Streamline 2.0 Child Theme Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Streamline 2.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the package here.

For those who already have the Streamline 1.0 theme, the updated version will be sent out to the email address you used to purchase.

The Streamline theme is the fourth theme released here at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Updating to Streamline v2.0

This version underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.

Click here to see how the Streamline theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Streamline child theme includes the following features: 3 color styles (blue, green, orange), 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options, threaded comments.

Take it for a test drive…

Screenshot of the Streamline Theme

Streamline Child Theme


  1. Thanks! I just bought a few new domain names and can’t wait to test and play with this new theme on one of them!

  2. Great work, Brian!

  3. At first glance, this is officially my favorite theme from StudioPress! It’s got all of the elements I look for…with the exception of two that are missing (Landing Page & Portfolio Page). Everything else is tight, has social signals, has direct response, good typography. Really, really well executed. Thank you!

    Just one question, why don’t you offer consistent page templates throughout all of your themes? This keeps me from implementing any given theme. The barrier to entry is raised with this small bit of inconvenience (meaning, I have to put more elbow grease into it).


    • @Eve,

      If you have the pro pack, you can pull the portfolio page template from one of the other recent themes & it should work fine (might not work perfect on mobile devices).

      Same for Landing Pages, assuming that they are page tempaltes.

      I know I have a set of personal page tempaltes that I load on any project no matter the theme because StudioPress does not include anything like them at this point.

      • Thanks for the tip Jonathan.
        I guesed that might be the case but good to have it confirmed.

        • to wordpress a page template is a page template, with that said – a page template made for Genesis framework is differant from a normal page template for most all non-Genesis framework themes.

          The best bet is to pull from a Genesis Child Theme, otherwise you have to know more PHP to make it all work right.

        • I just looked at the code for the portfolio & landing page page templates in Balance.

          Landing Page should work with no issues.

          Portfolio – that might have issues. Seems they have not made a self contained page template, but a combo page template + widget … so if you know some code you can go find what you need to add to the functions to make it work.

          I wish they would make a real Portfolio Page Teamplate, but I also know modifying how it looks (and being self contained) takes alittle more knowledge of PHP and/or CSS then I think they are aiming for.

    • I’ve seen tutorials here and on Brian Gardner’s wesbite for adding a landing page in Genesis. Aldo, Nick the Geek has got a bag full of advice about customizing Genesis so you should be able pretty much to do whatever you like with a theme.
      (yet, not sure I know how to add 2 after-post widgets side by side like in Focus 1)

  4. I kinda like it but it’s totally different from the original theme. I liked the design, the look and feel of the original theme. It was one of my 3 most favorite studiopress themes. This new one… i don’t know yet. Could you include the black design with rounded corners and stuff like it originally looked, too? πŸ˜€ That would make it awesome. (in my opinion)
    Anyways – love the variety of themes. So thank you for that one.

  5. Brian, I love what you’ve done with Streamline. Not only is it gorgeous, but it looks great on my iPad. I can hardly wait to see how you revamp News.

  6. You are a star!! I was about to start playing around with eleven40 to try and achieve this sort of look! That’s 3 sites earmarked for this one :)

  7. at some point I have to stop playing with all the new Themes….I just switched from the old Streamline to Metric….Now I may switch back….Curse your Brian Gardner :)

  8. The “After Post Widget Area” looks interesting.

  9. LOVE this! Saw a sneak peek via twitter a few days ago and have been waiting for this.
    Really like the marketing elements that are being included in the new themes.
    Thanks for another awesome theme! πŸ˜‰

  10. Awesome looking. You guys really have very good sense of design which looks elegant yet have that eye-catchy look :)

  11. Does this update includes bbpress and woocommerce integration? If not, then when can we expect Agency 2 to release?

  12. It is totally different from the original theme. Thanks for another awesome theme.

  13. Oh nooo! I love this one. it would actually suit me perfectly but i already went from copyblogger to eleven40 to nomadic LOL!

  14. Another fabulous update – you guys go from strength to strength.

    So pleased we (Skyewebsites) chose your framework to work with.

    And a great inspiration for our own client theme designs.

  15. Any chance you guys could slow down a little?
    Plugins and themes coming out thick and fast and all top drawer stuff.

    So glad I signed up with StudioPress.
    Many thanks peeps.

  16. There is ONLY an option to buy theme WITH framework but I already own the Genesis framework :O(

    What’s that all about? Why can’t I buy the theme on it’s own?

  17. I’ve been waiting a long time to see streamline get an update. I’m excited and can’t wait to update my site with the new look. Can you grab it from the forums if you purchased the previous theme or do we have to wait to get the update in a e-mail?


  18. Brian, thanks for another rockin’ Genesis child theme! I was planning blog site redevelopment around Streamline 1.0. Version 2.0 is totally different, so now I’m torn. I like different elements of each. Regarding 2.0, I do love the mobile responsiveness. How would a featured content slider (like in the 1.0 demo) work with that? Can you recommend a good one to use with 2.0? Thanks again!

  19. I see you have fixed the pricing page and the theme only link is now visible…phew!

  20. Beautiful! Perhaps different enough from the original Streamline that its own name was deserved?

    I’m already thinking of ways to utilize this theme – keep them coming!

    • While it is different from the original, we’re trying to keep our selection of themes to manageable amount – maintaining the highest of quality in terms of design and code. Some of our older themes we plan on giving new looks, and Streamline was one of them.

