Minimum 2.0 Theme Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the Minimum 2.0 child theme. This WordPress theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum. Others can purchase the package here.

Minimum Child Theme

The Minimum theme is the 17th theme released which has been developed to be mobile responsive in design. View all responsive WordPress themes.

Updating to Minimum v2.0

This version has a few minor changes, which include the addition of a Landing Page template, and was updated for mobile responsive design.

This version underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.

Click here to see how the Minimum theme looks across mobile devices.

Theme Features

The Minimum child theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Take the Minimum theme for a test drive…


  1. Awesome… was waiting for this. Besides the all new minimal look, it has cool portfolio section. That big image on homepage stands and thus making this theme ready for use on number of projects. Also, with less image graphics theme loads with blazing fast speed. As always, great job from Studiopress team!

  2. Great news!!!! I have been waiting so badly for this theme since it has just been shown up on your blog. I love it from the beginning to the end. Must have WordPress theme for those who love Genesis. Awesome.

  3. looks good, just wondering if there is a left & right widget area in the lower half of the homepage … or if it’s one widget area?

  4. Was waiting for it! counting days. :-)
    Will get my new site done with this theme.
    Thank you! :-)

  5. Awesome news Brian. I love this child theme! Thanks for releasing it so promptly.

  6. Wow. Another great makeover, Brian. Version 1.0 was OK! But 2.0 is an amazing implementation of less is more. Great job!

  7. I love this theme; it looks great. However, I also loved Minimum 1.0. How come this wasn’t introduced as something new alongside the older one?

    • Ultimately we’re moving to new design updates for our current themes. This gives us a chance to maintain a quality amount of themes, without going overboard. We could decide to come out with new themes with each new design, but then we’re left with older themes (using good names) that seem outdated.

      • Your standards in themes must be higher than mine then coz I thought the old one was terrific!

        • Ryan – I loved version 1.0.1 too … this version is stunning but lots of work to revamp my site, which had just got looking brilliant except for homepage which have been trying to install a slider into this week (to go across both areas) – now it’s a question of decisions, decisions.

  8. This theme is AWESOME! Been waiting for this one. Thanks!

  9. HELLO!

  10. What can you say Brian?
    How about awesome and thanks.

    From one super satisfied Studiopress customer.

    • Keith, you use for WM WEB DESIGN the previous version of Minimum Genesis WordPress child theme. Are you going to upgrade to this one?

      • Hi Guys
        Probably won’t use it on my main site, but may use it on one of my other site that is currently running an Elegant Themes theme.

        My main site gets most of its traffic via the engines and for that you need text.
        Minimum 1.0 has much more text than Minimum 2.0 and it has that large WELCOME statement.

        Having said that… Minimum 1.0 is not responsive and since I advise all my clients to choose a responsive theme, I have to start thinking about changing themes.
        But which one… which one?

  11. Love it!

  12. Just had a quick look at this theme, and I really like.

    One question though; I have traced down the link for the subscribe button to the page-title.php file, and adding a feedburner link there is technically not a problem.

    Did I miss a shortcut to that button while scanning the theme?

  13. Yes! so excited for this update!

  14. Wow, beautiful theme! This is exactly what I was looking for. Great job, I’d have to say it’s the most flawless responsive theme you guys have released, ever. Can’t. Stop. Re-sizing. My Browser! :)

  15. I’ve got mixed feelings about this theme but I’m sure I’d like to see StudioPress moving in towards offering some “complex” themes as opposed to “minimalist” themes. I like this theme from a point of view but I’d like to see some more ellaborated themes (like InSpyr theme). I’d like to see a quality Pinterest like theme, an elegant Magazine theme or something to really surprise me.
    Good Luck!

  16. Here’s a vote for a more full-featured theme that offers this look alongside magazine-style widgets and shortcodes. I’d love to get my main site back on-board with Genesis, but I need a clean, fully-featured magazine theme to do it. This one’s got it covered in look, I’d just love to see some added functionality.

    A great addition to the StudioPress portfolio, in any case – I’m happy to see one of my favorite themes get its update!

  17. Looks great, when is the new sleek theme coming out?

  18. Looks too wide for a “minimum” theme in my preference. But if this is the direction Genesis is heading, then I’m very excited. I’m curious to see what will come next.

