The 5 Default Layout of the Genesis Theme Framework

One of the things we get asked all the time at StudioPress is to offer up various site layouts. Fortunately for you, we have developed the Genesis theme framework to include 5 default layouts, which can be selected in the theme options page. Take a look below and tell us what you think!


Genesis Theme Framework Layout #1


Genesis Theme Framework Layout #2


Genesis Theme Framework Layout #3


Genesis Theme Framework Layout #4


Genesis Theme Framework Layout #5


  1. Left / Middle / Right – like the Metro Theme!

    I love it!

    Keep Going – im exited to see more of Genesis . . .


  2. Not enough sidebars and Content! hehe. Just kidding. Nice!

  3. Genesis = Genius.

    Can’t wait to start playing with it.

  4. Nice!

    Great choices for the layout. Add in the homepage layouts you’ve got planned and this is really hard to beat.

    Hmmm….this could be a nice platform for – say, seeing something like the original Rev theme layout and maybe the Pro Media (hint, hint).

    Actually, I really think you’re about to make a bunch of us real happy, and we know that whatever variations you come up with will be winners.

    Well done!

  5. Maybe you can add an optional 2nd navigation, like in the lifestyle theme. Sometimes this second row navigation is very usefull.

    Greetz from Germany

  6. This is awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Thanks for bringing this to us and your continued great work. I use a lot of themes, but the majority of my clients tend to pick StudioPress.

  7. Looks great. is this a full width, variable size theme, one that adjusts to the browser window size? It looks like it it takes up the full page and I like that!


  8. wow, this is awesome. what I care is how much resource this theme will use? I don’t want a theme use to much resources. Less php code in the theme, the better.
    I know the theme framework is powerful, but use to much CPU and memory, I think I’d like a simple theme.

  9. Very very clean.

    It’s just awesome how you guys keep themes and adjustments coming!

    Pro-Plus members get to test?




  10. Clean and clear design as usual. Very god style and seems to be a good basis for customization. Will all-themes-pack buyers get it for free or do they need to buy it?

    • Hey Michael – thanks, appreciate the feedback. Pro Plus members will be able to download Genesis and any child themes as part of their purchase and receive support.

  11. Good move, Brian–clean, simple and effective.

  12. This is great Brian. I always look forward to seeing email in my inbox from StudioPress because it’s always something useful.

    Can’t wait to beta test the theme.

  13. Monday! Monday! Monday! So, what time on Monday? 😉

    Really glad to see the options… yippee!

  14. Hi Brian, BRAVO and VERY exciting!!!!

    Question – will this be available only on Agent Press?

    Happy New Year!

    • A little confused to your question – at first, the Genesis framework and these layouts will be made available here on StudioPress, and then at some point move over to AgentPress.

  15. Love this guys, many thanks and well done. Really pleased I went with you on a first theme purchase and expect to continue the relationship

  16. WOW it’s monday Revving up ready for take off

  17. Brian, I like the content, sidebars look. What would be great is an option for a “top story” box atop the content column. Genesis looks like a good base for a hyperlocal news site I’m putting together.

    • Hey Ed – the parent theme of Genesis is always going to maintain the look on the demo site. We purposely are keeping it “generic” for lack of a better term. When the child themes come out – they will include custom homepages will will have all of the featured type areas as the current themes have.

  18. Love it! I just downloaded the Parent. Looking forward to the “children”. I”m really starting to enjoy the consistency of phenomenal templates that you and your crew are putting together.

  19. We need some kids soon, please not nine months. You must procreate.

  20. Would a footer widget be out of the question?