Lifestyle 1.0 Child Theme Released

We are happy to announce the release of the Lifestyle 1.0 child theme. The Lifestyle child theme works on the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the Lifestyle child theme package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis theme framework and any other child theme, you can simply purchase the Lifestyle child theme by itself, otherwise you need the Lifestyle + Genesis Theme package.

Take the Lifestyle child theme for a test drive…

You may also notice that the Lifestyle child theme is sporting a new color scheme, and this will officially replace the original design that the theme had. We’re also planning on offering a number of additional color schemes in the near future that will made available to all Lifestyle theme users.

Here’s a screenshot of the Lifestyle Child Theme:

Lifestyle Child Theme


  1. Hi Brian,

    This is great news! I have some questions though. How hard is to upgrade from the non-Genesis version? What is the process? And is there a discount for folks currently using Lifestyle?


  2. Brian – Lifestyle looks great as a child theme; i love the new color scheme. Actually, the design looks like a good candidate for my hyperlocal site.

  3. Great! Definitely the child theme I was anxiously waiting for… I have used it several times and I am looking forward to moving them to Genesis!!!.

  4. Huzzah!

    This is far-and-away my favorite theme, and the one I use most often. So excited to have it with the Genesis muscle behind it!

    Thank you for answering my prayers,


  5. Uh, could we have some “manly” themes. :)

  6. Great work Brian and the Studiopress team.
    This will be perfect for a new project of mine.


  7. Burp, fart…. yeah more themes for us guys! 😉

  8. I purchased the “stand-alone” Lifestyle theme on March 3rd. As I understand the situation, there will be no future upgrades for this theme. If I want upgrades, I’ll have to buy the theme again, together with Genesis. Right? A bit disappointing…

    • Craig Tuller :

      Not sure where you got that idea from. ??

      As we have always done for our customers, any Lifestyle “classic” member becomes an automatic member of the Genesis group … which means you can get the Genesis Theme Framework and the new Lifestyle child theme … for $0.00.

      As for Members that want to stay using the Lifestyle “classic” theme, no we won’t be doing any major upgrades to it, but we will continue to support it and fix any code issues that relate to WordPress upgrades.

      • Hm, I can download the Lifestyle child theme, but I have no access to the download of the Genesis Theme Framework. Just like another user i this support forum thread

        Maybe I’m just confused…

        • Craig Tuller :

          We had an unexpected delay by our database guru adding the Lifestyle members to the Genesis Group.

          If you need access today, then send a contact form with your info & especially your Forum User ID.

          Otherwise, your group membership will be resolved with tonight’s expected database manipulation.

      • This is good to know. I just bought my lifestyle theme last month and didn’t know anything about this Genesis framework and child themes ~ can you tell me how I get the genesis theme? Been so busy working on my site I forgot how I got the theme lol.

  9. Is the Original Lifestyle theme gone?
    The link in the post above gives a 404 error and in the themes Drop down theme listing the original is also gone?

    • Craig Tuller :

      The original “classic” theme is officially retired.

      The link in the post was a typo by Brian {throwing him under the bus, since he did not have me proof the article first} and fixed now.

  10. Brian– sorry to be leaving this question in your comments section, but I can’t find another way to get in touch with someone. Can you tell me if your themes are compatible with WordPress’ BuddyPress platform? Thanks.

  11. Hi Brian;

    I have a LIfestyle theme for which I have images, however, they can only be seen when each post is clicked on individually. I reeeealllly love this style with the images and am wondering if there is some way to include this functionality or if this is a separate style Lifestyle them altogether.

    This is my Lifestyle theme blog:

    I would appreciate any help I could get to optimize my site with images at-a-glance.

    Thank you!

  12. nice – very nice, but when we will se the news child theme ?

  13. Hi,
    I am about to bring up two or three websites, most likely using the Lifestyle theme. Before I do work that I don’t need to do can you tell me what colors you are going to release and if you know when?

    • Hey Jean – it might be a little while before any color schemes come out – we have a few other theme releases in store first, so I wouldn’t wait for them with the 2 or 3 websites you have.

  14. IF I want to change the color scheme for the lifestyle child where do I do that? I went to the stylesheet for the child theme but it didn’t change the color ~ it just deleted the one that was there already. Any suggestions ~ or where I can find this info in the support forum?


  15. Hi Brian/Craig

    Can you please tell me what font is used for the word “theme” in the header?


    Helena :)

  16. Hello,
    I’m new here. I purchased the packaged a few days ago. I’m trying to use the lifestyle theme.
    I’m wondering if the lifestyle child theme is capable of handling the features content plugin?

    If not where can i download the lifestyle 4 theme?



    • Craig Tuller :

      Yes, you can use most plugins, but of course will have to implement the code for its use per the plugin developers instructions.

  17. Craig,

    What’s the difference of Lifestyle Child theme and Lifestyle 4 theme?

    Where can i get the version 4 theme?


  18. I was going to purchase the Lifestyle theme and when I went to buy it, it had completely changed! I don’t like the new colors or design at all. The old one was perfect and I hadn’t found anything better in all the other themes such as Headway, Thesis, etc. Now I don’t know what to do. Is there anyway I can still buy the old Lifestyle theme? Even if I could get a picture of the old one so I could recreate it somehow with one of your themes?

    Please help!


    • Craig Tuller :

      We have the CSS for the colors of the original Lifestyle, so no worries!

      The design is still the same and you will most likely wind up changing the layout anyway, once you see how easy it is to do.

      Just ask for the original colors/CSS after you purchase.

  19. Craig,

    I’ve purchased the theme so do I follow the classic tutorials to get the original colors or still go with the Genesis tutorials? Or maybe I ask for the original colors somewhere else?


  20. Hi Brian/Craig,

    I purhcased the Lifestyle Child Theme last week and I would like to ask if I can change the color of the theme, instead of pink or original(style.css), maybe dark red or something in that shade so my website would be more catered to men and women not only to women. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Yes, it’s possible by tweaking the CSS.

      If you need to ask how, please do that on the Support Forum.