Revolution Rebrands as StudioPress

StudioPressAbout a month ago I introduced my newly formed design/consulting company StudioPress.

For a number of reasons, the Revolution themes will be moving over to the StudioPress site – and I am asking you to trust that this has been thought out very carefully. There are a number of things that I’d like to work on, and in order for me to move forward with them and to do what I want, it makes a lot of sense to place all of that onto one site. (ie WordPress themes, theme support, design services and other internet consulting)

Here’s an excerpt from the post that I mentioned:

StudioPress will be the parent company for all that I do online, which means ultimately Revolution will fall underneath it as a web property that I own/run. One thing I will say is that I have a lot of plans moving forward, both with Revolution and other things in general, and needed an umbrella to keep it all under. For a number of reasons, I was advised to do this.

Ok, now here are the details…

As you can see, the StudioPress website is pretty much ready to go for the transition, with the exception being the support forum. I will be closing down the Revolution Two support forum tomorrow night (February 17th) at 10:00 CST for a few hours to move it over to StudioPress. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any other downtime.

What is the impact of this decision?

The first (and most important) thing is that nothing will change to the business model and theme licensing. This is strictly a change in the branding of the themes, which means the pricing, packages, etc will not be affected.

The support forum will be moving to the StudioPress site, and all of that will remain intact. In addition, the affiliate program shouldn’t be affected either, with the exception of new advertising banners that will be made available. Obviously ones that are currently being used should be replaced, but the links that are being used will also remain unaffected and you will receive credit for the theme packages that are purchased as you have your links now.

Why am I making this significant change?

Many of you think that rebranding Revolution at this point is marketing suicide, but for legal reasons, this is something that needs to be done. (Just trust me when I say that.) Moving forward, I plan to build a company around my WordPress theme business, and this is the best way to do that.

More than anything, the rebranding of Revolution to StudioPress is my way of committing myself to the future of my theme development and support.

I have already officially hired Craig Tuller, who will be director of marketing and manage the support forum. I am also actively seeking out a few other people as well who will help build out the company. We have a number of theme concepts in the works, and even some additional projects that will work alongside the business.

A word about the GPL licensing…

I want to reiterate that my themes will continue to carry the GPL license, as they have ever since the announcement when I made a few changes. There seems to have been some confusion about this post I made, and I want to clarify the theme license. Taken from the site’s Terms & Conditions page:

The CSS, XHTML and design of these theme are released under GPL license and are in total compliance to standards set forth by the authors of that license as well as with WordPress. Theme support will only be given to those who purchase a theme package.

I fully believe in the sharing of code, which is ultimately why my themes carry this license. After all, more than two years ago, I started developing my themes based on another theme. Yes, I adopted my own css and nomenclature for all of my code, but it was exceptionally helpful to have something to look at when I first got started.

Having said that, I want to point out that the true spirit of the GPL encourages members of a community to build from and share their new efforts. It’s very sad to see how some people are misusing and abusing the license for their own personal gain, and it saddens me to see people purposely trying to exploit my work.

In closing…

I want to personally thank all of you who read my blog, those who have purchased theme packages in the past and those who purchase theme packages in the future. None of this would be possible without all of you, and I want to say how appreciative I am for those who continue to encourage and support me. Moving the brand over to StudioPress will result in a better user experience, a growing community of users and better theme development.


  1. Hmm, are you bringing Office over here? That’s the one theme I really want and don’t see it … yet.

  2. Hmm, I’m intrigued by the business theme. And eagerly await your recoded office theme if you do. I can’t bring myself to just buy one theme when all the themes aren’t much more

    Easy CMS would be awesome 😉 as I am doing several blogs but one static site 😀

  3. A client of mine sent me a link of a theme to check out under the site name of “StudioPress”. I had never heard of it before, until I got over my initial shock and realized you had changed some things up. Lol.

    But even so, I still say that all you are doing is simply amazing. You’ve set the standard in my eyes and got me going early on (by allowing me to simply study the code from the themes I bought). Best of luck in your new direction!

