Mindstream 1.0 Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Mindstream 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

Mindstream Child Theme

The Mindstream theme is the tenth theme released here which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Click here to see how the Mindstream theme looks across mobile devices.

Post Formats

When WordPress 3.1 was released, they added the ability to publish various “types” of posts called post formats – similar to the way Tumblr allows you.

Mindstream supports the following post formats: aside, audio, chat, gallery, image, link, quote, status and video.

Theme Features

The Mindstream theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, custom background, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, post formats, theme options, threaded comments.

Take the new Mindstream theme for a test drive…


  1. Brian Nice! I’m going to test drive this on a new site I’m working on!

  2. Looks great for a personal blog. Trying it right now. Keep up the good work.

  3. Looks really good. I’m always excited to see new blog themes using post formats.

  4. Another winner Brian… looks great!!

    Loving my eleven40 on Synthesis though :)



  5. So clean, glad you guys are still cranking out blog themes, elsewhere I’ve noticed the focus is a bit heavy on business/e-commerce.

    That being said, I’d like to see a ‘Venture’ update. :)

  6. Post formats are something new to me but I can see how the idea would work wellon a personal blog.

    Theme looks fabulous as ever.

    Can’t believe how quickly you guys are releasing themes – that Pro Plus package makes so much sense.

  7. Alex Taylor :

    So many great themes that I really don’t know which ones to use on my key sites anymore! I love this one too.

    A while back, in the forum, a couple of people said that the theme you used on BrianGardner.com for a while a few weeks back would be released as a child theme. It was similar to the Mocha theme, but slightly different. Is that one still coming? If not, it may be Mindstream instead on a couple of sites that I’m waiting to set up…

    • The newly released Mocha theme was a restyled version of what I was running on my site at the time. Since then, I’ve changed things up a bit and decided to release that new design as a Tumblr-style theme – which is Mindstream.

  8. @Brian Gardner

    Looks awesome in responsive layout design!

    Well done! :-)

  9. Nicely done! Really loving everything that is coming out these days

  10. Another wonderful theme.

    For my new hike blog, I was thinking about adding responsive features to the Backcountry theme, but I am going to try this one first.

    Great job!

  11. Fantastic! And the timing is perfect. :)

  12. I’ve got a project launching today that will make good use of MindSteam – great work as always, looking forward to more!

  13. Real nice. Excellent theme. Just a little surprised it don’t have additional colors, but no problem for me I’ll just add them..


  14. Awesome theme Brian!! This is my favorite one yet. If I keep having to buy new themes, I’m gonna have to upgrade to pro :) Killin me smalls!

  15. Wow. Read my mind again, didn’t you 😉

    After I test this w/ a special plugin I use, I may just install this on my personal site, built on my name, that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

    I’d love to see you guys do another 2-3 Tumblr-style themes this year.

  16. Hi Brian,

    Great stuff and love the design. You guys are doing fantastic work here and it’s really great to see – how quickly you guys are releasing the new themes.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. This is officially the best theme ever. Not to mention the front end design, there are so many back end elements you have placed in this theme that I like A LOT! I can think of three clients this would be perfect for. Thanks, Studiopress!

  18. Super cool.
    I too will use this on my personal site with a special plugin (Premise). And on a few more sites too (w/Premise).

  19. Finally…
    Another child theme with post format.
    Hopefully Studiopress will release more child themes with post format.

  20. Another great theme guys. Great job! I’ve already promoted it on my website and so far, I’ve got a couple of leads. :)

  21. This is definitely one of my favorite StudioPress themes now. So fresh and so clean, clean. Well done!

  22. hi Brian, great theme!

    Would this theme be ideal for say a web designer/developer, who might want to do all sorts of posts on code, their work, testimonials from clients, case studies, tutorials etc.

    using the posts formats to achieve this?

  23. Definitely what I am looking for my new site 😡
    You guys always rock with your theme. Simple, clean and awesome

    I have included your responsive themes in my post here

  24. Wow nice design and good work guys keep it up!