The 411 Pro Theme for Genesis is All About You (So Your Audience Can Be Too)

Your audience wants information.

Information about your topic. Information that makes their lives easier or more entertaining. And maybe (no, definitely) information about you.

But they want it displayed in a way that is clear and pleasant to consume and digest. Simple. Straightforward. And if you can, stunning.

So give it to them, all of it, and with compelling clarity, by using the 411 Pro child theme for your Genesis-powered WordPress website.

The 411 Pro Theme dials up information for your audience with a spectacular background, clean navigation, and post boxes that stand out proudly to give your content the visual gravitas it deserves.

And your site won’t just impress on desktop computers. The 411 Pro Theme is mobile responsive — so your site will adjust to any screen to display the information your audience demands exactly how they want to see it.

The 411 Pro Theme for Genesis comes with all of the following additional features:

  • custom background
  • custom header
  • HTML5 markup
  • quote post format
  • theme options

Take the 411 Pro Theme for a test drive.