Quattro 1.0 Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Quattro 1.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. Others can purchase the package here.

Quattro Child Theme

The Quattro theme is the 14th theme released here which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Click here to see how the Quattro theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Quattro child theme includes the following features: 3 color styles (blue, brown and gray), 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Quattro theme for a test drive…


  1. Hi Brian I love it theme.. it seems your blog..


  2. Michael Hutchison :

    Nice! I think every friday should be theme release day at Studiopress. Would it be hard to add the tumblog style post icons to this theme like tapestry?

  3. Not grabbed me straight away this one.
    Will have to keep taking a look… see if it grows on me.

  4. A can-not-be-missed Child theme :) great design and nice concept

  5. Nice.

    One question: will all the responsive themes be able to also handle video embeds natively? Or will it require additional CSS or code tweaking?

    • Videos are a bit of a different beast when it comes to responsive design. Straight CSS isn’t enough to make them adapt correctly. For Production, which is a responsive video theme, I ended up using a combination of responsive CSS and the FitVids javascript.

      You can use Genesis Media Project to add support for videos to Genesis themes, or you can work with the FitVids plugin.

  6. Great design and love the vintage style look, Brian.

    Keep up the rocking work guys.

  7. a little disappointing… seems the best themes aren’t included in the pro plus packages.

    • I’ve run it past a few family members and not getting much of a WOW from them.

      I don’t agree that the best themes aren’t included in the Pro Plus Package,
      News and Magazine are fabulous, but like you Pete, personally I’m disappointed with Quattro.

      • Guys, you have to understand that not everyone wants or needs a magazine style homepage or one with all kinds of featured sections.

        I spent a lot of time trying to craft Quattro with an emphasis on design, textures, and the likes and while I won’t be over-sensitive to your comments, I will point out it’s meant for a particular crowd.

        Sometimes people want a theme where they can just write.

        • I was writing while you posted! My comment in no way is intended to be rude or anything like it; keep up the great work 😉

        • “Sometimes people want a theme where they can just write.”
          Agreed Brian.

          Apologies for being so negative and actually missing the obvious… the words.

    • It may be better to wait and release a nice looking theme instead of releasing it just because it’s “Friday”, as noted above.

      You guys have accomplished some great work with sites like this one, entreproducer and Jay Baer’s. I really would like to see more of that kind of work.

      • My only issue is, they are all very similar really recently, other than the education theme, most themes are the same.

  8. Wow! Tough crowd this week. Of course not everyone is going to like all the themes all the time but saying it’s not a nice looking theme seems a bit harsh.

    I can see many uses for a the Quattro theme. My imagination takes me to an old time French newspaper styled blog or possibly a photographer with a passion for B&W photos. Think outside the box and this theme has lots of potential. Especially seeing how it’s another mobile responsive theme.

    Keep up the great work Brian and StudioPress. You crank out excellent themes!

    • “…an old time French newspaper styled blog or possibly a photographer with a passion for B&W photos.”

      Great ideas Rick – you’ve set my own imagination going.

    • Sweet and clean. Fits the ticket for clients who want something airy, like Apple’s website. Love the fonts used here, too. Nicely styled.

      Hope to be using more Genesis in the near future – as we move toward implementing responsive WordPress themes for customers.

      P.S. FitVids is highly recommended by the WordCamp crowd (a.k.a. WP programmers).

  9. While i’m not the biggest fan of this themes colors i can clearly see that it focuses on the content. When viewing a post the content area looks so … wide. Maybe it’s because of the colors that i focus more on the content when reading a demo post on the site. Anyways: with some minor changes to the colors i’m sure a lot of people will like this.

  10. Strong looking content focused theme! Nice job Brian. Love the use of subtle texture.

  11. great job Brian! i love it just the way it is and i know we have plenty of upcoming clients that might be very interested in this theme for blogging. love the details, texture and classic style.

