Modern Portfolio, a New Responsive Theme Focused on Photographers and Developers

We’re happy to debut the newest offering from our crack crew here at StudioPress.

Today, we welcome the Modern Portfolio 1.0 theme to the StudioPress lineup.

Modern Portfolio Responsive Theme

This mobile-responsive WordPress theme is built on the Genesis Framework, and can be downloaded by Pro Plus members by logging into

If you aren’t a StudioPress Pro Plus customer yet, you can purchase it right here.

Want a more detailed description of Modern Portfolio’s design and features? I did a short write up about the theme for you over on Copyblogger today.

The Modern Portfolio theme is the 23rd mobile responsive design we’ve developed for you at StudioPress. You can see a full selection of all of our responsive themes for WordPress here.

What’s in Modern Portfolio 1.0?

This high-contrast, black and white frame emphasizes images with photographers and developers in mind.

Wide spacing and clean typography highlight your best work and the theme sports other out-of-the-box features including: custom background, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, footer widgets, landing page template, mobile responsive, theme options.

Go ahead, take Modern Portfolio theme for a test drive right now.


  1. …dude, you guys should not be doin’ crack…

    (theme looks awesome)

  2. Dig the theme. A personal preference though would be to reverse the image effects and have the images full opacity to start, then fade slightly on hover. That way by default the highest quality images are seen by visitors.

  3. Really love this one! Thanks for another great theme.

  4. This is exactly the theme I was looking for, for my latest project. How do you guys do that? It’s like you KNOW. [shifty eyes]

  5. Great job, thx.

  6. Love it, that is a rockin design guys… I am really considering a theme change afte seeing this.

  7. @Brian

    It’s really awesome with wide screen and responsive view!

  8. Holy smokes. You knocked it out of that park again.

    Really stop doing that – I keep changing my blog to your latest releases. I’m exhausted.

    No. Don’t stop.

  9. I love how your responsive themes DON’T change the top navigation to a mobile drop down menu. Nice work.

  10. Looks amazing. Time to change theme on my portfolio website :)

  11. This theme looks great… specially the 3 column design..

  12. Taken about four looks and each time this theme gets better.
    Clean sharp lines and I love the black changing to turquoise on hover.
    Time to start putting a review together.

  13. This theme really look awesome, another great job from StudioPress team.
    definitely will try this theme.

  14. Will take it for a test drive straightaway :)

    Thanks, Brian!

  15. Hmm, it’s looking good. I was looking for decently designed themes related to photography that would allow textual content. Thanks for making it.

  16. Damn… This was what I was working on – looks amazing!!

  17. Brain, is there any update on where you are at with regards to an update to the Manhattan Theme ?


  18. Very sleek and functional. This is perfect!

  19. This is really a good looking and impressive theme..

  20. great i luv your themes i using your News Theme and that was awesome keep it up

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  22. It’s a beautiful theme for photographers, are you going to make all your themes mobile responsive?

  23. I need a portfolio-styled “page” also that will be called Stories that can have say 12 stories per page and has page numbers at the bottom like the blog pages. How can I create a portfolio or stories template to achieve this?