, this is beautiful…not just in design, but in terms of functionality as well. I also like the direction StudioPress is heading in.

  10. beautiful update (both visually and code-wise) to a wonderful theme. Nicely done.

  11. AWESOME! Beautiful work! I got hooked on Church/lifestyle theme way back and have used it on many sites. Thank You! Soooo looking forward to using this new version. I just can’t say it enough, great themes, exceptional customer service and an awesome support team.

    Way to go, keep up the great work!

  12. Great work! Where do we access tutorials and help for new features like Post Formats, Google Fonts, Conditional Home.php etc? The Support forum still shows tutorials of Lifestyle 1.1 only.

    Newbies like me would need more hand-holding.

    • We’ll be updating the tutorials on the forum very soon. The Google Font is already loaded in the theme, so there’s not much to do there. The conditional homepage is already setup, so all you need to do is move Featured Post widgets over into the homepage spots like in the past. As for post formats, check the README file inside the theme, as there is a note how to enable them.

  13. I bought the genesis-lifestyle package last week. Today, you announced a new lifestyle theme. I thought I was entitled to free upgrades. How can I get the new theme?

    • Jennifer – check your email, as I just sent you the latest version of the theme.

      • Thank you very much.

      • Linda Wolfe :

        Hi Brian –

        Same with me! I just bought the lifestyle package a couple of weeks ago. Could you send me the new theme as well?

        I have been a web designer for 15 yearsa and just started using WordPress. I found out about Genesis in a book and now I am seriously HOOKED! I love it!



        • Thanks so much Linda – did you receive the email that we sent out with the download link? We sent it to everyone who purchased the Lifestyle or Church themes.

  14. Brian – A great update for Lifestyle. I’s like to see red and brown added to the color schemes. I can’t wait to see custom posts introduced in News.

  15. Have to admit that preview image you have shared week or two ago on Twitter did not tell much about bkg upgrades so I was not waiting in line for it, but now I regret it :-), especially if…
    I’m not sure if I’ve missed an answer explaining if this upgrade is being available to all previous owners of Lifestyle Theme or it’s just for – ” can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum”?


    • Pro Plus members have access to all themes, including new versions of previously released themes, so yes, keep an eye on the Child Theme Download board, and the link for Lifestyle hasn’t been updated yet, it will be soon.

  16. Søren Malmstrøm :

    Hi Brian, great theme!

    I haven’t got any of your products yet, but they really look good.

    Would it be possible to add the color red to this theme? I REALLY need this and I would pay for the pro package immediately if you add the red color to this theme.

    Thanks for doing such a great job!

  17. I’m having trouble finding the Lifestyle 2.0 theme download in the forum. The one there is still version 1.1. Where can I find the new theme download? I’m hanging out to update my old lifestyle version. I have the pro pack licence.

  18. My first impression is this theme is awesome, huge improvement on the version 1. I was a bit concerned at first as I really liked the look of the original, However as I start using this one more and more, the simplicity of the theme makes it so much better than the first.

    Does this new theme support genesis connect ? about to purchase it but won’t if its no longer compatible

  19. Good job Brian. One more time.

  20. Hi,

    Did you guys change the new lifestyle theme?

    The demo looks nothing like the screenshot.

  21. LifeStyle is the most popular theme with my clients — who would have thought you could improve and make it even cooler — and you did just that! LifeStyle can now without a doubt be used to cater to pretty much any project with all these extra goodies. Love it! Great job and can’t wait to dive in and play with the new LifeStyle!

  22. Brian, I’m just so impressed with this upgrade. I can’t say enough good about StudioPress, especially for those making a living in WordPress development! I started with memberships in multiple themeworks, because each had their own strengths . . . you guys have become a juggernaut across the board.

    Good going . . . looking forward to an upgrade in News.

    • Thanks Jon – while I wouldn’t call ourselves a juggernaut, I’ll say that it’s great to hear that you’ve been able to use our stuff for your own development and client projects!

  23. I’m so excited about this update on the Lifestyle theme and to have so many color choices is fantastic! Thanks so much!!! I can’t wait to start playing with it and trying it out!

  24. Brian, I’m SO excited to hear the new Lifestyle is out. I’ve been eagerly waiting because I wanted to update my site since I saw your sneak previews. Off I go now to download this gem. Thanks so much for all the great things (and peeps) you have over there on Studio Press!

  25. Great theme and love the choice of colours.

    Looks as though you guys are really determined to make Genesis number one.

    Move over Thesis, here we come.

    I think that I’ve joined at just the right time.

  26. Awesome.
    Always loved lifestyle theme and now it is just superb.
    Really happy with the use of Google webfont.