  4. I just wanted to mention that the Church WordPress Theme ( now says “Latest version: 2.0, Release date: 12/7/08″.

    I guess you are pretty busy right now. But if you have time to answer my request (contact + forum), that’ll be great. (Doesn’t has to be today.. that’s fine! – I’m just impatient)

    Greets from Germany and only the best for the future!

  5. I’m sure it will work out fine Brian.

    It may be worth rewriting the text on this website – so that Google doesn’t class it all as duplicate.

    I would also ready the 301 asap…

    The theme you mention:

    Look at the code… It has been hacked brutally and has 1000s of porn links! Oops!

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Colin, I was planning on rewriting a bit… and I’ve removed the link to the Pool theme, and just called it “another” theme. As for the redirect, I believe it’s already in place and working.

  6. what happened to the dl li nks for the unsupported versions?

  7. Do you plan on releasing phpBB templates for your themes like you did for Revolution 1?

  8. Any idea when you’ll have an updated Streamline theme? :-)

    • That’s on my to-do list, just been completely buried with work since I had to make the transition over here.

  9. Congratulations Brian, and lots of succes with this big step in the development of your company. It’s a good thing to professionalise your business. I think you’re doning a great job and I’m sure we will here a lot from you in the future.

    • Thanks Stan, I appreciate your comment and look forward to taking StudioPress to places that I haven’t gone yet!

  10. Hi,

    Are you migrating the sports theme over too?

    I have an early version (2.0) on of the theme running on my rugby podcast site and wanted to get the newer tabbed verison up and running but cant find it anywhere…?

    am i missing something? or is it new version that comes in the prop pack available here?



    • Jacko – no that theme won’t be ported over, but if you want, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you version 3.0

  11. I am sure everything you are doing is for a reason….:). Great work Brian. We love all your themes….(A Client to Be)

  12. Good luck, and I wish you all the best

  13. Hey there – congrats on the big move!!

    I purchased the themes but have no installed yet. I was a little confused before…now I really am!! LOL!

    Where would I start now?

    Thanks for your wonderful work!!

    • Cindy – nothing is different about StudioPress and the state that Revolution Two was in. Just a name change.

  14. Wow, this has been quite a 12 months for you Brian. Your still the best around. Now settle down, take a deep breath and create more good stuff for us. 😉

  15. Change is good, even when we don’t want or expect it because it brings opportunity to reexamine and retool. The quality of your work will make the transition a success. Been there, done it and lived to talk about it. You’ll do well.

    Donald Teel, e-Partner and REALonomics.

  16. Looking to update to the Pro Series. Noticed the layout of the Streamline theme changed since last week. One image instead of the four. Will that be an option on Studio Press.

  17. Awesome idea Brian with your new business! I love all the themes and bought the Revolution package last year. I’ve loved using those in developing WP sites for some of my clients :)

  18. Do we have to understand that someone has copyrighted the word “revolution”? Besides Fidel, or Karl Marx’s family, who can it be.. 😉

    All the best to StudioPress. You do a fantastic job.

  19. Dig the new name! Love all the themes for years now, glad you’re keeping it up!

  20. I for one vote entirely on moving the office theme regardless of the coding though a coding rewrite would make it a little easier to use but as it is now, once you grasp how to actually manipulate the three areas of the theme and how to also manipulate the coding of the them for your graphics, it is a very powerful and verstile theme.

    Cilck my name above and see how we adapted it to fit our needs. While we are still at work getting it up and also have no current active posts it is just days away from launching.

    This isn’ a plug for our school for writers but we do believe in he power of wordpress blog as the feature of a site and not as an after thought added in to a commerical site. Instead of going to a site and having a link to a blog, we believe in having a blog with a link to an interior site. If you visit our Office theme you will see a link on the top right hand corner of the Navbar that links to School Information Center you will then be taken to the interior html pages that extend our site into a html site.

    You might ask why because I could have had a convential site and added a blog, and that is simple. It is much easier to build seo content with a blog. IT is also much easier to have others within your orginazation add to this content by writing posts without teaching them how to write and edit an html or css page.

    Also tradition sites do not allow easy functionality or interface with other social media sites as a wordpress blog does.

