Nomadic: A Free Child Theme For Genesis

I am very happy to announce the release of the Nomadic child theme for the Genesis Framework. Nomadic will be one of many free child themes that we plan to make available for download.

Nomadic is a “blog” theme, which includes features such as 6 page layouts, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments. (click to see demo)

Here’s a Screenshot of the Nomadic Child Theme

Nomadic Child Theme for Genesis Framework


  1. Gorgeous!

    Great work!

  2. Reminds me of one of your old themes, “Revolution Blue” or so. Those have been gorgeous times.. I thought that one looked neat and sweet already, but it gets better and better!

    ps: Still on your ‘ol Revolution Pro Media theme. haha.

  3. Thanx, Brian and team for this one! Comes along really nice I LOVE this color scheme!! Your love for “Oswald” brings out a lot of themes recently but that is awesome for us all and the Genesis community :-)
    Keep up the good work! -Dave from Germany :)

    • Thanks Dave, appreciate it. I’m more in love with Google Fonts than Oswald specifically, so you’ll see more and more of Google Fonts showing up in themes.

  4. Hi Brian!

    Wow. Hard to keep up with your great work now. :). Thank you Brian. Love creative people :)

  5. Another theme, and this one is free!
    Goop looking demo … particularly like the footer.

    Good to see the level of interaction on the blog taking off.
    I like a bit of banter on a blog.
    Shows that the site has a community.

    • Thanks Keith, as stated in the redesign blog post, I really want to focus some of our attention here on the blog. Glad to know those efforts are being seen!

      • And how Brian.
        This place is really starting to come alive.

        You are certainly doing your bit with your replies to comments.
        You are beginning to look like a real blogger. LOL

  6. Another great work! I’m very proud to be a Genesis and Studiopress user. :)

  7. @Brian Gardner

    WoW! Another Free Child theme from StudioPress. Great :-)

  8. Talk of the old Revolution themes has me all nostalgic now. I still have 2 or 3 sites running on the Revolution 30 theme. Man, I got some milage out of that theme. I used it on *everything.* I’d love to see it given a facelift like you’re doing with the other themes :)

  9. How do we download this nomadic theme. Sorry I am new to wordpress. Is it listed on the wordpress website?

  10. Excellent. Thanks for your very first free child theme :-)

  11. I like this one!!

    An idea – we could use a splash page theme. One that is just there!

  12. Do I have to buy a Genesis Framework to have this free??? I don´t understand.

    I have one Studio Press Glamor already but I would like to have this free one for an other blogs I have. So what do I do??

    • If you have Genesis, then you’re able to use the Nomadic child theme.

      • Brian I have a Genesis and I want to keep it as it is.
        I want to instal the Nomadic in a new blog, so I dont understand why you offer something for free when is necessary to buy a theme any way in order to use it. So, what´s the deal??
        Could you explain it to me please??

  13. Why I could not find the box in General settings to turn where image for logo or text, the guide in dev section does not apply for Genesis 1.6?

  14. I like this theme with blue color. It also looks clean/minimalistic if i can understand web 2.0 a bit. Oh and nice redesign to studiopress, brian. :)

  15. This is a nice theme. I just installed it on my site but the sidebar on the right is overlapping towards the left column. Kindly advise and help. Thanks.

    • It would be extremely helpful if you posted a link to your site. Moreover, if you don’t mind asking this in the support forums, as we created a space for free theme support.

  16. Hi

    I think the theme is vibrant and ideal for the blog I am trying to build. I just wondered if there is a muli author blogroll widget you could recommend to us with it. I guess it would display the latest 1-3 post from each author. Nice to have would be ajax expand to show more posts for a given authoror maybe category/tag filtering. Thanks.

  17. I’ve been using Genesis for months now… And I would say that this Theme is really something…

    For the FREE child themes NOMADiC is the best for me… :)

    Thanks a lot Brian!!!

  18. Good work Brian;

    I will use it website that have 5 pages and no categories. How can I make 960 px – header and index? I want to same width for them. And really curious, why wp designer and coder don’t use all area as 1000 px? Everytime there is spaces on the right and left.

  19. Thanks Brian for the amazing nomadic theme. I am using it in one of my blogs. But i have a question to ask. How do i remove the admin login from the footer of the theme?
    Thanks once again.

  20. Hi

    I thought I would have a go at changing the favicon.ico on my nomadic child theme.

    1) I found an .jpeg on my local drive
    2) I performed the convert with – incidentally the jpeg was 16×16 so I am not sure what was converted other than the name!
    3) Tried the Genesis Favicon Uploader ( with the file but no matter what I get I get an error “Currently at this time only file type supported are .ico.” – quick google tells me I am not alone so there is clearly as issue here.
    4) copy my favicon.ico to /public_html/wp-content/themes/nomadic/images/
    5) cleared the (temporary internet files) in IE8
    6) Still all I see is the black ‘G’ !
    7) …now I am starting to worry – is Genesis/Nomadic set up correctly…..