  27. Does it support custom menus?

  28. Good to know that you are updating your themes.
    One more reason to own a StudioPress Theme. Thanks.

  29. This theme kills! OMG. Really nice…!

  30. Hi
    I can’t get the portfolio template work. I choose “portfolio” pagetemplate, but then I don’t get the page. Who does this work?

    • I need to write up the tutorial on that. What you need to do is create posts for each of your portfolio items, and upload an image for each one. The move the Featured Post widget into that section on the widgets screen with the Show Featured Image and Show Post Title options selected. Make sure you select Show No Content as well. Then apply the page template to your portfolio page when you create it.

  31. I love the updated version! Having the additional colours and the extra templates (portfolio is awesome!) will make it more appealing. Do you happen to have a theme with a vertical navigation on the cards – or will I have to build my own? 😀

  32. I am moving my blog over to use this template but I can not get the dynamic content gallery to work? Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? I am following the tutorial but still not working… Thanks!

  33. Brian – I just have to add my voice to the chorus of approval for the updated Lifestyle child theme. After testing its features, I’ve adopted Lifestyle 2.0 as my main theme on my news site. Great work on another flagship product for StudioPress.

  34. angel Kyodo williams :

    Is there any way to see dark versions of the there. that’s the Church theme i was using and have been waiting for. other than that, great upgrade. especially landing page.

  35. Excited to try the new version, however, when I followed the steps I got:

    Unpacking the package… Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home2/integrq7/public_html/wp-content/themes/lifestyle/

    Theme install failed. Any ideas?

  36. I like all themes from you, that is the main reason to buy the Pro Plus All-Themes package. That is really a right choice for me.

  37. Hi

    I bought the lifestyle theme last week, I received a mail about the upgrade but when I activate the link in the mail it sends me to the same page where I originally downloaded the theme. And if I try install this following the instruction the install fails saying that it exists allready.

    Is there a different link I should be using or do I deactivate the theme in wordpress before installing the new theme?


    • Tiny – if you want to update, you’d have to remove the current theme from your theme’s directory – the theme folder names are the same, which is why you’re getting the “already installed” error. Make sure you make a backup of your current theme if you want to delete it from your theme directory and activate the new one.

  38. Hi there,

    I haven’t updated the lifestyle theme on my website in a while because a friend customized it i.e changed the number of categories displayed etc.

    If I install the new theme, will it reset it back to default?(I.e where it has Relationship, Fitness I have 2 categories below that displayed.


    • Josh – yes, the Lifestyle 2.0 theme includes a total redesign of CSS, so chances are you shouldn’t need to to any updating if you’re happy with the current design you have.

  39. Is it possible to still view a demo of the original Lifestyle theme. I purchased it days before the new 2.0 and didnt have much time to get familiar with all it’s features before the change. Thanks.

  40. I just noticed that my question was deleted without a respons. The reason I asked about being able to see a demo of the old Lifestyle theme because I need to consult with my web designer and I need a point of reference. So again I ask, is it possible to view a demo of the last Lifestyle theme?

  41. Having set up on our site and obtained feedback from many visitors, the overwhelming view is that the new design is nothing less than amazing. Much cooler and relaxing – suited to Lifestyle theme!

    From admin standpoint, it is fun. Especially the flexibility on designing my home page by choosing whatever widgets I like, the added footer area and the google fonts support. Best of all, its very lightweight. After minification post adjustments, I get good page speed score of 97. Before minification of styelsheet, it was still 90.

    I think Lifestyle has taken theming to all new levels and has set a standard that other players in industry will have to work hard to catch up with. Because Lifestyle/ Genesis Combo is not about merely giving too many flashy options that make page loading heavy or giving too many customizations that normal users like me find daunting to deal with. Instead it gives a fine balance of speed, elegance, seo and design that is ready for launch within few minutes. And then you have plenty of time to keep tweaking it to your satisfaction.

    Hats off to Studiopress team!

    • Thanks so much for the comment and kind words – we do our best to make the best possible framework as well as keeping it lightweight and easy to load.

  42. Great that you’ve introduced Google Fonts – will you be doing this for your other child themes as fonts are the way to go! Paul

  43. Nice! Ill update current old version template to new one!

  44. Fully understand the need to consolidate your themes where possible, unfortunately I picked the wrong one and designed with the Church theme. I want to keep my look, but would like to use Lifestyle if that is the supported standard going forward. May I suggest a “translation guide” or tutorial of what changes if any are needed to go from Church Theme to Religion.

    • Neil – thanks for the comment, and understand. To be honest, there’s really no need to update per se to Lifestyle, especially since you want to keep your current look. We’ll continue to support the Church theme, so no worries there.