  12. Brian, I’ve been using your themes since before StudioPress, and frankly, the themes look amazing and every client has been able to easily visualize their content on just about all of your theme choices. On top of that, even the most novice code readers can make clear sense of your page code, and CSS. I’ve bragged about you to every one, and even had to prune clients out that wanted to work with “other themes” just because it had a cute out-of-the-box look. Case in point… thank you again, for making my life a joy to live and my job a joy to perform with ease. I love the Quattro Theme, and just as I was browsing the other themes available, you posted up Quattro and it suited the client perfect. You, your associates, themes, plugins, and uncanny support… just Wow.

  13. Underwhelmed with the offerings these past weeks.

    Update, retool, build more functions on themes languishing.

    Lifestyle for example.

    Brian needs a vacation!

  14. This one looks nice. Hope you guys will release more tumblog and ecommerce theme. I know there are very fewwww child themes for tumblog-style and ecommerce site.

    Keep up the great work

  15. I have to agree that StudioPress is in a rut, theme-wise.

    Quattro is elegant but somber – and ultimately little more than a quick rearrangement of common theme elements. Still, I might have gone for it with the addition of a vibrant color option. “Vintage” doesn’t have to be dull!

  16. My mind drifts a bit towards Scribble.
    Very nice blog theme, Brian.
    Thanks! – Wil

  17. I absolutelly love this theme, the way it makes you feel (relaxed, ready to read) and the squared fine texture. I might start using it for my site.

  18. Personally I’m a fan of standard “blog-like” looking themes and just love this one! While it looks great right out of the box the customization possibilities are endless.

  19. Matthew Magee :

    I was immediately drawn to it. Often themes for writers are too simplistic with little texture/depth in the design. I’m just beginning a personal blog and am using this theme. Great work, Brian and Studio Press.

  20. nice design of the theme, brian. simple yet elegant! waiting for the tutorials. thanks again!

  21. I just noticed that the theme is implementing the Google fonts via functions.php rather than the style sheet. Is this the new way forward? Just curious.

  22. I really like this theme. So I decided to dress it up a little..


    Still tweaking.. Thanks Brian


  23. The comments on Quattro show how difficult it is to produce themes that everyone likes, but there have been some great suggestions and ideas in the comments.

    Brian G “Sometimes people want a theme where they can just write.”

    Rick D “My imagination takes me to an old time French newspaper styled blog or possibly a photographer with a passion for B&W photos.”

    And Michael W showed us what a little customisation can do – Michael you have to post the steps / code somewhere for that customisation – looks fabulous.

    I’ve taken Brian G’s original intent for Quattro and mixed it with Rick D’s ideas and produced this review…


    All I need to do now is add a section showing Michael W’s customisation.

    • Christian Nelson :

      I love the clean look carried through on most StudioPress themes, and I think Quattro follows along with that…but I also do agree with some of the others here in wishing for some new themes that are bit more “different.”

      Having said that, I really like what you have done there, Brian. Wow…really cool.

      • Christian Nelson :

        Oooops…while I really do like what Brian has done in designing the theme, what I actually meant to say in this post was that I also really like what Keith did to add some extra “interest” to it.

  24. Thanks Brian for releasing Quattro.

  25. Looks great! I absolutely love this theme and can definitely see a use for it. The textures are bang on and are beautifully understated.

  26. Overall, I really like this theme. I think blog themes should find ways to put the content at the center to help create a distraction-free reading environment. Definitely one thing I’ve appreciated about the StudioPress blog themes. With a little tweaking this would make a great theme for a photography site or a boutique.

  27. You can’t please everyone. I like the linen background, as well as Michael W did for bringing some focus to content. A splash of color (perhaps red hyperlinks) would make the design ‘pop’. But this all shows the importance of design and how digital architects build only frameworks; we’re responsible for making them homes.

  28. Bad link on the ‘here’ in this sentence in the description above – “Others can purchase the package here.”

    Very nice variation and look. I like!

  29. I like it. It would work well for a personal fashion blogger who just posts similar size photos along with a written blog post.

    My one critique for all Genesis child themes is the style of the navigation menus. I’d love to see the nav menus pop more.

  30. At first glance, it looked the theme looked familiar or similar to the other themes, but after I played around with it and looked at it more, I think it’s a great addition. The design is subtle and very stylish.

