Streamline Child Theme 1.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of the Streamline 1.0 Child Theme. This was developed to work with the Genesis Theme Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can purchase the Streamline Child Theme package here.

Here’s a screenshot of the new Streamline child theme:
Streamline Child Theme


  1. Really impressed with the speed at which you’re getting these Child themes out. Can I put a bid in for the Magazine theme to be next?

  2. Another one I will definitely use.

    Genesis is not only a great way to fast track the development process but a great way to learn how to write better WordPress code and themes.

    A big Aussie thanks to Brian, Nathan and the team.

  3. I’ll cast another vote for Magazine – it’s my most-requested theme for development.

  4. Hope “Lifestyle” goes Genesis :-)

  5. 1 – will this theme allow for replacement of the current “streamline” text in the upper-right with our own customized logo?

    2 – I’m not clear on whether the child theme would be enough for me – what would I be giving up by buying only the child theme? Or worded the other way, why wouldn’t I want to buy just the child theme?

    • 1. Yes

      2. You MUST have the Genesis Theme Framework installed in your WordPress theme directory along with a separate install of any Child. This is a Parent/Child dependency, so any child by itself will not work. You will only activate the Child, but it uses the functionality of the Parent. When you make modifications or customizations, you should make them to the Child. The main advantage is that when we upgrade Genesis Theme Framework, you will never lose any of your work. Yes, Genesis Theme Framework can be used by itself as a standard theme, but upgrades could cause you to lose your customizations.

      • I’ve installed streamline on it’s own – is it meant to be set up with the genesis theme. Or are these 2 separate streamline themes.

        • Rebecca Diamond :

          Hi Tony,
          We have the Classic/Original Streamline theme, and then the new release is designed to run on the Genesis framework. If you’ve got the classic theme installed, there are no problems continuing to use it.

  6. Very nice!

    Any hints as to when Lifestyle or Church child themes are going to bust out onto the scene? :)

  7. Can you tell me if there is localization for streamline theme. I am interesting for serbian localization.