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    I am impressed with this great Executive Pro theme. I’ve come a long way with the changes I wanted. But there are three adjustments that I do not get done.

    1. There is some space between the menu items, I estimate three pixels.
    2. I have changed the background transparency of the text in the slider, but the text has also become transparent.
    3. The three pictures below the slider automatically link to the page they belong, but I want to turn off that.

    Who can help this Genesis Framework Newbie ? :)



    I don’t have an answer for the menu issue. I’ve seen it brought up before but don’t recall that it was ever identified. If it’s really a concern for you, you could use a negative left or right margin for “.genesis-nav-menu .menu-item ”

    Your transparency issue is behaving as expected. Rather than changing the opacity of the container div, you probably want to use a transparent color value like the following:

    .content .genesis_responsive_slider .slide-excerpt {
    background-color: rgba(34,121,161,0.8);

    Regarding the linked pictures, I don’t think this is unlinkable but I may be wrong as this might possibly be done via functions.php but in lieu of that option, I would simply use a text widget rather than Genesis Featured Page or Genesis Featured Post widget and code the HTML in as needed. There is a handy plugin called Black Studio TinyMCE Widget that enables the WYSIWYG editor for text block in your widgets panel if writing the markup is too much work.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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