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    Renu Bakshi

    My Problem:

    I am using magazine theme. I have placed a 300*250 size ad unit in right side bar on my site’s home page. The ad unit is getting cut off from right side. Please advise what I should do so that the full ad unit is displayed in the right bar.

    Solution: Some one has suggested me following solution:


    You can target specific widgets or specific types of widgets in css. To target all of this type of widget, you can do this.

    .sidebar .widget_html_javascript_adder .widget-wrap {
    padding: 0;

    I highly recommend using Firebug to inspect your site, find the css that controls different elements, and see the IDs or classes used. That’s what I just did :)


    But my problem is that neither I understand the above suggested solution & nor how to implement it.



    I’d suggest you use a unit that’s not as wide.

    You could increase the width of your sidebar but then you’ll need to make other adjustments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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