Meet Metro 1.0, Taking Magazine-Style Mobile Responsive Themes Widescreen

I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest theme from the hardworking team here at StudioPress… the Metro 1.0 theme.

Metro Responsive Theme

This mobile-responsive WordPress theme is built on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members by logging into If you aren’t already a StudioPress customer you can find it here.

If you want a more detailed description of Metro’s design and features, I did a short write up about the theme for you over on Copyblogger today.

The Metro theme is the 22nd mobile responsive design we’ve developed at StudioPress. You can see a full selection of all of our responsive themes for WordPress here.

Theme Features

With an unprecedented 1152 pixel-wide content frame and magazine-style design, Metro theme sports the following out-of-the-box features: 6 layout options, 5 color styles, 3 story locations, fixed width, mobile responsive, after-post footer widget, landing page template, custom background.

Click here to take Metro theme for a test drive.


  1. Looks really great, especially the background. Can we use it on our own sites or do we need to purchase it separately?

  2. I just installed this one and like it so far. Gotta run out of the house so unable to customize it. :(

  3. I like this & can see using a slightly altered version as my default “get something up” theme for new projects taht I just want to get going & will do a custom theme later.

    Good work.

  4. Ahh

    Just when I thought this wasn’t coming outside github :)

    Very nice.

    No image/logo for the title-header?

  5. This is wonderful and bold magazine theme, Brian. The design of black & white with the supporting accent colors makes a great composition. I love it! Great job! Wil

  6. Cool theme! Will test it on my website plus a little bit modification to put Adsense ads here and there.

  7. Fantastic – and what such great timing: I was about to open our first nonprofit news site.

  8. Just downloaded it. Nice but kinda just looks like a slightly wider version of ‘magazine’ to me. I also wish there was a pre-configured above-header widget area for things like a 728×90 ad (yes, I know I can make one myself, but still…).

  9. Fantastic work!! Love the look on the ipad, above.

  10. It’s a stunner Brian and will be your #1 theme in no time.
    How is the fade-in of the background image done – javascript or CSS3?

  11. Really love this one! Thanks for another great theme.

  12. Damn, I liked it when it when it was all covert and only on Github :)

    OK, I still love you really, nice work Brian :)

  13. This one is really nice – maybe even nice enough to pull me away from my love affair with the Minimum theme.

    Great job guys!

  14. So excited for this theme! I’ve been counting down the days. Thanks, guys. ♥

  15. Looking forward to using this theme, it’s one of my faves!

  16. Nice. It looks familiar. πŸ˜‰

  17. Great theme,

    Can we change the background to a snow mountain picture?

    How easy would it be to accomplish this or do we need to use CSS?

  18. This is awesome! Wide with bold style. Four thumbs up for Studiopress Team.

  19. Ahh, this is just awesome! Glad to see you guys, releasing a metro inspired child theme. I like it! kudos!

  20. This is an absolutely awesome release. Definitely one of my favourites

  21. Beautiful work, guys! LOVE this theme!!

  22. Just when I think I’ve got my “forever” theme chosen, you guys go and make things difficult for me! :)

  23. Thanks for sowing confusion into my mind , Brian ! I was happy , content and in love with using Mindstream until this theme came along…..

  24. Absolutely beautiful.

    I think I’m going to update my site with this theme.

  25. My assessment of Metro:

    A – Typography
    A – White space
    A – Design (meets Magazine requirements)
    B – Responsive (problem with Comments box on iPhone)
    A – CSS Coding

    A – Overall

    • Thanks for the review, Marcus! Please remember, if there is a technical issue with the theme, you can always login to your account at, and click on “Get Help”. Our technical staff will be glad to take a look at that issue for you.

      • Been there. Done that.

        4 A’s out of 5 is not that bad in my book! It’s a really great theme.

        I had some responsive problems with the Education theme on iPhones/iPads as well.

        Just saying… :-)

        • Another thought I had is this theme is absolutely up-to-date; playing off the colorful Windows 8 Metro desktop.

          Has anyone seen the new USA Today site? It uses the Windows 8 Metro style as well (colorful big bold squares) and, it is just beautiful.

          The StudioPress Metro theme is the hippest Metro styled theme I’ve seen and, its my new favorite!

  26. I’m excited to have this and the genesis framework for my upcoming first wp blog. I’m currently in process of verifying my paypal account and once it done I will gladly buy the theme + framework asap.

  27. Its amazing. Love the black and white look.

  28. Three thumbs up by me. Great work StudioPress team!

  29. Added to my list of fav themes πŸ˜‰
    Keep up the good work guys!

  30. Yup, it looks hot. Well done.

  31. Love this one, especially the move to 1152 px wide. Is this one theme specific or is StudioPress moving towards wider themes that work on widescreen monitors AND responsive? Gotta say, I love it.

  32. Hi

    This may actually tempt me away from Nomadic for my blogging site.
    1) can it be purchased separately as already have Genesis
    2) Is it easy to add a custom header.
    3) I can currently have full page for certain blog posts so will want to able to do this here.

  33. love the new METRO….

    re-did my hyper-local NEWS site….a few hours after METRO was released !


  34. Absolutely perfect. Exactly what I needed for my blog. You guys just keep impressing me with your work. Keep it up.

    PS. Thanks for making the color scheme so simple to customize.

  35. Awesome new theme. Looking forward to work with it:)
    You guys build the best themes – period!

  36. With so many great themes, you make it so hard to choose. I plan on using this one on my fitness blog.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  37. Very nice looking theme. I may try this one out for my site after I see how customizable it is. Looks great though!

  38. You really make it hard! I spent so much time learning Flexsqueeze. And now I have to learn a new theme… OK, I’ll suck it up.


    Robert Mcculloch

  39. Beautiful work, guys! it’s one of my

  40. When are you going to have a template for restaurants?

    I have a few clients that have restaurants, but I don’t see anything on StudioPress created specifically for them.

  41. My favorite theme so far, great look and (important for me) responsive!

  42. Absolutely love this theme! I’m in the process of changing several of my niche blogs over from Gazette…

    Thanks Studio Press!

  43. Really like it and proved a real hit for a new town / community based website I’ve put together:

    Going to roll it out to the other community sites as it’s such a great and flexible theme.

    Nice work!

  44. The mark of a really good theme, I guess, is that I saw this announcement three weeks ago and still can’t stop imagining my own content as it would appear in Metro! And just when I thought I was perfectly happy with my music blog’s customized Church theme, too. Dangit. Thanks for continually raising the bar, Studiopress.

  45. This is outstanding and truly responsive… looks very nice… the #MetroStyle