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    Hi my website is http://healthcoachblog.com.au, built using the 411 Pro theme.

    I have followed all the instructions and not really deviated from the demo. My site take AGES to load (tried by different people at different times on different machines). I have disabled all plugins with the exception of Genesis Simple Edits, Image widget, Ninja Forms and WP-Maintenance Mode.

    My background image is only 964kb (1204 x 790 px), so I don’t believe that is the problem.

    I did have Contact Form 7 plugin, but got rid of that and used the Ninja Forms plugin as used in the demo.

    Any help identifying any reasons for extreme slowness would be greatly appreciated.




    I would say it’s a hosting issue – one minute you site takes 20+ seconds to load other times 2 seconds – GoDaddy shared hosting can be problematic



    I too am leaning towards that. When you view your site on PageSpeed Insights, the only thing out of the norm is your Server Response Time, which is showing about 3.7 seconds for me. The site loads in a little over 4~, so it’s definitely the server response time that’s causing the delay.

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    Thank you so much to all of you for your assistance. Its certainly been a learning curve for me! After going through and optimising absolutely everything on the website (background size, plugins etc), I finally rang the hosting company GoDaddy. They openly admitted upfront that they are doing some maintenance on the server responsible, and that it would indeed be causing the slowness in the website.

    A pity because the site has just launched a week ago and my client has been happily promoting it, only to find that people have to wait inordinate amounts of time to access it. Good news though, is that its not my fault, and the problem should be rectified shortly.

    Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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