Platinum 1.0 Child Theme Released

We are happy to announce the release of the Platinum 1.0 Child Theme. This was developed to work with the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the Platinum Child Theme package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis Theme Framework and another child, you can simply purchase the Platinum Child Theme by itself, otherwise you need the Platinum + Genesis Theme package.

The Platinum Child Theme is the first StudioPress Theme to begin using the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin, which is being used on the homepage. Along with that, is the use of “WordPress Post Thumbnails” on the homepage – we’ve created some intermediate sizes to be displayed, which gives the Theme a great look.

Take the Platinum child theme for a test drive…

Here’s a screenshot of the Platinum Child Theme:
Platinum Child Theme


  1. WOW, what a great looking child theme, I’m going to have to use this one! You’ve done it again Brian.

  2. Hey Gardner,

    Nice job, this theme really great.!

  3. Great theme. I really like the post excerpts in the sidebar.

  4. I agree, that’s a lovely looking child theme to go with the brilliant Genesis framework. How many child themes are you planning btw?

    • Thanks. Once we start the Child Theme marketplace there will probably be hundreds.

      • I’m about to start a new site, and one that will require a lot of work. I’d really like to build it on the Genesis framework but not with one of the current Child themes.

        Are there any plans to develop either a Child News or Magazine theme soon? Thanks.

      • As a pro-plus account holder, will we get free access to the child theme marketplace, or will there be something that means we can get the ones at least made by you guys for free still?

        I can understand paying for third party creations, I presume the ones you guys release though will be available to us for free.


        • Hey George – as the theme marketplace is going to be invite only (at least for the initial launch period) yes, any child theme that is made available on the StudioPress site will be included in the Pro Plus package and can be downloaded in the support forum.

  5. Hi Brian,

    I love seeing the new child themes coming out – looking forward to more :)

    What’s the difference between the new “Dynamic Content Gallery” & the previous “Featured Content Gallery”?

    • Hi Helena,

      Both plugins are similar in the effect they achieve, but there are some significant differences too.

      The DCG:
      – provides for more ways of populating the gallery
      – Can be used in a widget
      – Validates XHTML
      – Uses correct PHP “open tag” syntax (FCG doesn’t, which can cause issues on some hosts)
      – Provides an easy to use “metabox” for entering the custom fields necessary for the plugin to run
      – comes with an alternative jQuery script which helps avoid plugin conflicts
      – has built-in error messages to assist in diagnosing problems
      – was written by me and is maintained by me – and I spend a fair bit of time here on the Studiopress forums, so support is never far away 😉

      Take a look at for more info.

      Hope this helps. :-)

  6. Brian, It is great to see that you’re releasing child themes so quickly and I’m loving the Platinum theme — really top notch. I’d like to second Mark’s request for Streamline next. Again, thanks for all of your hard work and efforts.

  7. Great.I liked this themes very much.

  8. WOW!! This theme is PERFECT!!!!!!!!! It’s exactly what I needed!!! And on the amazing Genesis Framework too!!!

    You guys are the BEST at WordPress themes and thats a fact!

  9. Beautiful work! I’m really looking forward to seeing the child theme for Lifestyle.

  10. great design brian.. i love it. Big Thank you

  11. Great job Brian. Keep up the good work.

  12. A great looking theme! quick question – what are the “album” posts filed under? is “albums” a category? So this theme lets you put category thumbnails/excerpts in sidebars?


    • Hey Matt – thanks for the kind words. Yes, the Album posts are just a category, and our custom Featured Posts widget allows you to specify a category and post images in the sidebar.

  13. beautiful.

  14. keep up the good work , i like your work