Preliminary Ideas for the Genesis Theme Marketplace

One of the most exciting aspects of Genesis for the StudioPress team is the marketplace idea. We are absolutely pumped about it. As previously mentioned, the marketplace will open as invite-only at first. We’re still nailing down the details of the whole process, so things said here might change.

Here are some of the preliminary ideas we have. Designers/developers can provide designs/child themes that will be sold in the Genesis marketplace (available to StudioPress customers on and in the Genesis “Purchase Themes” menu page).

There will be two ways to be involved in the Genesis theme marketplace:

  1. Designers can submit PSD designs, which StudioPress will be responsible for coding
  2. Developers can submit full child themes, which we will review for code compatibility, efficiency, etc

If you choose to do so…

  • The StudioPress team must approve all designs, therefore your design must be on par with our themes, and be approved as StudioPress caliber before we add it to the marketplace.
  • StudioPress will evaluate, and likely modify, your code to be fully compliant with the Genesis API, web coding standards, and proper SEO.
  • StudioPress will provide support for all themes sold on the marketplace. Developers do not have to provide support.
  • StudioPress and the individual will split the earnings from single theme sales, with a majority of the sale going to the individual. (exact revenue share to be determined)
  • As part of your agreement, you cannot sell Genesis child themes on your own site. You must sell exclusively via the Genesis marketplace. But feel free to send traffic from your site to the Genesis marketplace or to individual child theme sales pages to boost sales.
  • The benefits of being on the marketplace, as opposed to selling child themes on your own site, is of course — traffic & exposure, and also, the fact that StudioPress will provide support for your theme.

OR … If you choose to sell/give away Genesis child themes on your own site, please note:

  • We ask that you link back to StudioPress (with affiliate links) to encourage people to purchase Genesis
  • We ask that you make it clear that you do not work for StudioPress and are an independent developer
  • We ask that you make it clear that your themes will not be supported by StudioPress

If you play by the rules, and we think your work is good, we’ll be happy to add you to a directory of “additional Genesis theme framework resources”, which will be listed here on the StudioPress site. This will give a huge amount of exposure to developers who’s designs aren’t accepted into the marketplace.

And of course… these terms are subject to change, and they likely will. Just wanted to give you guys the gist of what we’re thinking with the Genesis theme marketplace.


  1. Brilliant, looking forward to seeing this concept become reality.

  2. Love it Brian!

    Can’t wait to get involved!

  3. WOW!!!!
    I have to tell you- if it weren’t for StudioPress I wouldn’t have ever bothered to touch code in the first place!
    Not that I’m a developer….but thought I might make one little request to any one working on these child themes….I would LOVE to see a ‘sales page’ child theme option! I get this request from people ALL the time and usually install a wp sales page theme in a different directory for them…but the code is never as clean as Studiopress.
    Just thought I’d throw it out there….thanks!
    And thanks for the all the amazing themes!
    Kim Doyal

    • Hey Kim – wow, what a story – we’re so glad that you hitched onto StudioPress! The Sales Page can actually be accomplished using the Full Width Content post/page template now – or were you looking for something more specific?

  4. I mentioned this idea quite some time ago RE: users submitting their own theme customisations and selling them with the help of Brian… good idea 😉

  5. This is great news :) I’d probably opt for submitting ready-coded child themes to sell via the Marketplace.

    Any idea on the time-scale for this?

  6. Great idea guys. You’re teasing us about this theme now – can’t wait to see it live.

  7. Brian can you elaborate on the revenue-sharing piece a bit? If I submit a PSD design and you code it, I would think you would take more of the “share” than if I create the design and do the code myself. Yes? No? If no, is it because you guys can write the mark-up that efficiently it really doesn’t matter?

    Just curious cuz I may consider participating and if it’s the same share whether I do just a PSD or PSD + Mark-up, why would I bother to provide the markp-up too?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to get my clients set up :)

  8. I am really looking forward to the release of Genesis. I didn’t start learning wordpress until I bought my first Studiopress theme almost a year ago now, and I will tell you I spent a good amount of time staring at the screen and wondering “how do I…” . I consider myself lucky I started with Studiopress because of the great help on the forums and the good coding that has made it easier to learn. I have looked at other themes and even joomla for more design options but I always end up sticking with Studiopress. I have been asked by many people in the IM world what theme I use and can I design a site for them. I send them here, I need to sign up as an affilate!
    Brian I remember when Winston Park was a cornfield.

  9. My graphic designer may be able to contribute – nice work Brian!

  10. David Riveroll :

    Great Brian!
    I look forward to participate in your marketplace with some child themes.
    I guess I’ll have to buy Genesis first! lol

    See you around.


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