Innovation: A Free Quote Graphic (PSD)

It’s no secret that infographics and Pinterest are a hot topic and that we enjoy providing free web graphics here at StudioPress. So now we’re giving you the chance to publish a customized graphic on your own site.

Innovation Quote Graphic

  Download Innovation Quote Graphic (8.0 MiB, 3,030 hits)

The Innovation quote graphic comes as a customizable PSD file and packaged with the Google Fonts that are used in it.

Feel free to modify the graphic and be sure to add a Pinterest “Pin It” button to your website after you publish it.

Designed by Rafal Tomal.


  1. LOVE his work- this is great!

  2. Very Cool! How generous, now to dream something up and actually make it. :)

  3. Mmmmm…
    Fabulous looking piece of art, but is the idea to use the graphic and add your own text?

  4. Awesome!

  5. @Rafal, Thank you sir. Very nice work! Appreciate the share!

  6. great graphic + great quote = winner

    Thanks for the freebie!

  7. Used it here…

    Looks fabulous.

    BTW – can’t believe how well organised your layers are Rafal.

  8. Wow! My favorite quote as a PSD, will use it in my personal blog.

  9. Thanks for great graphic, I’ll use it soon

  10. Really enjoy your infographics, and especially when it’s on my favourite topic of innovation. Great stuff.

  11. really awesome infographics.

    cool ones to keep

  12. cool and fabulous infographics……

  13. Awesome, and really brilliant one.. Superb work..