    Finally if there are any mispelled words or bad grammar I am not a writer. LOLOL My business partner is the writer, I’m just the tool man.

    I do have a comment to what Vince above says. The Beatles own the word Revolution, I think they hold the copyright for it. Regardless, Brain themes rock and are outside the box for functionality and purpose no matter what brand name they fall under.

  21. I love my Lifestyle theme and all the support that goes with it! So it’s not too difficult to go along when you say “trust me.” Looking forward to hanging around and watching your biz grow, Brian.

  22. Michael G. Cohen :

    Also very interested in the new Business theme…Always impressed with your work Brian

  23. Where you lead, I will follow. :)
    Best wishes on the new brand!

  24. Hello Brian, Peace!

    I wish that God keeps on blessing your live, and also the new phase that you have just started with StudioPress. We are praying for you.

    In Christ!

    Your brother,
    Minister Richard Moreno
    Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  25. All the very best to you in building a new company. Trust you get a lot of business and satisfaction for all your hardwork.

  26. Brian.

    I have been a big fan of your work for ages and have around 20 sites using your themes. I love them and have started earning a little through your affiliate program through recommendations. Will you be continuing the affiliate program? Will you continue with the ‘Revolution Theme’ name or will the themes change their name to ‘Studio Press Themes’?

    I’m intrigued on the ‘legal reasons’ comment but fully respect your decisions and wish you all the very best.

    • Yes, the affiliate program is still in tact, and hasn’t changed – other than new banner images,

  27. Good luck. Sounds like a smart move.

  28. Hi Brian – all the best for your rebrand. I came across this page via a link for the magazine theme – would like to purchase this if still available. Will it be offered here or do you have a purchase link please? Thanks.
    ( is the one I am after)

  29. Hopefully your admin controls will result in less template hacking to get the layouts done.
    pls consider 2 things…
    1) implement a decent text wsywg that lets inexperienced users contribute without crapping out the columns
    2) offer several page layout options within the same site by selecting a pagetype ( nocolumn, 1 column, 2 column )
    wordpress in general sort of needs someone like you to express the true ability this framework can be.


  30. Good luck and More power, Brian!

  31. I certainly love the new site for its menu of themes and the samples! Rock on! However, I deeply love the Revoution theme and hope that you post it on this new site – I am referring my site designer friends so that they can make more sites with far less work – would love them to have Revolution available to them!

    Love your work! You are the BEST!


  32. one more theme-move question: what about the video (TV) theme? will you have a new version for it? thanks and good luck.

  33. I am impressed with your quality templates. One thing I have learned, is it is easier to go with 1, quality platform and theme(s) to save time in developing websites and blogs. I am strongly looking at your themes for all my sites. It should alleviate the learning curve and allow me faster website and blog development.

  34. Is there any update about the business theme, or did I miss it?

  35. Hi Brian,

    Do you or anyone here know of any theme i could use for a Wine Blog and for a Recipe blog. If so do drop me a mail


  36. Hey Brian,
    First of all a belated congrats on your new site. I was wondering if you’ve left out a few themes from your old site. I couldn’t find Revolution TV around. Does that mean you no longer support it?

    • Brian Gardner :

      Syed, that theme was retired, but is still being supported. Thanks for the congrats!

  37. What is the Studiopress equivalent template name to the revolution magazine-30 WordPress theme?

    • Brian Gardner :

      Craig, there isn’t an equivalent, as that theme was retired and we’ve since developed newer layouts.

  38. But but but we still WANT those other themes! I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted looking for themes that aren’t here…

  39. Hey Brian, I didn’t know about this change till today when I clicked on Rev2 link from one of my site footers, and came to your new site. Okay, past is past.. you have made a decision, and now its time to build up from here. Everything is possible. So just go for it.

  40. Brian – kudos on the new business model and site.

    Are you replacing the City theme?


  41. I just wanted to say that I’ve been a fan of the Revolution Themes for quite a while now and without wishing to be patronising, I think the standard of design has improved over the past 6 months or so. Thank you for some great designs and please keep up the great work.