How to Make Money With WordPress (and Genesis)

As WordPress continues to grow and extend it’s user base, many folks are actively looking to exit their day jobs and figure out how to make money with WordPress. Mashable recently published a great article called 7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress, and we’d like to take this a step further.

We’d like to show you not only how to make money with WordPress, but also how to make money with the Genesis Framework. What do you say, are you interested?

Become a Developer and Build Client Sites

It’s no secret that a lot of folks are running on Genesis – in fact, our latest statistics show that well over a quarter million sites have the framework as the foundation of their web presence.

The interest folks have with running their site on Genesis is huge – and the opportunity for you to make money with WordPress by developing and building custom sites for clients is the same. In fact, StudioPress will promote you – as we do with many Genesis Developers.

Develop and Sell Genesis Child Themes

When we launched the Genesis Framework, we knew that there would be a lot interest in working with it. Genesis carries the GNU General Public License v2.0, which means that you have been given the opportunity to extend it by way of child themes.

There are a lot of talented designers and developers who are building and selling child themes. Places such as Themedy and Theme Forest are developing some pretty amazing Genesis child themes.

Identify and Own a Niche with Genesis

Working in the “general” WordPress space can sometimes be very difficult because of competition. A way around that is to identify a niche that WordPress and Genesis can cater to, and go after it.

A great example of this is our friends over at Agent Evolution who dominate in the custom real estate website market. They use a combination of AgentPress and IDX integration to own that space.

Another example is the political arena, where our friends Wes and Lauren at Win With WordPress exclusively build their themes and custom sites with Genesis.

Become an Affiliate and Market Genesis

Affiliate programs have been around for years now, and StudioPress offers 35% commission for all sales generated by affiliate leads. Whether you do child theme reviews or simply place advertising on your site like Chris Brogan and Darren Rowse do, you have the chance to make a lot of money.

Want to be like our top affiliates who earn $xx,xxx? Join our affiliate program now…

Develop and Sell Add-Ons for Genesis

Long time StudioPress friends Ron and Andrea Rennick saw an opportunity at hand when they were contacted by many people regarding the integration of BuddyPress and Genesis. Not too much time passed before they realized the chance to make money was there.

Ron developed the Genesis Connect plugin, which allows users to build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of the Genesis Framework and WordPress.

Create a Membership Site for Genesis Training

We offer an extensive site for Genesis Development, which includes an array of resources from general tutorials to teaching the basics of building child themes.

While there is an incredible amount of documentation there, there’s also a void for niche specific and detailed information that some users are looking for. This is a great opportunity to carve out your own place in the market, and do something like our friend Kim is doing with her Diving Into Genesis series.

Making Money With WordPress AND Genesis

In the same way Matt Mullenweg encourages people to build business and make money with WordPress, we do the same with Genesis. We love the ecosystem that has been created out of the development of the Genesis Framework, and actively promote (through the StudioPress blog as well as Twitter) people who do great things with it.

There’s plenty of opportunity as we’ve pointed out to establish a viable business by combining the power of WordPress and extensibility of Genesis. We will continue to find ways to expose the talented designers and developers in our community.

And that’s a promise.


  1. WordPress no doubt one of the best CMS and Genesis Added a more flavor in it.
    Already have Genesis Developer license and promoting genesis by writing articles on it. Wish sooner get started with building Genesis Child Theme

    • Thanks for all that you are doing with Genesis – it’s great to see people embracing it, writing about it and tweeting about it!

    • Genesis is one of the best theme affiliate programs, due to a number of reasons.

      First is the very reasonable price, and what you get for the price.

      The next is definitely the child themes, many people don’t want to design their own theme, and Genesis solves that problem with the huge quality selection.

      All in all it’s the easiest sell for WP themes, and probably the best WP themes affiliate program because of it.

  2. I am with you on all of this, Brian! Thanx for sharing and engaging even more people into #genesiswp :-)
    For almost an year now I made the decision to switch all my WordPress work to Genesis and that was the best thing I ever did with my whole business. It’s so much better for all involved in a project: me as developer, my clients and visitors. It makes life easier!
    And to learn more myself and give back to this ROCKING Genesis community, I created my first child theme called “Autobahn” and released it for free:
    More themes free and premium are to follow!
    Thank you for creating an ecosystem! Genesis shifts the way I create!

  3. Create a kick-ass country music blog and sell ads!! Woot!

  4. Thank you SOOO much for the mention Brian! What an awesome way to start my day! :-)
    StudioPress is such a great example of making money with WordPress and contributing to the community (with free themes, graphics).
    Love the new Fabric theme too!
    Thanks again- it’s truly appreciated.

  5. I’ve just developed my first Genesis child theme for a client. So, so quick & easy. The benefit with working off Genesis & the included child themes is the details are already taken care of and look good, so all I have to do is bring in the specific elements from the design I’m given.

  6. Nothing to really add here. WordPress + Genesis = the goodness :)

  7. Genesis hasn’t converted very well for me as an affiliate compared to other theme sites. I would be curious to get some stats on your top affiliates to see what the potential is. I had emailed you guys in the past but I never get a response. I would love to converse sometime!

  8. When I saw the price of the Pro Plus package of Genesis and the quality of the child themes, I knew it was a fantastic opportunity to make money.

    I market Genesis sites as High end Business sites and my clients love them and will pay top dollar for them.

    Thanks for a great product at a fantastic price.

  9. Thanks for such a great article…it does get the juices flowing for ideas to create an income with WordPress, Stuidopress and the Genesis framework. Now to get my thinking cap on and carve out my niche.

    Thanks for mentioning my friend, Kim Doyal and her Diving Into Genesis, it is a great class and has taught me a lot!

    Thanks for offering the Pro package and for continually adding new themes!

  10. I’m churning out client sites on Genesis like there’s no tomorrow for a chance to feature in the Genesis developers :)

  11. Love the article! I feel like I am living most of it so far, the platform is excellent and now I only build on the Genesis framework with WordPress.

  12. Whaoo! I am hearing about Genesis for the first time. I have been trying to know how I can increase my readership. I hope this can be a solution to this issue. I will try it and watch the effect it will have on my site.
    Thanks a lot

  13. That is cool. I have earned some good bucks with Genesis as an affiliate and I am happy as it is easy selling than any other framework even Thesis.

  14. Thanks for the Genesis and Agent Press theme.. I have developed my first Agent Press site for a client and so far they and me are loving it… Its a lot of detail for me but not too difficult… at 66 years old enought still works up there to get me through the entire process without a single stroke… so far..

  15. Thank you for the article. I’m new to blogging and trying to get started. I’m really doing a lot of research about which framework to use. Genesis is now definitely on the top of my short list.

  16. Nice article, Brian.

  17. I am already using the Genesis framework and I am really satisfied with the theme. Hope can make some Money in near future.

  18. Brian, you know I’ve been a big fan since the Revolution days.

    I’ve made some great websites for FarPoint Media over the years, and we’re still trying to figure out how to get us making money (entertainment is never-ending work!), as well as me getting some client interest from the customizations I’ve put out there, and from my experience as a site and server admin.

    Thanks for making Revolution and Genesis such great places to use as starting points, especially for someone like me who’s about 85% unix admin and 15% coder, and maybe this is the year we can get that positive cash flow thing figured out 😉