Prose 1.0 Child Theme Released

StudioPress is excited about the launch of our new Prose child theme. This is the first WordPress theme for the Genesis Framework that includes a full set of design controls, so users can customize the look and feel of their theme without any custom CSS.

Font size and typeface, site colors, and many other key visual elements can be customized, while still retaining the professional design that keeps Prose looking sharp. The theme has a clean, streamlined design that’s perfect for content marketing, or for any site that wants to put content front and center.

Prose was designed by Rafal Tomal, and showcases his love of uncluttered but sophisticated design. Special thanks also goes out to Gary Jones and Daisy Olsen for helping with the development.

Check out Prose for yourself…

Here’s a screenshot of the Prose Child Theme:

Prose Child Theme


  1. Clean white space — love it! Nice to see a more Blog oriented theme as I am getting asked for that more often by clients. The double-nav bar and full header are also “must haves.”

    Another fine job from the folks at StudioPress — thanks!

  2. Very cool! I haven’t had a chance to play with it but I plan on it. I’m excited to see some Showcase sites using Prose.

  3. Now that it is finally released, I can start to use it for a site I’ve been planning. This was the exact theme I was hoping for. Thanks, guys!

  4. Very nice. I actually prefer the way it looks out of the box.

  5. I concur, StudioPress like WordPress continues to provide us with the tools we need to stand out from the rest. Way to go!

  6. Job well done, Gary! You rocked this one!

  7. Awesome Clean design! I’ve already started a web design project with these theme :) Thanks for your hard work guys!

  8. Great one, looks elegant too. Thanks

  9. I would like to see a website built with Prose. I am trying to decide which one to go with. Prose looks very professional from what I see here.

  10. Prose sounds really cool. Are there things that the Magazine child theme can do that Prose cannot (fairly easily) do?

  11. Marshall Adler :

    The Prose theme is perfect for my consulting business not just for it’s clean, uncluttered look and appeal but also for the fact that it allows me to write and showcase valuable content and to really presell my readers on my services.