  45. Brian, This is awesome theme and love the way it look. I request for upgrade version but I have problem installing it, everytime I activate the theme,it showing this error “Error 500 – Internal server error
    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later” I posted this problem on forum but nobody answer..I need support on this one please. Thank you.

  46. Hi Brian:

    Thanks so much for the new Lifestyle Theme and for your forward thinking. I am really glad I purchased a Pro Developers membership last January and I look forward to years of happy partnership with you and the StudioPress community.

    My one (significant) disappoint related to the new Lifestyle Theme is that as a consequence of its release you have discontinued the Church Theme. This came as quite a shock to me, and as I mentioned above, a disappointment, because of all your themes the Church Theme is the one that best suits the kind of work I do. I have already completed 3 sites and have just begun another one, all using the Church Theme.

    I gave all my clients a very substantial sales presentation promoting the benefits of the StudioPress Genensis Framework and the Child Themes system. How do I now explain to these brand new clients that the “state of the art” Church theme that I just used to create their new “state of the art” WordPress site has just been discontinued?

    Quite honestly, having read all the material on your website about themes and your future plans for the company nothing led to suspect that you would ever discontinue a theme. Had I known, or even suspect that you would discontinue the Church Theme I never would have chosen it for my clients. This has put me in most awkward situation, not to mention the fact that I have invested a lot of time learning the ins and outs of this template and really prefer woking in it over the new Lifestyle Theme for a number of reasons.

    Anyway, my appeal to you and your team is that you would reconsider and reverse your decision to discontinue the Church Theme. I read somewhere that you will continue to “support” this theme, although I don’t fully know what this would mean, but even if you do it’s not the same as still showing it in your line up. And if you do support it, why not show it as an available theme?

    I am a bi-vocational Christian minister working within Ottawa’s homeless community while also running a part-time web development business for the last 11 years to pay the bills. I mention this because while I work hard at learning how to impliment and modify StudioPress child themes, my time is extremely limited and when I do find aomething that works for me I depend on it to remaining that way.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering my request.

    All the best,
    Rudy Pohl

    • Hey Rudy – thanks so much for taking the time to comment. While I do understand the situation you are in, I want to re-affirm the fact that we will continue to support the Church theme. Moreover, the updated Lifestyle theme and the older Lifestyle/Church themes pretty much are identical. There are a few new features in the update Lifestyle theme that can easily be utilized by selecting some of darker color schemes. If your concern is that the Church theme utilized the Dynamic Content Gallery, you can still use that in the updated Lifestyle theme.

      • Hi Brian – thanks for the speedy reply.

        My real concern is that I want to continue to use a particular theme that my clients will no longer be able to find in your line-up and hence they will not have confidence in my decision to chose this theme, and therefore I will not really be able to use it. Therefore, for all intents and purposes it is gone from us. Regarding the dynamic image gallery, that’s not my issue, I have been swapping it with WP-Cycle.

        As I wrote in my previous post above, had I even a clue that the Church theme would be discontinued I never would have used it for any of my sites. Oh well, that’s life (can’t really pretent that I’m happy about this).


  47. Hey Brian,

    I am really enjoying this fresh Lifestyle Theme.
    I don’t use header advertising. How can I remove the AD space from header?
    Header Image Preview is pretty good for me – title and subtitle in the middle…

    Kind regards,

  48. I had the same thing, I think it’s to do with the number of letters in the site name, vs’s the size of the title-area div width which is 400.

    If you used just “kitchen bathroom” it would be centered correctly, not that thats the answer I’m just not a web developer so can’t help you with the fix,

  49. Hello Brian,
    This is a nice, smart-looking theme restyling!
    I like it.

  50. I have the church child theme and was sent an email to update to the above theme. Unfortunately the church child theme did not require the genesis framework. If it did, I do not have it.

    Anyway the email I got to update the theme also sent a discout code for the genesis framework. Unfortunately, that discount code does not work. How can I get the new code?

  51. Nice icons, very Studiopress-looking! Thanks a lot.

  52. Can Google Analytics be added to Lifestyle 2.0?

  53. If you have the original Lifestyle can you upgrade to 2.0 or do you have to purchase separately?

    • Michael – you don’t have to purchase separately, in fact we emailed out everyone who had purchased Lifestyle the day after release with a download link to the updated version.

  54. I have some quick questions about the addition of a custom logo, as I’m considering buying and customising this myself: can you upload a custom logo of varying file types? Must it be PSD, as not everyone has that? Can you create a simple JPEG and link/ upload of whatever and that be the logo?

    • The custom header images traditionally should be .jpg or .png in format – we normally supply PSDs of the demo site headers so folks can customize them.