Streamline Pro Keeps it Simple When Your Content Demands More

Our last theme release was minimalism at its smartest, but minimalism isn’t right for every site.

When your site is rich with diverse content, you need a theme that can keep it all simple and straight so that your readers have an easy, enjoyable experience.

You need to streamline design.

Streamline Pro, our latest child theme upgrade for Genesis 2.0, does exactly that.

Good design does not get in the way of your content.

Good design shines a spotlight on your content, enhancing it and subtly compelling engagement, without allowing the clunky old light frame and camera operator up in the balcony to be visible.

But don’t fear that just because you have a lot to say and display that you have to abandon all hope of keeping things simple.

That is why we designed Streamline.

This new child theme built on Genesis 2.0 allows for easy designation and display of featured pages, has built-in simplicity for navigation and subscribing, and responds based on device to ensure your content is always observed optimally.

Other features of Streamline Pro include:

  • 3 color styles
  • 3 layout options
  • custom background
  • custom header
  • custom menus
  • featured images
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme options

To see for yourself, view the Streamline Pro demo here.