    As a matter of fact, I’ll be using it on one of our project sites. :)

    Thanks Brian and StudioPress for developing quality themes.

  31. Wow, I feel a bit disgusted by some of the negative comments here. #unappreciative

    While I can’t think of a particular use for Quattro AT THIS MOMENT, I do appreciate StudioPress adding another tool to the toolbox.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for the quality themes!

    • Josh – I don’t think it’s negative, just the StudioPress community giving honest feedback. The Copyblogger Media team are professionals and know that the comments are constructive criticism.

      RAS :)

      • @RAS – Before I begin, this will be my last remark on this topic.

        Perhaps negative wasn’t the right word. Maybe I should’ve used “unnecessary” instead. If you’ve ever released a WordPress theme (or product for that matter) you’d know there is a lot of excitement in releasing it. I’d assume most of the people who have commented here are Pro Plus members. Quattro is yet another theme available to you and that should be appreciated not greeted with comments similar to “why can’t we have this instead”.

        IMHO, I felt some of the so called “constructive criticism” was a bit discouraging and deflating and I’m only a customer.

        You have your opinion and I have mine. Carry on. :-)

        • Christian Nelson :

          Yes, you have your opinion. And most of us also have opinions. My opinion was that it was a nice-enough theme, but could have been nicer.

          What do you suppose would happen if every time a designer (any kind of designer) came up with something, and everyone just said, “Wow…that’s so great!” And no one dared to voice any of their thoughts that might have made the design even better.

          Things would just stay the same. Things would never get better.

          If I had asked someone to design a theme for me at no cost, I wouldn’t make even the slightest “negative” comment about it.

          But when we are paying for theme development (and we *are* paying) we have the right to say what we really think…and what I’ve seen here have not been “negative” comments, but have been appropriate comments expressing wishes, needs, and hopes for future themes.

          And any designer who can’t deal with that concept, any designer who can’t deal with criticism (constructive or otherwise) is in the wrong business.

          And my guess is that Brian totally understands that, and takes the comments as the commenters intended.

          • @Christian – Last remark, I promise. :-)

            I said I assumed most commenters here were Pro Plus members. If that holds true, this means you are a paid customer versus a continuously paying customer. As for me, I paid once for all past released and future released themes. I felt I got a heck of a deal when I became a Pro Plus member a while back. And with every theme release that deal I already paid for becomes sweeter and sweeter. I hope you try to understand this point.

            I agree, constructive criticism and feedback is extremely valuable. But the wording and way it’s presented makes all the difference.

            In closing, I’m willing to admit my perception of the comments may have been wrong. Like you, I’m just another satisfied customer voicing their opinion. :-)

          • I know all I was saying was, all the new community themes, have a difference in them that the pro plus themes do not get and some of the pro plus themes being released, are pretty much just a basic reskin of other themes here without offering a real difference that the community themes are coming out with. i think all the comments here are in no way disrespectful.

  32. Great looking theme Brian! Definitely clean and to the point, no beating around the bush. Love the fonts, link hover, and shadow depth effects.

  33. I think it’s nice…I like what you’ve done with the borders and textures. This is a great theme for designers to start with to create something amazing that is “truly” responsive.
    I have seen quite a few themes that “claim to be responsive”, but are no where near. You certainly know what you’re doing when it comes to responsive designs. I have viewed several of your responsive themes on many devises and they all look great. Well done, Brian!

  34. I really love the vintage feel of this one!! I can tell it is content-focused rather than “website-focused”. Now to decide which blog of mine to put this one on…

    Great job! :)

  35. Great looking theme. I can see this being used for a multitude of content rich blogs and galleries.

  36. Responsive Minimalist? Please? Thank you.

  37. I love this theme and I am planning to buy this. But first, let me ask, does this theme support third-party commenting system such as Disqus and IntenseDebate?

    • as far as we’re aware, it should – we haven’t had any reports to the contrary.

      We don’t have a “try before you buy” area, but we do have a 30-day money back guarantee. You’re more than welcome to purchase a theme or themes and then apply for a prompt refund if they turn out not to suit your needs.