Modern Blogger 1.0 Child Theme Available

StudioPress is happy to announce the release of the Modern Blogger 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can purchased here.

Modern Blogger was developed by Lindsey Riel of Pretty Darn Cute Design, and can be found on the StudioPress Marketplace. As a reminder, these themes are not included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package, but we assure you that the design and coding of the themes are top-notch.

Theme Features

The Modern Blogger child theme includes the following features: 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, theme options, threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the Modern Blogger Theme

Modern Blogger Child Theme


  1. Awesome, nice one liked it…

  2. Those are some gentle, yet mind-bending colors. Not a slam, though … very nicely done.

  3. Nice one, Brian! Still elevating your game…I love it!

  4. Looks great and the colors are just perfect. Bravo!

  5. Love the colors and fresh and trendy personality of this theme! You bet there is a niche out there for this look — I get asked for it all the time! There really aren’t many younger feeling feminine color-schemes out there. This theme positively builds the StudioPress portfolio as one of offering themes above and beyond the black-grey-corporatey staples.

    Great job, guys! 😉

  6. Nice template, but it’s not W3C valid:

    I think i’m gonna buy it for one of my websites in the future, but please make it W3C valid.

    • As far as I could see this is “only” because of the import of Google Webfonts via @font-face – this is more or less common sense now but W3C seems always “a little behind” with declaring new standards… No other code from the theme seems mentioned there so this is not a big issue because you could disable the Google Fonts easily…
      Just my 2 cents. Dave :)

    • It’s just because of Google fonts. Not a big deal and doesn’t affect the theme’s performance. If it makes you that uncomfortable, disable Google fonts and use standard web fonts.

  7. Super cute! Love the colors!

  8. LOVE THIS theme! Will be hoping to use this in the future for some of our more “fun” clients! This is definitely an adorable theme – much needed color scheme! FUN!

  9. It’s awesome theme for wordpress.
    i like it.

  10. I like it. I am on my way to try to set this up right now.
    I liked it also… keep up the fantastic work…
    This forum just never ceases to amaze me..

  11. Love this one too though I will be changing up the colors to bold purples.

    Question though, when is it going to be avaiable to download for the Pro Plus Package?

  12. Awsome! Very easy-going design. A good new direction!

  13. So eye-catching, I love it. I guess we can play around with colours and backgrounds easily for different aspects on the same layout. Another good theme by Studiopress.