  19. Sorry, for this stupid question, but how do I update my Minimum v1.0.1 to v2.0? I can’t seem to find an update button at the back end of my WP admin panel. Thanks for the refresh on this theme – looks awesome!

    • To access a new copy of the theme, please just use the link provided in your original download email.
      If you no longer have that, just contact us with the email address and full name used to make the purchase.

      Please Note: If you’ve downloaded a copy before, please do save this new version to a different location on your computer. The file link will have the same name as the former theme – all server links point to the new file(s), but your computer may not replace them properly if you choose the same download location.

  20. I spent an untold number of hours searching for an elegant minimalist theme and was thrilled to find the original “Minimum”, which I completely agree is a stunning execution of “Less is More”. I was also impressed by StudioPress’s apparent commitment to future proofing a site owner’s investment. So, it comes as an unpleasant surprise to find that the theme I chose is now at a dead end, given that there is no migration path to 2.0 and given that the development and upgrade of 1.0 has (I presume) been halted. I find this a real pity because 2.0 lacks not only the sophisticated personality of the original theme, but also appears more concerned with linking into social networks than enhancing the presentation of rich content on mobile devices.

    • I agree David,

      Brian, is there a chance that the original 1.0 can be resurrected and continue on? Especially given that 2.0 is such a racical departure.


  21. Hi!
    I am considering the the minimalist theme, but wondering how customizable it is. For example, could I replace the subscribe button with a music player widget in that location? Can background color of the theme be changed from white to something else? And can the home page be made static with even less things on it, like removing the sample posts part?

  22. Nice theme, Brian. :-)

  23. Great work!

    This is the update I was waiting for.



  25. Honestly, kinda bummed about this. I’ve been using Minimum 1.0 more than any other theme as a starting place for highly customized themes – kind of a blank slate on steroids – and it’s been perfect. Most of those clients are not concerned with mobile responsiveness, they are happy with the site looking like a smaller version of itself on mobile (even prefer that). This new format will be much less useful to me for this client block, in fact I’ll probably just keep using 1.0. I would have preferred that this new 2.0 theme (which is beautiful and I will use for other reasons) be released as a separate, new theme, as it’s so different from the 1.0. I hope that forum support for 1.0 does not fade away.

    My $0.02 – love you guys and your products.

    • What can I say? Simply beautiful. Keep them coming Studiopress Theme.

    • I agree with you Matt. I have used Minimum 1.0 as the basis for numerous sites as it is so beautiful and flexible. I too have clients that want their site to look one way on multiple devices. They don’t want a responsive site as their site looks beautiful and is easy to use on any device just the way it is. I too would have liked to see 2.0 as a separate theme. It would be nice to have that choice of a responsive or non-responsive theme.

  26. Low resolution responsive version doesn’t look good, especially the 240px version: after the small header picture there 4 huge round social buttons, so you have to scroll a lot before you even get to the first letter of content. Not user friendly at all.

    Also try to expand submenus on “sample” and “template” menus in 240px version – you get horizontal scrolling. So much for responsiveness.

  27. Agree with several other posters above, I would also like to see some more complex designs, in particular magazine style, for news or products related websites. Most of my customers run a business and are not interested in minimalistic blogs.

  28. I’ve a question: Is it possible to take off Studiopress credits in the footer and don’t have the date in the post? Is it possible to modificate the theme?

  29. How do I turn-off the large image below the header? I like it, but I’m not ready to put an image there yet and would like to turn it off until I have one to put there.

  30. Also, how do I select a different layout for the home page? I’ve currently got it set to display my latest posts, but am wondering if I can change the layout.

  31. Sorry to be adding so many posts, but I also can’t figure out what the subscribe button is supposed to do, or how to modify it. When I click on it, nothing happens.

  32. Awesome child theme! Great News :) I love this child theme!!

  33. This is a nice clean design but how hard is it to set up all the parameters?

    I take photos in 800×600 format for the web – does it resize them for the window size you use?

  34. I must say, this is by far the best theme you have created! Everything about it is on point. Goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of minimalistic design.

