Sample: A Free Child Theme For Genesis

I am very happy to announce the latest version of the Sample child theme for the Genesis Framework.

The Sample child theme is the default design for the Genesis Framework. This child theme also serves as a great foundation for building custom themes.

The Sample child theme is a “blog” theme, which includes features such as 6 page layouts, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments. (view demo)

Here’s a Screenshot of the Sample Child Theme

Sample Child Theme for Genesis Framework


  1. Another nice theme. Thanks Brian to you and your team. I think I’ll use this one as a foundation theme to build my next site and add portfolio and landing page templates.

  2. Very nice ! Clean and easy. Great job !

  3. Yes correct! With the Sample child-theme, we can make more child-themes for Genesis Framework like I did on my personal blog, :)

  4. I like this, I have been looking for a more simple layout for a simple blog. Thanks!!

  5. Nice and clean. Looks like a great jumping off point for a custom theme.

  6. If you install without previously installing Genesis you get a fatal error. My bad for not realizing that Genesis needed to be installed first.

    is there a graceful way to back out after its been installed and the WP-Admin is hosed?

    • Hm, not sure why this would happen. If you can get into the wp-content/themes directory on your server through FTP you can simply delete the theme from there.

    • Installing != activating, and you should not be able to activate a child theme whilst a parent theme is missing.

      Whilst you’re in the back-end via FTP, also try renaming your plugins folder (e.g. pluginsX), then once you’re in admin, visit the plugins page. You’ll get a load of red warnings saying that files couldn’t be found and all plugins were disabled (which is fine) – now you can rename your plugins folder back to what it should be, and activate your plugins one at a time to make sure it’s not one of them that’s the problem.

  7. Looks like you guys are ahead of the game – “which will probably be synced with the release of WordPress 3.3.”
    Wordpress 3.3. alrady!

    Good looking default theme.

  8. “Sample” looks nice and a great starting point for more themes. Thanks! 😉

  9. I think this will form the base of many sites to come.

  10. These are always so clean, nice work!

  11. I really love the simple template when i bought my template i bought the chrurch theame but i have went to the original and the original theme really works for my blog me and bpd i think later on i will change my theme to something more fancy its really amazing it has really helped my search engine ranking too

  12. Wow. Very nice! Great job.

  13. This is a great foundation for the blog-styled themes. Thanks!

  14. Very nice theme. Simple and clean design for personal blogs. Thanks you Brian.

  15. Any word on the 1.8 beta yet?

    Leon McKee

  16. Hi Brian,
    what will be the option in customization ?

    Could you also advise which theme has the most customisation option.