      • Very good points – I like the idea of you guys determining needs and niches to fill and then designing around them with a limit to the number of themes you’ll produce.

        You keep me on my toes, at any rate!

  21. Awesome, fabulous, perfect for my needs. Thanks Again ..Martin

  22. Love it, I used your original Streamline (Revolution days) for a couple of years. It was brilliant. I’m looking forward to getting this one up and running!!

  23. Nice theme, I like the typography, it’s very easy on the eye.

  24. This is officially my favorite StudioPress theme!

  25. I like the look. Great sections. Beautiful use of catching email addresses.

  26. Hey, Brian
    Wow you guys are really working diligently behind the scenes : )
    I have been exploring your eleven40 theme which I like very much, the responsive design elements on these new themes are really trick, so much nicer than the old way things were done.

    I know you have stated that Agency is next in Que but when is the lifestyle theme slated for revamp for mobile responsive and enhancement redo?

    Nice job guys!


    • Hey Cam, yes – Lifestyle (among our current themes) is probably going to be the first theme that is retroactively made responsive. We’ve got a few other things going on right now, so I can’t tell you for sure exactly when.

  27. Very Nice Upgrade! I’m going to purposely look for a site to use it on.

  28. This is great! I have the old version and would like the new one. I sent an email to with my receipt.

  29. (not sure if this is helpful or the right place…)
    2 opinions on the new Theme Demo link:

    a) I love the bottom “Buy Theme” overlay – I guess if it were configurable, this genesis-purchase-plugin would be a huge hit! (hint hint hint – would it be hard to add config color, url, text … it would make a cool plugin – my guess),

    b) it’s a bit of a chore now to click around different themes. I personally preferred to have a drop-down to view themes within the demo area. Tastes vary, and this method may sell more, just saying … :-)

    Again, love the new Streamline + the old Revolution Streamline was brilliant too!

  30. Wow! Streamline did receive an overhaul. The new design looks really good!

  31. Hee! In the post, you say “Screenshot of the News Theme”…

    Brian, did you mean “New Theme”, or was that a Freudian slip that hints at the next theme coming along?

  32. Another cool subtheme from you!
    Having tested the demo, I find myself wondering which new blog I should launch in order to use this theme. πŸ˜‰
    The only downside for me was the design of nested comments. The nesting is hard to see – and honestly I feel the design of those fall short of the rest of the theme.
    But then again – a great theme which will just require a bit of tweaking to the comments section!

  33. Man, you keep us confused: make us change the theme of our blogs. I know you have to be consistent but with such wonderful themes released quicker than any other Premium WordPress Themes Club it’s difficult to stick with the previous design.
    One thing I’d like to praise more than the others: the post subtle background. It provides a great support for the text and the eyes love it.

  34. “This version underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path.”

    Are there step by step upgrade instructions for the not easy update?

  35. Yes it is a upgrade version, but if you follow the stepsin the instructions you will be perfectly ok.

    All I couls say WoW Streamline just got a face lift awesome.

  36. It looks great. You’ve done a great work, Brian.

  37. I am having all kinds of problems trying to change the theme colors from that dark black and gray.

    I change the codes in the css – background. Some background colors changed and some didn’t.
    Maininly the background colors in the footer and the header didnot not change after I put in the color codes over ten times.

    Why didn’t you all after creating the theme just set it up with several color selections to choose from especially at the price you are charging.

    This is turning into a time consuming adventure.

    • I’m sorry you’re finding this difficult – if the hex code doesn’t work to change it, you may want to make sure there’s no image governing the color.
      Some of our themes do come with color choices, but we find that many people prefer to design their own color schemes.

      • “Some of our themes do come with color choices, but we find that many people prefer to design their own color schemes.”

        Count me in with the thousands watching at home who do not want wish to be doodling with hex codes and trolling help forums bothering moderators when we could be writing ;o)

        Press a button and select from 10 professionally crafted color themes – that’s why we continue investing in Studio Press Themes!

    • I am still at this with no resolution in site.

      The header background color and the footer background color is not changing.

  38. Could the good folks at StudioPress put together a tutorial on how to make (Genesis) child themes responsive? If nothing else, just some basic pointers…

  39. Hey,
    I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m wondering if we could change the size of the thumbnails that appear before every post. On my site, they look a bit too large thus putting my content out of focus.

    Also, any idea how to get the Featured page slider to automatically show up the most recent posts?

    Thanks in advance

  40. It’s official! This is definitely my favorite theme. Great work, StudioPress! I finally got around to working on switching my site over from Generate today. Thank you for adding better design and functionality to the world :).

  41. Brian, I love the new Streamline theme for this Idaho Wilderness River Outfitter’s website. Having a few problems getting dynamic content gallery to recognize one category ID setting (I’ll post in the forum) but other than that, this is an outstanding responsive theme and I’m so grateful for Genesis and Child Themes for custom designing my client sites! YOU ROCK!

  42. Doug Francis :

    I use the old version… and this new version looks too much like which must have been the prototype, no?

  43. “Resistance is futile”, I thought to myself last night. I sweated out the transfer to my current version of Streamline 1.0, and hopefully this upgrade will go smoothly too.

    This morning I have done more research on Mobile Responsive Design and can relate to the fact that my blog needs to work where everyone is… on the iPads. Off to Starbucks.

    • Doug, cool site man, like it! Not sure I understand the black space in front of the Twitter bird though…