  35. For those that wish to stay with Minimum v1.0.1 will Studiopress continue to provide updates for our template?

    The Minimum v2.0 sounds like a complete overall and would require my developer to rebuild the site. Correct? Not sure that will be an option for me because of spending a lot of time and money customizing my current template which was purchased earlier this year.

    • It’s possible that I write a tutorial on how to make the 1.0 branch responsive, but aside from that there really aren’t any other updates it would receive.

  36. how to download it?

    • To access a new copy of the theme, please just use the link provided in your original download email.
      If you no longer have that, please reply back with the email address and full name used to make the purchase.

      Please Note: If you’ve downloaded a copy before, please do save this new version to a different location on your computer. The file link will have the same name as the former theme – all server links point to the new file(s), but your computer may not replace them properly if you choose the same download location.

  37. Nice theme. I love this theme!

  38. The new Minimum is lovely but I feel it has such a quite different purpose to the original Min 1.0, if I change from 1.00 to 2.00 there’s a lot of work to do to bring it back to how it was in order to make it responsive.

    So I’m in agreement with others who’ve said they’d have preferred to have this theme issued as a new theme.


  39. Minimum Theme has always been af favourite theme of mine!

  40. I currently using this theme for of my blogs. Even though this theme doesn’t offer many features like Prose, I do experience a better page speed with the blog I install this theme on! anyway, minimum design is quite significant to SEO long-term plan :)

  41. Very nice theme! I am wondering however, is it possible to make the image on the front go all the way across? Also, Can I make that a rotating slider? I love StudioPress but I have a client who really wants an almost full page slider with video support.

    thank you as always…you guys rock!

  42. Great theme, we are currently re-designing our company site using Minimum. Can’t wait to show it off to everyone once we’re done. Great work guys!

  43. WOW. This bad boy loads blazingly fast. Very impressive. Thank you for this update, a great upgrade from 1.0.

  44. Brian,

    Can I make the 2.0 theme look like the 1.0 version? The style that was shown in the Minimum Demo for 1.0?



    • They really are two completely designed themes. Not sure what your question is aiming to do?

      • Hi Brian,

        I’m aiming to have 2.0 look like the demo version of 1.0 but still be responsive.

        Would really like 1.0 to continue and be supported going forward since 2.0 is such a big departure from 1.0. Even if 1.0 cannot be “practically” made to be a responsive theme. Really they are two completely different looks and feels and each stand alone.
        So, my direct question is can 1.0 be brought back into the list of available and supported themes?


        • Tom’s recommendation to have 1.0 be brought back into the list of available and supported themes makes sense. I already have to much invested in 1.0 to make the switch. It doesn’t seem fair that I purchased 1.0 in good faith that it would be supported.

  45. I agree with David. I had spend a considerable amount of time and money searching for an elegant minimalist theme and was thrilled to find the original “Minimum”. Shortly after I launched my new site. What I chose is now quickly at a dead end. It would have been preferable to have this theme issued as a new theme.

    I’m greatly disappointed.

    • Hi Michael
      I’m using Minimum 1.0 at the moment but I’m moving over to Min 2.0 this weekend.
      I’ve been playing around with moving over on a local install and it’s not so difficult.

      As I understand it, you get Min 2.0 for free because you already have Min 1.0.
      Your only outlay is the time it takes to complete the move, but you will then have a responsive site.

      I provide websites for clients and since I advocate having a Mobile Responsive site, I really have to have one myself.
      Like you, I can stay with Min 1.0 or I can move over… I’ve chosen to make the move.

      If you want any advice about making the move, please contact me via my contact page – happy to help.

  46. All up and running – we are now using Minimum 2.0 with customised homepage.

  47. I just purchased the inSpyr child theme
    I liked it so much I had to buy it
    The Flex Slider does not upload images though
    I do not know if this is due to my blog or the theme has not been updated
    I shall persevere though as the theme is great
    Any ideas would be appreciated

  48. The problem is the amount the 1.0 theme was modified to match the design I ended up with. So activating the 2.0 theme will remove all the custom styling.

    • I’ve just taken a look and I see what you mean – wouldn’t have recognised it as Minimum 1.0.
      Maybe leave it as it is… Genesis core is updated so no security problems with old themes.

  49. Can the custom image be change for responsive slider?? I don’t have advance technological knowledge wondering if thing would be a huge change or not.

    Thanks for you time