Introducing StudioPress TV: Video Tutorials for Building a Better WordPress Website

StudioPress TV

There’s an old Chinese proverb that you may be familiar with …

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Here at StudioPress we’re all about feeding you for your lifetime. We’ve given you all the gear you need in the Genesis Design Framework for WordPress, our great collection of child themes and other resources like free plugins and graphics.

Now we want to teach you how to put it all together.

Today we’re launching a brand new site that our team is really excited about. We call it StudioPress TV.

You can find the site at where we’ll be posting step-by-step video tutorials on how to use the Genesis Framework, our child themes and WordPress in general. Our goal is that this site will become your go-to resource for all things Genesis and WordPress.

We’re launching with the very basics of using Genesis — but we’ll be getting into much more advanced topics and tutorials as time goes on. Just because a tutorial might seem basic, doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to learn from watching it. I’ve picked up a ton just from recording the videos you’ll find there right now.

The site will grow as our content library does.

Of course, we’d love your feedback. Let us know how we can make StudioPress TV better for you as we build it out, and let us know if there are specific tutorials you’d like to see in the future!

So head over and check it out right now … happy fishing!


  1. Wow, this is awesome!!! Can’t wait!

  2. Wow – this is terrific! StudioPress excels at support and this is a logical extension of that. This is going to be a great resource!

  3. Wow awesome it become more easy for people to get familiar with genesis framework and can easily start with creating own child themes

  4. Congratulations.
    Oh no, black background?

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure the site will evolve over time. Most important is watching the videos, as that is what serves as the content. πŸ˜‰

      • I remember a simple video tutorial for a Revolution Theme some time ago.. Things have clearly evolved to something great.. Fantastic!

    • Taking a cue from televisions – trying to eliminate all surrounding distractions so you can focus on the video.

  5. Nice! I LOVE the support community around StudioPress and this is just one more way you’ve improved it. Well done!

  6. Brian,

    This is so awesome!
    I can’t wait to share this with my students


  7. This is why i love StudioPress!! Also for the quote. I am surprised that you are going to teach everyone and no membership required for the premium content. πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow, totally awesome! This development commuity just keeps getting better and better. I bought into the pro themes package 18 months ago, I use Synthesis hosting for some clients, and now this?!!! What can I say, THANKS a MILION!!!

  9. Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for the positive comments! I think this will be a great resource for you all.

    Let us know here in the comments if there are specific tutorials you would like us to make. There isn’t a hardened roadmap at this point so if there is overwhelming demand for some aspect of Genesis or WordPress we’ll acquiesce!

  10. This is great! I’ll be really looking forward to some more advanced developer tutorials. Tutorials explaining how best to use the Genesis specific functions, hooks and filters to accomplish certain tasks would be awesome.

  11. I think relative links to tutorials on StudioPress or text tutorial at the bottom will help users to easily understand, specially when they would be working with codes.

    • Exactly – link to text only tutorials or files so we can copy the code.

      I am not a fan of long-winded video tutorials on topics such as coding.

      Write a good book and give us an electronic version is what you guys should be focusing on ;o)

      • Personally I agree – I learn better and faster most times from a textual tutorial with code I can copy. But everyone learns differently so we’re trying to provide both textual and video resources to learn Genesis.

        This first round of videos doesn’t deal with code so much as introducing the Genesis and WordPress interface which is perfect for video.

    • This is a good thought. When we get to tutorials that deal with code it would be nice to at least have code you can copy or demos to download.

    • We’ll also link from the tutorials to the videos as they apply. πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow, wonderful timing, I have a designer friend who I’m teaching WordPress to, these videos will be perfect for her!

  13. I hopped around Themes and frameworks but Studiopress and Genesis are simply a cut above the rest.

    Fantastic and positive move once again. A valuable resource that I think can take some pressure off the forums (was that the plan πŸ˜‰ )

    Would be really good to see some tutorials that help with custom post types. There are plugins and some good ones at that but nothing beats a bit of good hard coding.

  14. Heres an idea. Why not turn the video tutorials into a plugin that can be watched from within the dashboard of WP? Similar to WP101, but Genesis specific.

    • Good thought – we’ll look into it.

    • Seth,

      That was the first thing that came to my mind today is to emulate something akin to what WP101 has and is doing with their new plugin. What a huge timesaver that would be to have that activated in a client’s dashboard. Good thought!

      • Thanks Ben. I actually mentioned to Shawn (the WP101 developer) several months back that theme/framework specific tutorials would be a great addition. It would certainly be a great addition to what’s already offered!

    • We’re looking into how we might integrate the new StudioPress videos within the WP101 Plugin, giving you the option of activating them with a checkbox. Always open to suggestions like this, BTW!

