Genesis Community Link Showcase for Oct. 18th

Have you ever wanted to create an image search engine within WordPress?

Are you curious about what plugins are out there to extend Genesis’ capabilities?

Find out that much and more in these five links from Genesis community members you know and love.

Do you know how many plugins there are available for Genesis?

Care to wager a guess? 5? 10? 20? 1,000!!??

Here’s a hint: the answer is between those last two options, and Bob Dunn took the time to list and describe them all in this very useful post.

Article written by Bob Dunn

Speaking of useful …

Converting a Genesis child theme from XHTML to HTML5 is not backwards compatible, meaning it likely will break your site’s design thanks to the differences in CSS nomenclature. The fine folks at Cobalt Apps have a way for you to overcome this that does not involve combing through your CSS line by line.

Just get your copy/paste fingers ready and take advantage of their XHTML-to-HTML5 Converter.

Article written by Eric Hamm

Genesis themes come with a number of different page layouts, and toggling between different layouts is easy as 1-2-3(4-5).

Learn the simple steps in this quick tutorial.

Article written by Lindsey Riel

HTML5 includes a number of benefits, which we’ve detailed here many times. For a refresher, plus how the integration of HTML5 and Genesis works, read this post.

Article written by Web Savvy Marketing

SearchWP is like the default WordPress search function on steroids. This post teaches you how to create a custom WordPress image search engine with just a bit of copy/pasting in your Genesis child theme.

Article written by Robert Neu