Genesis and Updating to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.3As many of you know, WordPress 3.5 was officially released. We wanted to let you know that we’ve updated all of the Genesis child theme demo sites — and everything is well.

This is our way of saying “Go for it, you should safely be able to update to WordPress 3.5!”

Updating WordPress for Genesis Users

The development team here at StudioPress is always working with the bleeding version of WordPress. As a result, we can confidently say that there aren’t any major issues with WordPress 3.5 and Genesis 1.8.2.

As always, it’s usually good practice to do a database and theme backup before updating to the latest version of WordPress.

Now that WordPress 3.5 is out, we are wrapping up the development of Genesis 1.9 and will be making a beta version available. If you’d like access to this, please download the Genesis Beta Tester plugin and wait for our announcement.

What’s New in WordPress 3.5

Here’s what’s new, according to the official WordPress announcement:

1. You can now put your (or anyone’s) username on the plugins page and see your favorite tagged ones, to make it easy to install them again when setting up a new site.

2. There’s a new Tumblr importer.

3. New installs no longer show the links manager.

4. Finally for multisite developers switch_to_blog() is way faster and you can now install MS in a sub-directory. The Underscore and Backbone JavaScript libraries are now available.

All good stuff, right? Happy updating!


  1. Getting so excited about Genesis 1.9 – got a couple of projects waiting so i can be bang-up-to-date with my new child themes…

  2. I’ve actually been testing the release candidates for awhile now and didn’t have any conflicts with the StudioPress themes I’m running, but anyway updated here with nary a hitch. Yay!

  3. Thanks Brian
    Will make a start on updating to WP 3.5 this weekend.

  4. Thanks so much! Always so great to know I can check here for an “okay to update” before updating my site or my clients’ sites!

  5. Also – both Ron and I are listed as contributors for this cycle. 😀 Cool, huh?

  6. Thank you for all of this information. WordPress, you’ve coma a long way, baby!

  7. Over the years we have really come to love the feeling that Brian and your team seem to always have our backs. We certainly appreciate your dedication, high quality of service and of course, expertise. Thank you!

  8. Thanks so much for the heads up Brian I will be trying it soon.

  9. Cheers! So nice to always be gteed of compatibility. When it comes to major updates, StudioPress is always headache free. Looking forward to Genesis 1.9.

  10. Great work! We so appreciate all you and your team does Brian!


  11. Can’t sleep for full nights until get my hands to Genesis 1.9 :)

  12. Way less excited about WordPress 3.5 and way more excited about HTML5 coming to Genesis. I know Genesis powers a lot of popular websites, but for me, the exclusion of HTML5, keeps Genesis from being a mainstream development framework, that is until the new Genesis 1.9 release – Game Changer!

  13. When should we see a beta of 1.9?

  14. WOW! Took you long enough!

    Just kidding of course. Just another reason why I love Studiopress.
    Thank you to all of the Studiopress team. Have a great 12/12/12.

  15. Updated 22 sites and no issues — this is why Genesis is THE only framework to build on!

  16. I just upgraded to WP 3.5 no problems. I’m using Genesis with the Balance 1.0 theme . Thanks so much. I decided to use Genesis this time around instead of Thesis 2.0 and I’m not sorry I did.

  17. Thanks! And though I never update immediately, preferring to let other poor schmucks work out bugs, I have been following 3.5, and the changes that mattered to me were:

    – Completely changing and re-orging the Media uploader. Galleries will work differently, no more drag/drop sorting, etc.
    – Changes to the TinyMCE editor, and they were frantically squashing bugs for that last time I looked.

    So if your site heavily relies on those, you may want to check those areas.

  18. Holla, holla! Just waiting for the go-ahead… :)

  19. As a site that heavily relies on images, the revamped media area is the best feature of 3.5.

  20. Hey Brian I’m having issues after updating with Bee Crafty. Images won’t center align and sidebars are missing from my homepage. I put in a ticket for help. You guys rock btw and the new WP interface is cool!

  21. Kudos WordPress! I look forward to using the Genesis framework for my Clients. And Happy new Year Guys!

  22. I like that you can assign your username to plugins that pretty cool. I wish they would have had this a long time ago as sometimes you forget one that you really liked.