Prose 1.0 Beta Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of Prose Child theme v1.0 Beta, which is now available for download for StudioPress Pro Plus members at this time. Prose, originally called Genesis Designer, is a child theme which includes a Design Settings page to easily control elements of Genesis.

Prose Design Settings

(click image to see entire design settings panel)

Alongside our wide variety of child themes, the primary intent of Prose will be to provide users a way to quickly setup a blog or website without having to go into the code. Many bloggers simply want a basic theme which allows them to use organic WordPress functions such as custom header and custom background. This will provide them a simple way to customize the basic elements of their site – fonts, colors, etc.

A Few Things…

We plan on adding a few more options into Prose and we strongly suggest against using the Beta version for production or live client sites right now – until an official version is released. We will also be adding some “skins” that can be downloaded here in the near future – which can be imported via the Design Settings import manager.

We’d Love Your Feedback…

If you would like to provide feedback on the Prose child theme or report a bug, feel free to leave a comment here on the thread. We’d like to thank you in advance for your time while testing the Beta version.

Lastly, for those of you curious folks – the Prose child theme will be freely available to anyone who has purchased Genesis or a combination of Genesis and a child theme.


  1. Good job Brian. Any idea if these functions will be available in the future for other themes like lifestyle? Also, is it compatible with Multi-site?

    • Thanks Ben, appreciate it – the Prose Design Settings function is specific to that theme, and I doubt will be made available for any other child theme. With all of the customization done on other child themes, primarily homepages with unique (as it relates to other child themes) css, it would be too difficult. As for multi-site, yes – the Prose demo is actually run on a multi-site environment, so I can assure you it works.

      • Phew! I thought you were going to dump all this into the Genesis core, THANK YOU for leaving the framework just a framework.

        You could offer Prose-like features in a plugin of course.

        • We thought about adding it into Genesis core, but the auto-update concept is what drove us away – we have always made a commitment to encouraging folks to make (any) customizations by way of child themes, so this stays consistent with that.

  2. Really love the way the back-end is set up. The ability to easily dial in the layout and fonts selection is great for those wordsmiths out there. Can’t wait to see how the skins will look. Home-run on this one Brian.

  3. Awesome concept, Brian! Can’t wait to play around with it once it’s available to everyone.

    For pronunciation, does Prose rhyme with ‘rose’ or ‘Jose’?


  4. What?! Has StudioPress been reading my mind?

    Pondering the ramifications of this child theme, it seems certainly possible that StudioPress eventually provide (for purchase, why not, like a child theme) custom homepages based on this theme (with function.php add-ons, as/if needed), and even add a few custom design settings for said custom homepage, too?

    Is this a path you’ve been pondering?

  5. Hi Brian!

    Fantastic move forward. I’ve switched from Thesis to use Genesis in my projects. It is nice to see how fast is your developement. Congratulation!

    Some questions:
    – WP 3.0 custom header and background options will be added to this child theme?
    – Do you plan to add page width options (with the ability to choose full-width style)?

    I just can’t wait to download stable version…

    • Peter, the Prose beta theme already includes support for custom header and background – if you look in the Appearance menu in your dashboard, you’ll see that they are enabled. As for the full width page, that option already exists – you can see an example of a full width page layout on the demo site. At some point yes – we plan to incorporate column widths into this.

      • Brian, I don’t have Prose, as I’m not a Pro Plus member yet. I see for the first time now with your link. It is sooo beautiful. It should be THE main Genesis template. You should be implement it into the main framework! Imagine how powerful childthemes could be built upon these options. It is ment to be there! It should appear in the admin, if the child theme has support for it, so you could solve backward compatibility issues.

        Forward thinking: if it was implemented into the main framework, you could creat an API to make it possible to extend the functions with child themes. Or even we could set which setting is shown or hidden regarding our own child themes. So you could give a very powerful tool to us, developers.

  6. Steven Schwartzman :

    Hey, this looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for! Any word on when it will be available for sale on its own?

  7. This is awsome! StudioPress team can’t be beat. You all ROCK!

  8. Man, this is such a great move!

    I have a question regarding Multisite. Will you be able to install this as a child theme on your network sites and then each site can use it’s own options, header, and background? That would be game changing.


    • The idea is to be able to do that… as of right now, 90% of it is working on multi-site, we are just trying to finalize the ability to use a custom-style.css file across multi-site environments…

  9. I just got my email to download and I just previewed the theme. My site currently isn’t anything overly extravagant. It’s clean and simple and that’s what I love about the theme (clean and simple).

    Looking forward to implementing it on my currently domain.

    • Thanks for posting this on your @Ribeezie twitter stream. How exciting! Sounds like we are getting the functionality I have been hearing that Headway has. I assume without the code bloat that has plagued them and they are working to fix in 2.0.

      LOVING my Genesis ProPack and all the wonderful support I am getting.

      BTW – since I launched Oct 5th I have put out a pile of complimentary #GenesisWP tweets but no one from Genesis seems to be tracking those. Hopefully not to be taken as a whine – just a tip from a Social Media Marketing Consultant.

  10. Hi Brian.

    What a nice surprise to find one of your Premium Themes as a FREE download to Studiopress Pro members.

    It`s much appreciated – Thank You

  11. Brian: In your post you caution against using the Beta version for production or live-client sites as you intend to make a few updates. Do you have an ETA? I’d like to use this on my personal blog: (it’s nothing complicated). Do you recommend against installing it at the moment?