Serenity 1.0 Child Theme Released

We are happy to announce the release of the Serenity 1.0 Child Theme. This was developed to work with the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the Serenity Child Theme package here.

If you have already purchased the Genesis Theme Framework and another child, you can simply purchase the Serenity Child Theme by itself, otherwise you need the Serenity + Genesis Theme package.

The Serenity Child Theme is the first StudioPress Theme to begin using a jFlow slider, which is being used at the top of the homepage. Along with that, is the use of “WordPress Post Thumbnails” on the homepage – we’ve created some intermediate sizes to be displayed, which gives the theme a great look.

Take the Serenity child theme for a test drive…

Here’s a screenshot of the Serenity Child Theme:

Serenity Child Theme


  1. great released! Nice theme.. Today to fast.. Good luck..

  2. Nice theme brian, really like the home page slider. way to go!

  3. looks very fresh and clean

  4. Well done, Brian! I’m really diggin’ the slider!

  5. quality theme + easy customization = studiopress

  6. You’ve been working so hard on these child themes over the past 2 months. It a fantastic step for the future of studiopress, wordpress and all us solo designers. Well done! I’m amazed.

  7. So Clean. So Simple. Letting the content do the talking! Great all around layout.

    Can’t condone that color scheme though! 😛 Gonna find some #hexvalues to man this thing up for a DadBlog.

  8. Nice lay-out, digg the full size slider. Seems pretty tweakable alright, thanks for this one!

  9. LOVE IT!
    I feel like it’s Christmas every other day with these theme releases!!!! Love the look of the navbar sort of wrapping the page! Very nice! 😉

  10. Another clean and extremely attractive theme!

    Looks to me like you are moving everything into Child Themes … is that right?

    Also, is the jSlider as easy to use as the plugins we use on the older themes?

    Is there a particular advantage … or some other reason that you have moved
    to the jSlider

    Thanks again for your consistently excellent work!


  11. Wow! i like this blue.. Thanks for this theme Brian..!

  12. Great theme – fresh and different from the rest. Can’t wait to try it and the other new child themes. Great work.

  13. Hey there and thanks for this lovely theme. I am so excited about all this child themes and genesis framework, and you just keep getting better and better. I really love it. Keep up the good work. :)

  14. hey i love this theme, and would love to use it! but the colors don’t go with my branding – could i change the blue and the green with hex colors?

    • Hey Stacey – thanks so much for the comment and kind words. Yes, the theme can be customized to fit whatever color scheme your branding is. This would be a matter of modifying the stylesheet.

  15. Hey Brian, Been looking for just the right theme….this I think is it. I keep getting all the flak from Thesis Users, but I really like your Themes and think they are Pro all the way.

  16. Hello.
    Does it have some .pot files to help the translation to other languages ?


    • Craig Tuller :

      Yes, there is a .pot file included.

      • A .pot file is great! Know what would be greater? a RTL version for people who might want to build a blog in Farsi or Arabic. Ok, ok… and in Hebrew too. I’ll even make you anyone that cares a deal. Make the mod and I can put together a .pot file in Hebrew. Not in Arabic because it’s a little rusty and not in Farsi because I don’t know any and I might be violating some kind of embargo…

  17. Hey, great theme! We’ve enjoyed it very much.

    I’m currently trying to install the Genesis Simple Hooks onto the Serenity Child Theme and the Hooks Plugin will NOT activate. The plugin states that Genesis v1.1.2+ is required but it does not appear that the “Serenity Child” theme has any new updates beyond the original release of version 1.0.2.. Can you help clear this up?

    Thanks again for the beautiful WP themes!

  18. Hey Brian this is a GREAT theme, layout, and color scheme. Even though some of the fellas “beat you up” about the feminine colors I am sure this theme has easy customizable colors. I also realized how VITAL color scheme is to your market. I currently have a great church theme but the color scheme is not relating to the market I want to attract.
    Brian I applaud your diligence and am continually amazed at your the thought you put into your work

    • Thanks so much for the kind words – and the affirmation on our choice to pursue the feminine market. I’m completely at peace with developing themes that appeal to ladies. :-)