  15. I am one happy camper.
    Finally we have video… see you over there.

  16. This is awesome, and no doubt, will be a great resource. Look forward to seeing it really grow!

  17. This is great! Will there be a way to submit requests for new video tutorials? Maybe you could create an area where you can list the requested tutorials and allow registered Genesis users to vote on which video tutorials they’d like to see. This would help to prioritize the video tutorials you create.

    • That’s a good idea Ryan. I’m sure as the site grows there will be a form to request tutorials. Right now we have a bunch of ideas that we are pursuing though none are set in stone. If there are specific tutorials you want, post them in the comments here for now.

  18. Thanks for the update Josh. This is awesome news for us who are just learning how to build our sites and are trying to get our message out. Keep up the good work, and thanks for what you guys do for us.

  19. I’d love to see some full explanation on how to customize loops. I learned how to use page templates, but now I feel like I am starting over. There are a lot of detailed how-to. I need a broad overview first to help me understand what is the best way to set up a category page with posts sorted by tags, for instance.

    • Sounds good Cindi. We’ll start broad at first. It will probably be awhile till we get real specific but your specific question could be answered pretty quickly in the forums.

      • Josh,

        Your support people in the forums are greatβ€”they’re attentive, work hard, try hard and clearly know what they’re talking about. But StudioPress markets Genesis as a theme that even first-timers can implement fairly easily and effectively, and it’s asking too much for both users support personnel to use forums for things that could be much more effectively explained by video or simple to follow text tutorials.

        Cindi hit the nail on the head…including custom loops. I don’t even really understand what they are, but I was told I need them to do what I need to do. And it wasn’t until I watched the settings video today that I found the answer to things I’ve been banging my head against the wall over for more than a month.

        I think you’ll see a major increase in sales by expanding your video library as quickly as possible.

        • Thanks Steve, as one of the forum moderators it’s nice to hear.

          If we’ve missed anything in our text based tutorials, let me know. We have sticky posts in each child theme subforum, the Tutorials section at the top o the page here and our Genesis user guide. That’s a lot of places to go looking. πŸ˜‰

  20. Thanks…these are greatly needed. I watched the custom home page and settings tutorials and learned a lot that I need to know.

  21. I am stoked about this!! Thank you all very much for doing this!

  22. This is awesome. Again this is why StudioPress is #1 looking forward to more videos and willing to pay for the super advance videos (membership) is the price is reasonable.



  23. Very cool. Can’t wait to check these tutorials out.

  24. Just finished all the videos. This will really help people who are using Genesis for the first time. Please add an indicator that the lesson has been watched. does a good job of this. A list of the videos in chapter form is also useful to keep track of what has been seen or for finding that video that you watched a few weeks ago and need to rewatch.

  25. I’ve had a look at Studiopress TV. It’s really difficult to see. Dark blue text on a black background is almost unreadable. I have the brightness up to 100% on my monitor and it’s still a problem.

    Could you look again at your colour scheme, please?

    I like the idea of the tutorials. I know I could be doing so much more with Genesis.

  26. Are we allowed to embed these vids in our posts?

  27. Fantastic idea guys – it’s great to see you focus on support and after-sale services along with the themes!

  28. Awesome implementation! Over at the BDN, we’ve been teaching LIVE online courses for over two years, but just recently began the process of making all our videos available to watch right on the website. Of course, we cover basic blog design for various platforms and cater mostly to women looking to start their own businesses – but this is an excellent resource that we’ll be directing our students and readers to for more in-depth Genesis training.

    Explaining designing for the retina display would be great to see in action!

  29. WOW. Look at what we have here. An awesome resource for people who love WordPress. Thank you so much for setting up this channel :)

  30. Looks like I’m going to be busy watching these videos over the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Wow I just watch a few video and learn things I was wondering about for months, this is a great idea good job i will be adding a link on my blog also.

  32. awesum!
    I will check that site frequently. First impression: it’s a little dark, but besides that I’m eager to see some of the advanced tutorials. I think showing the user how to implement the grid loop alone and other things would be beneficial. Even though things like that are on your website – seeing it is a whole other level. Looking forward to it.

  33. I have been looking for something like this all over the web! Thank you for creating! I can’t figure out my feature images… I set the right size but they don’t appear on my showcase page! see? Help! … Thanks!

  34. Just what the doctor ordered! You guys rock!! :)

  35. Great feature. Video is a great tool to educate users.
    Good job, guys @StudioPress :)

  36. Ernie Tamminga :

    Just watched your first three (and only, as far as I can tell) videos.
    Eagerly looking forward to more!
    Especially, in-depth looks at the features and settings available in Child themes.
    I’m still pretty new to WordPress, and have jumped right to Genesis and Child themes as my way of learning the overall environment.